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What It Means to Gamble (Take a Chance)

What it Means to Gamble (Take a Chance)

We've sure come a long way since the pandemic of 2020. Regardless of what you did, or how you felt about it overall, there's no doubt that many of us were affected financially. While some rare few were lucky to continue working, the rest of us saw a kind of hope that we felt began to wane. However, as things began to open up, having to rebound from a new kind of world so-to-speak remains a tough feat. In fact, there are still people not wanting to get back to work, despite it being remote or in-person. Okay, so where does that leave them? Welcome to the world of casino gaming...and our website.

Over the years, I learned that the average person who happens to be short on money tends to gamble it up. As someone who has grown up in a casino setting almost all his life begs such question: If you're short on cash, why gamble it all? Things like this ruin the mystique about what it means to gamble. Okay, then, what does it mean to gamble? Time to put on our thinking caps.

Even if we don't think about it, we gamble everyday; We just don't take a step back and think about it, most of the time. Driving to work? Cool, do you plan to drive on side streets or the freeway? Either choice is a gamble, given the flow of traffic. Investing? Though the word "gamble" is not used respectively, it very much is. Taking risks is part of being human: We want to add to our gain by making a well-informed decision before diving into the pool and "letting it ride." If you're someone who enjoys watching fights in the animal kingdom, in a certain way, it runs like that. If a zebra knew it would get attacked by alligators while crossing the river bank, it wouldn't be able to jump in with their flock and make it to the other side of their land given that they wouldn't survive. However, what if the zebra realizes it can cross to the other side without getting hurt? Why assume something bad when you haven't even tried? Remember: Trying is not doing.

The level of risk varies from person to person, as some are brave and unassuming of the situation hoping to cash in on their risks, while some are more passive and timid. How do you know you'll be doubling your money if you haven't placed a bet? How do you know you'll succeed if you don't put in the work? Gambling, in contrast to casino gaming, reflects on this risk-taking we're known to do on a daily basis. In this case, it's done using popular games that employ this risk-taking strategy. Once again, everyone is different, as some are brave and don't mind betting it all, while others are a little more cautious and moderate, and there are a few who bet very small or never take such risks. Nevermind the fact that casinos have house edge, it's the fact that because majority of the people realize that losing is expected when playing at a casino, people still do it anyway. Once again, how do you know you'll lose if you haven't tried? Asking questions like that will yield different answers.

What it means to gamble is to honor and bask in the human nature we've all learned naturally. Heck, we've been born to take risks whether we knew this or not. Buying a used car, landing a new job, relocating to another residence are more examples of this risk-taking madness. As any other human being, it is our responsibility to deal with consequences that follow. There's nothing wrong with buying a beach house, but if you're well aware of rising sea levels over the past decade, you'd think twice if it's worth living in that sort of beauty. It may not be the most pleasant way to help a homeowner decide whether it's worth the purchase, but, personally, it's best to be realistic than to just jump on in with purchase unaware of having some backup plan.(I personally have nothing against beach houses as they are wonderful and have breath-taking views, but it's best to be wary of your surroundings so you can maximize the longevity of your purchase/rent.)

What do I think? There's fun in gambling, but that depends on my mood and my energy. There exists a time when I wouldn't even bother and "play it safe," without wanting to focus on acquiring additional gain from what I've already got. If my energy is good, attentive and fully focused, then I'm someone who'd try to set aside some cash and jump on in to the pool. How often do I feel like this? Not that often, to be honest. This semi-passive approach also shows if I were to live-stream my casino gameplay, from slot machines to video keno.

There's nothing wrong with gambling. Only thing wrong about gambling is risking something without a backup plan. As long as you're enjoying and having fun, that does no harm to yourself, to others, be it physical, mental, or financial, there's nothing wrong with enjoying what you do. The fact that you're able to take a risk to gain more than what you have, or are betting off to earn that gain, only proves your worth as a human being. Embracing your ability to gamble only makes your logical skills in decision-making that much better, no matter how thorough your approach is. With inflated prices, awful scams and low-quality discounts going around, it's best to make the best bang out of your risks to minimize your losses. This proves that not everything is given to you, as majority of things require that you work and earn it. There's a lot to be said about that but nevertheless, in the current state of society, you must earn your way through. You may not win the jackpot instantly, but winning a small fortune should suffice the average risk-taker. If you're one of the weird few—yes, weird—who want to win the jackpot, you've got an unrealistic goal guaranteed to go downhill the moment you begin. Pessimism? I wouldn't look at it that way, but more like a warning. Nobody jumps off a cliff expecting a positive outcome.

Fair to say: To gamble is human...so long as you have a foolproof method to ease off your "err" or two.

What does gambling mean to you? Let's talk about it in the comments below!


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