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KCU Network Switches Back to the EDIUS Platform

Grass Valley Edius on PC Desktop

As founder and CEO/President of KC Universal Network, we proudly announce our switch back to the Windows platform using Grass Valley's EDIUS! We feel that the speed and efficiency of the software allows us to create and produce video projects in a quick, buttery-smooth way without losing quality. Using this software produced by a reputable company known for having the fastest, quickest tweaks on the market while playing them all in real-time has convinced our network to fully be integrated in choosing this software.

Granted, the last time we used EDIUS was version 3 back as early as 2003. The last project produced was the montage video Hello, 2008. Immediately after, we ventured into Apple®'s Macintosh platform, editing on Final Cut Studio versions 1, 2 and 3. Eventually we quietly tried to invest in the Avid Media Composer for Mac but after two projects, demanding specific system requirements, we decided to seek other options. We then made the official switch to Adobe®'s Production Premium package, which, in our experience, has fantastic software we still use today—PhotoShop, Audition and Illustrator. While we were fully in tune with the Premiere Pro editing software, it hasn't met our needs and its clunky, slow rendering was what propelled us to find another option, and fast.

'Lo and behold: we now, with all due respect, switched back to EDIUS and we couldn't be more happy. Upgrading all the way up to version 8, its current release as of this writing, our video workflow has changed and has fulfilled our needs in terms of our projects from now up to the future. We wish majority of production houses, local news companies and web/TV networks big and small will give more attention to EDIUS, namely here in the US. Whether it's live breaking news, live sports, multicam events and/or feature films, we want to bring the word out in saying that Grass Valley has successfully managed such a brilliant software up to this day.

Excitedly reporting this news, we want to take the time to pay huge respects and a personal 'thank you' to Grass Valley for pain-free client services and for producing an editing software, originally from Canopus, that has eliminated the headaches we all experience in videomaking. Once again, we appreciate all the hard work into creating a product companies like CBS are proudly using, and we will continue using their products.

KC Universal Network proudly uses EDIUS

This article has been written and posted on June 09, 2017