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Second Set of Casino Fights

"Round 2! Ready? Fight!"

Nearing the close of the 2018 year, a ton has happened since last year in 2017. However, we can't stress enough that some things never change, and are here to stick around.

As a result keeping updated on the list of videos posted on our previous article Casinos Fights and Fights at Casinos, several videos have been taken down likely in the advent of bringing attention to authorities about the commotion going on in casinos. (Hey, they should pay us to do the work for them. Seriously, they should.) While we can't say for sure, it ought to open the eyes of the securities keeping the venue as safe and fun as possible. Then again, there'll always be those rotten humans who ruin it for everyone.

After that article was posted, we didn't think that'd be enough to reduce the amount of fights triggered since then. Apparently, more has been posted and shared on popular video sharing websites. The kicker is somehow these videos will circulate to their friends, families and employers forcing them to take legal action against the perpetrator and the one who recorded the entire incident. Do whatever you need to do, but since we're a gaming-laden website, it's something that happens around casino areas and thus must bring to light to our readers and fans. Had we not bring this issue to light, who knows if lives are at risk? Better to know now than later.

The reason being overall? We're at the age when something crazy happens, the [new] natural instinct is to pull out our smartphones and record/live stream the altercation. Without breaking up the fight(s) or getting involved, people show the internet what went on during their visits to publicly shame those responsible for such actions. It's like we're all acting as cops dressed in casual clothing. In other words, no one is safe from public conflict because the internet will find out about it. That ought to give you the spooks, right?

Altercation Casino Video Link
Memorial Day 2017 Pool Fight Golden Nugget Casino (Lake Charles)
3 vs. 1 Roulette Table Fight ????
Cat Fight Front of Planet Hollywood Casino watch?v=WIN0KKPz7s4
Two Women Fighting by the Blackjack Tables Horseshoe Casino (Indiana)
Poker Player Fights Security The Orleans
Fight in the slots area ???? (Casino in Indiana) watch?v=OpWkII6NNpk
Two women fight by the tables and slots ????
Guy vs. Securities ???? (Las Vegas)
Sports fans fight at the slots area (Super Bowl weekend) The Flamingo (????)
Fight over beer Paris Hotel & Casino
Females Fight Right by Planet Hollywood Casino
Street Performer vs Tourist By the escalators/bridge of The Cosmopolitan
Drunk Girl Fight By the bridge at Excalibur
Fight at Lumière Poker Room Lumière Place Casino & Hotel
Retaliatory beat-up at the slots floor Tropicana Casino (Atlantic City)
Fight at the slots floor (UFC Fight Night) Crown Casino Perth
Crowd Fight at Bellator MMA Fight Pechanga Hotel & Casino
Ratchet Fight at the stop light ***** Right across Paris Hotel & Casino and Planet Hollywood (Las Vegas Blvd)
Fight between patron and casino staff Deltin Caravela Casino (Panaji, Goa, India)
Rapper Flavor Flav Fight South Point Casino
Guy fights security In front of Planet Hollywood
Fight right by the slots Rivers Casino (Schenectady, NY)

***** This footage witnesses one of the guys punching a blonde woman to the ground....twice. Does this mean the police don't care? What about the woman, will she file a complaint? Girl, make your voice heard! Stand up for yourself!

I told you: Nothing's changed.

While it may have seemed that the tempers have dwindled, they're still flaring. It's 2018, and people haven't realized that if you trigger an altercation in public, be it road rage or fist fighting, YOU WILL BE RECORDED BY SURROUNDING PATRONS/BYSTANDERS/CUSTOMERS/GUESTS. Frankly, people still don't know those rules and, obviously, haven't visited this website (not sure if they can read, however).

In case you didn't know, Hall of Fame Poker Pro Mike Sexton predicts metal detectors in casinos may come into actualization. That still won't stop drunks and insecure people from malicious arguments-turned-fights to happen. However, authorities will be at an all-time highest point laying down strict security to eradicate any stuff that may lead to trouble or a massacre/tragedy. I'm not sure if this applies to the stupid fights that happen in casinos recorded by witnesses and on-lookers like the ones listed here—some of whom use those videos to garner more subscribers to their YouTube channel and/or more followers to their Instagram accounts. Nevertheless, it's likely that this article will continue to gain more attention with these fights caught on video.

Okay, look, I get it: Some of these fights are funny and ridiculous. Thing is, we all just want to be safe, as some fights are more violent and deadly than others.

After watching enough of these casino fights, it seems there's a lot of anger, and mindless alcoholics, throwing it down within the Planet Hollywood area. Makes us wonder if the security executives at ph know about the trouble that occurs outside their own front doors. Sounds like the perfect spot to record fights every Friday and Saturday nights, including holidays!

What's the craziest fight you've ever witnessed at a casino?

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