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Fourth Set of Casino Fights (Pandemic version!)

"Round 4! Ready? Fight!"

Man gets arrested, plays the 'George Floyd' card.
Just when you realized that the re-openings of locations and places of interest are slowly coming into effect, there are things that still happen and haven't changed (how many times have we been saying that?). Whether you believe in the effects of masks or not, it hasn't changed the fact that friction occurs and will always occur. Come to think of it, rates are as low as they've gotten, given that the travel/tourist industry is down as of now. As casinos in Las Vegas look to get back on track, there are happenings going on in Vegas not only for security cameras to witness but for the internet to see.

Both "Round 1" and "Round 2", and "Round 3" fights can be found in their respective links provided. The links to videos are inspected and checked periodically, as they get removed either by the original uploader or by legal claims (most likely due to the attention our series of articles have brought).

What else has gone on that hasn't been mentioned in these articles? What seemed to be derived from sports fans, fighting each other over, well, sports, there hasn't been much improvement around the casino area. Then again, the penalties and punishments are harsh enough for such patrons never to set foot in a casino floor again (we hope so). You be the judge, and see what you think:

Altercation Casino Video Link
Fight by White Castle Fremont Street (Las Vegas, Nevada)
Fight by White Castle (second angle - extended) Fremont Street (Las Vegas, Nevada)
Fight at the bar The Cosmopolitan (Las Vegas, Nevada)
Balkan's Poker Tournament Fight King's Casino (Rozvadov, Czechia)
Fight over coughing Del Taco (Las Vegas, Nevada)
Tourist argues against security; Security argue against each other The Venetian (Las Vegas, Nevada)
Two women trash talk by the slot floor Soboba Casino (San Jacinto, California)
Patron vs casino security Binion's Casino (Las Vegas, Nevada)
Cat fight Flamingo Casino (Las Vegas, Nevada)
Fight at the valet Marina Bay Sands Casino (Marina Bay Sands, Singapore)
Poker Fight and Arrest Talking Stick Resort & Casino (Scottsdale, Arizona)
NEWS REPORT: Wynn files lawsuit after Labor Day weekend violence at property Wynn Resort & Casino
Drunkard pinned down and arrested Casino Royale Hotel & Casino (????)

People who have left comments mentioned that it's the low rates/prices that are attracting these "dingbats," as the late Gene Rayburn would say, that are causing all this trouble. While that may be a good reason, its cogency doesn't hold up in comparison to the last three set of casino fights reported previously. Alcohol is also the reason, but for a place that calls itself "Sin City," it's very much a playground for adults. Fights happen, but pushing the security to an even stricter protocol would lessen the "wiggle room for fun" in Vegas, and at other cities with casinos. It's hard to pinpoint when and where the fight(s) will occur, but eventually, some kind of conflict will come up.

We haven't received any emails (yet) concerning the fights, but we're sure one of the questions we may get is "Why do we care?" Las Vegas is our second home, and growing up exploring casinos, we find them to be a place of high-energy fun; The lights, the ambiance, the thrill, and of course, the restaurants/buffets are what makes visiting a casino exciting. As a kid, going to kid-friendly casinos, the ones which had bowling alleys and arcades, were the best ones. Now, as an adult, it could be any casino we please. Drama and altercations happen almost anywhere you go, but because they happen at casinos as well, it just ruins the spectacle. We view casinos as destinations—entertainment venues for both locals and tourists. It's sad when other people ruin nice things for everyone. However, we wouldn't know of such disgraceful behavior if it hasn't happened, right?

HUGE props, once again, to all security personnel for protecting the patrons and cleaning up the places. Your actions and hard work will not come unnoticed. Big props to top executive authorities for handing out proper punishment to those who realize they'll never set foot outside ever again.

Sadly, both local and nationwide news media are slow, or refuse, to report such conflicts. Being that this website gears more toward entertainment, and gradually focusing on education, it must be talked about and discussed. Otherwise, would security know about the fights, nor care, had it not been for our articles reporting them? Being safe and protecting yourself is at the upmost importance right now, and with curfews being implemented more frequently, be wary of your surroundings, your belongings, and, if you're with someone, keep a close watch on them as well.

We'll always continue to ask: What's the craziest fight you've ever witnessed at a casino?

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