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Michael Ellis Secures Spot on Beat Chatter

Kris Caballero and Michael Ellis on 'Beat Chatter'

Powered by MUSICSOTROS!, a sub-domain of SHOWSOTROS! Productions, music talk show series Beat Chatter proudly announces its third co-host Michael Ellis!

Ellis' poise and wit in his knowledge about music makes him the perfect for the show's co-hosting duties. It is with honor and respect that the show welcomes a new member to share his experiences and fanaticism in the universal art of music.

Having struggled quite a bit at the start and finding the direction of this series, we have found the perfect candidate who can help carry the show and add an extra dose of pizazz alongside co-hosts, Kris and Ryley.

"I'm very excited to be a part of the show, and hoping to doing the shows with you guys, [Kris] and [Ryley]."
— Michael Ellis

Episode 3 of Beat Chatter will feature Ellis' debut on the show. Its release date will be determined and still under production. (UPDATE: Episode 3 of Beat Chatter has been uploaded and shared on June 14, 2017.)

This article has been written and posted on June 09, 2017