BREAKING NEWS [Nov. 21, 2018] SHOWSOTROS! Productions celebrates its 10 year anniversary!

Sub-Domain "POLITICSSOTROS!" Officially Ceased Production

Created and produced mid-2016 and catering to the hot discussions and topics surrounding the world of politics, the decision to launch and share news, analysis and reports have come to a quiet end in the SHOWSOTROS! realm. Although there's no problem in middle-of-the-road talks in the various issues plaguing this very planet, it is upon our importance that entertainment is our number one purpose here in this company. In the case that our political views may be, or at least it so seems, informative, our decision gives us the realization that perhaps a netural view on topical issues going on may greatly affect others' views, let alone our business overall.

We stick with our philosophy/policy that our viewers and fans come first and we are for the viewers and fans of our network. As controversial as politics often gets all these years, due to the final results of the 2016 Presidential Elections here in the US, it is fair to let the subject and idea be, and stop production.

To bring about what would have been the very first article to open up POLITICSSOTROS!, that first post was an in-depth look and analysis of the 2015 Democractic Primaries.

While the first post never saw daylight, we regret and apologize to those who may have wanted to take a gander in our attempt to neutralize political views of the every kind. In other words, our goal was to soften the controversies in reaction to the issues going on both past and present.

This article has been written and posted on May 13, 2017