About The Seeds of Books

Founded in July 2012, The Seeds of Books is a place for nonfiction book reviews and poems. In the website includes an exclusive Book of the Year Awards awarded to the best book read and reviewed in that very year. Along with all that, the website features a section for poems for fellow readers to share and participate in writing their very own, original poetic crafts.

The goal of the website is to provide succint, honest reviews on nonfiction books—books used for references, resources for information that may never be read/found on the internet and to provide a detour from the illusion of truth we all grew up learning and living with since our school days. Not everything we learned in school and from others are what it seems, and bringing in reviewing and discussing these books in depth can bring the truth, information and sources to stop and think about. Also, we feel these books, like most good books out there, can give readers advanced information that one may never find in the TV news, internet new articles or even the weekly/daily newspapers. Lastly, some of these nonfiction books make great companions to those still in school and wanting a resource to gain information they feel they may never understand, like a book on how to think mathematically without overwhelming the student with cryptic equations.

As for the poems, the founder has taken a huge interest in the art of poems. Being a big music fan, and compressing a message in a few words only the intellectuals will be able to decipher, poems are an excellent form of art where one can write, express and explain the goings-on in the experiences Life brings us.

Overall, The Seeds of Books brings in the love for reading, namely nonfiction titles. In a world of peril, conflict and controversy, it just feels nice when you can cave in on a Friday night and read a nice, good book. Also, sharing what we learned and why we recommend the title. In other words, there's a hidden world in books that schools, corporations and even others don't know about, never knew about, refuse to let you know about and possibly may advance your learnings above everyone else, even above your school's valedictorians.

This has been written and posted on June 09, 2017