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"Five Nights at Freddy's" Slot Machine is a Great Idea

Five Nights at Freddy's Slot Machine Reels

(NOTE: This post was made in collaboration with VIDEOGAMESOTROS.)

Attention casino marketers, owners, and [casino] gaming developers, we've got four words for you: Five Nights at Freddy's (FNaF). It's a survival horror game where you play as a security guard inside a pizzeria, working the 'graveyard' shift, checking cameras and making sure there aren't any fishy stuff going on. This includes the pizzeria's animatronics. Nothing scary about them...perhaps.

Its original release, dating back to 2014, and its newest game Security Breach available as recent as 2021, makes this one of the most successful games in modern video game history. Some say it's overrated, while others think its creepy vibes don't hold enough "scare" for a horror game, but for me, personally, it harkens back to the days of old black and white films where inanimate objects come to life playing with your mind, fears, and haunting the crap out of you. In other words, we think the game's overall concept works. (As someone who used to work at a wax museum, the eerie silence being in a room full of realistic, human-like figures has given me enough goosebumps throughout my two years of working at such place.)

Wow, okay, that's cute, Kris...what about it, bro?

Wait...I didn't know casino executives say things like "bro." That's new to me.

While it was released on an app back in mid-2015 but shut down, likely due to copyright, it's time to make it official: Release an official Five Nights at Freddy's slot machine! Sure, developing it for the PC, Mac, Android and/or iOS is simple and easy enough, as we'd also like to suggest, but we're talking about a full, physical machine available at casinos everywhere. Imagine the fun of our fellow parent(s), grandparent(s) and/or guardian(s) innocently playing this horror-themed game, unaware of the gameplay and storyline, and getting jumpscared for pressing the wrong button during a bonus game. Okay, maybe it won't be funny for them, but a little scare at a casino shouldn't hurt and makes for great laughs and fun.

I would also imagine how crowded such machines will get during Halloween season; I'd think that people would have to line up and sign on a waiting list just to play the machines. Even better, as briefly mentioned, snippets from the real game featured as a bonus game, like checking cameras and stuff, would give the player an opportunity to win more money. However, if they get caught by one of the animatronics, then of course, the bonus game is over. Lots of flexible opportunities to be creative with it.

Five Nights at Freddy's slot machine bonus game message Press Flashing Button Below to Check Cameras
Five Nights at Freddy's slot machine bonus game message Press and Hold Spin Button to Play Music

(Granted, there are slot machines featuring Elvira. Though she's seen more as sexy than scary, its dark theme tell us that there's no reason not to consider this idea.)

Does this sound like a great revenue generator? With things going back to normal, at least it sure seems like, producing this will definitely fire up casino attendance encouraging even the most casual casino gamers to visit a venue to witness the thrill of these machines. Yes, the video game series is that popular.

Cool, Kris, but why do you think this will work?

According to the Las Vegas Sun[1], casinos have catered to younger patrons recently, thanks to its sophisticated machine designs (though I'm a millenial, I remember the "old school" slots with physical reels and fruits). Because the FNaF franchise have appealed to both millenials and Generation Zs, along with video gamers in general, this will fully secure their attendance and participation in casinos. Of course, such patrons have to be of legal age, which is often the age of 21 or 18, depending on the venue and on what state, but having a casino machine based off of a popular video game like this is an idea worth noting. To further expand on it, make this as another opportunity to remind these young customers to properly manage their money and gamble responsibly, presenting another outlet for companies to pay and advertise their service(s). Plenty of options knowing this will attract crowds that even Megabucks or Wheel of Fortune may not garner. Forget spring break, head to the casino to play some FNaF slots!

This idea cannot be done without proper permission, rights and an agreement in splitting the annual revenue the machines generate from the game's developers—ScottGames, Illumix, and Steel Wool Studios. However, like almost anything in business, it shall work itself out as we are confident that this will pull through. Here's another idea: Have a chunk of casinos display different animatronics as models to showcase the slot machines—examples like MGM would have Freddy and Chica, Luxor may have Bonnie and Purple Guy—once again, another tip to keep attendance fresh and strong. While the animatronics on display could be a cardboard cutout, we suggest to make it more realistic and life-like, about six-feet tall. In this case, it's a cool opportunity to have these customers and their family/friends take selfies with them. Since different casinos would hold various characters, fans of the game would make the trek to visit all casinos that have these animatronics. As fans know, there are over 20 characters in the game's franchise, and which animatronic gets the most pictures taken remains to be seen. For me, personally, I'd get a picture with Springtrap (FNaF 3) and Freddy (Security Breach) to start things off; My Chinese Zodiac sign is a rabbit, so Bonnie (FNaF 2) would be next on my list. After that, then yes, I'd make it a goal to get pictures with all animatronics. I mean, who wouldn't?

Five Nights at Freddy's animatronics at a casino floor; An illustrative example of how the animatronics look standing by the slot machines.
Freddy and Bonnie animatronics at a casino floor!

Yes, it's important to reward customer/patron loyalty to big-time casino gamers, including older folks, but moving forward is the only way to go. Thus, continually modernizing casino games would increase attendance and gameplay by a lot. In addition, I'm sure big name YouTubers will get a kick out of playing and reviewing these casino games, especially from those in the streaming communities. All in all, this is one of the few suggestions/ideas where announcing such thing will generate an audience so large, preparation by all casino staff and security must be in place before its official opening debut. In other words, do what is needed to provide proper handling of crowds making sure they're well-maintained, and abiding by proper behavior (all security cameras are in place, right?). Nevertheless, depending on the machine's gameplay and its overall presentation, I feel this will launch more newcomers to venture in and explore the world of casino gaming and hospitality. Come on now, cancel all your streaming service subscriptions and play some FNaF slots at your local casino(s). Funtime Foxy may quadruple your winnings!

I, personally, don't know anyone nor have any connections with those in the casino industry as of yet, but if it were up to me, I'll be willing to bank in on this idea if I say so myself. I'm only hoping the costs would fit within the allotted budget approved by the board members and commissioners of casino gaming (that also depends on the executives and everyone else in upper management).

What do you think? Would a FNaF slot machine encourage you to visit and/or play at casinos more often? How about life-sized animatronics featured right by the machines to make your mainstay more enjoyable? Which animatronic(s) would you have a picture with? Let's talk about it in the comments below!


1. No more cherries and lemons: Technologically advanced slots appeal to younger crowd


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