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Slot Me Silly #0002: "Siberian Storm"

As I grew up, so did the slot machines. Games like these were one of the first 'modern' slot machines I've seen since. I remember only machines featured video poker as the only game digitized to be in a machine, with the other option being the real thing. I didn't think slot machines could be digitized as "video slots" until games like this showed up, and I was fascinated by it. It made me wonder how large the reels would be if they produced a physical version of this. Nevertheless, this was one of the games I first witnessed as slot companies slowly transitioned to the video/digital form of slot machines.

Now that it's video, there are more lines to bet on. While I often recommend playing all lines, it may be tedious work analyzing line by line, guessing what the result of the next pull might be. If you know someone like that, more power to them because that's a real pro at statistical analysis (I'm sure casino authorities will misconstrue that as a tactic of cheating). Since I made mention of analyzing the lines and the chances of the next result coming up, that's how the machines are able to rake in money from us: because we want to bet and play without thinking. Those darn one-armed bandits....

Anyway, this game has a very arctic feel to it almost as if you want to warm up wearing your favorite winter coat. The odds on this game are decent and forgiving, and depending on your bets, you win a respectable amount. As always, here's my video gameplay for proof. Find out if I hit a bonus game—a chance to win extra spins/games to win more money:

Interesting with that diamond layout of the reels, isn't it? Something new and different makes a game like this quite fun, especially if you love that below-zero environment. Would've liked to see more animation but it's still a good game to play.

Siberian Storm slot machine stats board
(Click image to view full size.)

Given that there's a quadrillion video slot games makes this tougher to find in casinos nowadays. It depends on the casino, its location and the amount of slot machines on the floor.

Anyone played this before and/or recently? Tell us your experience playing this game!


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