BREAKING NEWS [Nov. 21, 2018] SHOWSOTROS! Productions celebrates its 10 year anniversary!


Merging seems to be the goings-on among companies today, and since making it's final decision back in June 14, 2017, it is now we finally announce: websites HANDHELDGAMESOTROS!—a website specializing in everything handheld, portable video gaming—and COMPUTERGAMESOTROS!—a website charging into the realm of retro computer/PC gaming—have all packed their luggages to move in with our popular, video gaming website VIDEOGAMESOTROS!.

Although the merge could have been done without, we, otherwise, feel that due to the growing popularity and surge of VIDEOGAMESOTROS!, our finalization of having other video game-related websites join as one seem to make sense. This also cuts down on the navigation and search for our fans and visitors, wanting to read our articles for references, information, tips and tricks, overviews and much more.

The growing traffic and visitation of VIDEOGAMESOTROS! pushes us to continue sharing and catering to our fans of [retro] video gaming of the every kind.

This article has been written and posted on June 17, 2017