About SHOWSOTROS! Productions

Founded in November 2008, SHOWSOTROS! Productions originally was a place for video projects produced since 2001. Since 2013, it has expanded to a conglomerate of everything the founder is truly knowledgeable and passionate about. While it has provided reviews on TV shows, movies, video games and computer games, SHOWSOTROS! expanded towards particular interests that looks to produce its own viewers and fans, such as VIDEOGAMESOTROS!, a place for everything video games, and FOODSOTROS!, a place for talks and reviews about food.

While everything has been said and written on its website, specifically the page on the history of SHOWSOTROS!, the goal of the website is to create a production company filled alongside with reviews and articles about video games, food, sports, casino gaming, comic books, original memes, podcasts and much more. The founder sees it as a haven for his original ideas and projects—many of which, he claims, often get copied and/or stolen by companies and businesses looking for solutions (where's his extra pay?). Nevertheless, SHOWSOTROS! is nothing but pure entertainment independently produced by a one-man crew. Its expansion is growing very rapidly in hopes that one day, SHOWSOTROS! will build its own studio building.

Recently, HANDHELDGAMESOTROS! and COMPUTERGAMESOTROS! have both merged with VIDEOGAMESOTROS! to fall under the umbrella of video gaming. While the platforms are different, they are all, by definition, gaming—not to be confused with casino gaming (gambling).

Its growing traffic makes SHOWSOTROS! a fun place to read new sources of entertainment and find/learn new things from the founder's very own eyes and his experiences with the various mediums provided to us.

This has been written and posted on June 09, 2017