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Slot Me Silly #0001: "Triple Stars"

It wasn't until the early years of my life when my dear, sweet parents tagged my sister and I along walking through the casino floors enjoying the lights, the energy and the lively vibes of house gambling. Because my grandmother lived her retirement in Las Vegas, Nevada, I've been a huge fan of casinos and I always love staying and hanging around in them. It's a part of me that I grew to fully embrace. As I grew up slowly, this was one of the first slot machines I had my eyes on.

It was a simple theme showcasing the famous and lucky number 7—one of my favorite numbers. If I ever felt the luck, I'd often play the 25¢ slot denomination; I'm too scared to play the $1 denomination for this slot machine. There are some which have the denomination but it's not very common (depends on the casino). Nevertheless, here's the stats board:

Triple Stars slot machine stats board

Of course, again, depending on the denomination and jackpot size, this is generally the projected payouts. I played the game which, realistically, is easy on my wallet. (Granted, this was played from a computer gaming software licensed by the company itself who released the game for PC & MAC.)

Here's a brief look of my gameplay playing with the maximum bet this slot game will allow. How did I do?

Man, it was incredibly tough to pull even one small win. Luckily, it was just the computer game and not my real money. Ha!

After playing the game for a good five minutes, which in casino gameplay feels like an hour, I won this:
Triple Stars - 7-7-7!

That was the best I could do.

If you've ever struck it rich playing this slot game, let us know in the comments! What was you experience(s) playing this classic slot machine? What casino did you play this game at?


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