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"Game On! Amazing New Slots" (April 2016 issue)

Southern California Gaming Guide, April 2016 issue
The only way to know is to read. With that said, welcome to our very first overview post here at GAMINGSOTROS which is home to everything related to gaming fun.

Frankly, judging by the title, I live in the beautiful state of California. As much as I love to move and reside in Las Vegas, it doesn't hurt to take a look at some of the casinos around here in the Golden State. Since I'm working the corporate life constantly, a gaming guide sounds like the best window to peek through what has been going on in the world of gaming (not to be confused with video gaming, of course). Since this post requires reading anyway, I'll point out the cool/funny/weird/strange news, updates and more from the monthly issues of gaming. Without further ado, let's pinpoint the good stuff from this April issue:

A). Seven Things Not To Miss In April (page 4)

1. Thunder From Down Under at Sycuan Casino on April 9th
This is a female thing, so I'm going to skip this. Next:

2. Win a Trip to Hawaii in Passport Around the World at Agua Caliente Casino Resort Spa and Spa Resort Casino
If you're part of the Paradise Rewards Club, you can enter in this contest—a trip for two. The drawing is raffled on May 1st but does the drawing every month. Well, summer is coming up isn't it? Unless you're working in the summer like I am, then....

3. $100,000 Money Train at Sycuan Casino
What makes this tricky is Sycuan members have a chance to win their share of this jackpot. The only way I can think of in winning $100,000 is to be a contestant on the classic game show The $100,000 Pyramid (Dick Clark, you will be missed).

4. $150,000 Power Trip Camaro Giveaway at Agua Caliente Casino Resort Spa and Spa Resort Casino
Members of the Paradise Rewards Club can have a chance to win a 2016 Chevy Camaro LT! Of all the jackpots people have struck rich with, I have never seen anyone drive away with a new car from a casino. Maybe I have, I don't remember where, who and/or when. However, I'd like to see an old lady roll down the windows in this car. Man, that would be enough to break the Internet.

5. Win up to $50,000 in Lucky Numbers at Barona Resort Casino
This is unique since your own membership card contains a four-digit code that's being raffled with a bingo-style hopper. That's it, and I think it's a great opportunity. Oh, by the way, "from" was misspelled, written, "Guests will use their Club Barona card numbers to follow the drawn numbers in order, starting form [sic] right to left."

6. 4 Audi A5 Giveaways at Chumash Casino Resort
Members of Club Indulge will enjoy this shot at a great car. You can also earn entry points on table games EXCLUDING poker and bingo. I don't know how anyone can say "no" to this; It's an Audi!

7. 2016 BMW 320i Giveaway at Valley View Casino & Hotel
Players Club have a shot at winning this car. What's interesting was how the mention of Valley View will pay the sales tax and license to the winner of this car. If this is true, then expect freeways to be packed with players wanting to enter into this contest. Oh, yeah, and it's a BMW—no more needs to be said.

B). April 2016 Gaming News (pages 6, 10 & 12)

- Valley View Casino & Hotel Celebrates 15th Anniversary and Amazing Buffet & Dining Prices
Valley View celebrated its 15th birthday sharing its Best Buffet award, according to readers of Southern California Gaming Guide (hey!). The place is called, frankly, The Buffet. Who knew that such a simple name of a buffet could be the best in among California casinos? The best steakhouse award goes to Black&Blue Steakhouse, featuring a three-course meal for $40. Keep that price in mind when you've doubled your winnings at the machines/tables. Or better yet, get Guy Fieri to check out the place and tell us about the food.

- Three Lucky San Diegans Hit Major Jackpots at Sycuan Casino
What do you know: three winners who struck it rich. One played the Mayan Chief (Konami Gaming) video slot machine winning $660,200; The second winner played Wheel of Fortune® (IGT) cashing $1,259,128 (holy ocelots!); Lastly, the third winner banked in with $89,770 playing Green MP Bingo®. General Manager John Dinius at Sycuan Casino said that "it really enhances the already fun vibe on the casino floor." As opposed to envy? Perhaps one could say it's no different than watching someone on a TV game show win some big bucks, but on the casino floor, knowing that you expect to walk away with a small fortune, it feels uncanny yet mystifyingly uninspiring when the person next to you banked in some cash, making you think, "I knew I should've played on that machine." Anyway, I'm sure those winners' bills have been forever paid off. And here I thought Life was all about finding meaning and having fun....

- Barona Resort & Casino Named Business of the Year
My mom had the fortune to visit this casino for the first time, and with Barona's awards in titles like Loosest Slots and Best Service, it's no wonder she loved it there hanging with relatives. Looking at the pictures makes it look tranquil yet inviting—a place you feel like you want to lay back and watch the Earth turn. The pictures look very real estate-like making me feel like I not only want to visit, but I want to live near there. Housing and business taxing here in California is unreal and absolutely ridiculous, but there's no harm in trying right? I want to visit, or better yet, work at Barona Casino (if you're serious, contact me).

- Enjoy Four Diamond Dining at Chumash Casino Resort
Besides the award-winng The Buffet at Chumash Casino Resort, this one talks about Willows Four Diamond restaurant. It was reopened in November 2015 under remodeling but still provides some delicious cuisines like Griller Bison Strip Loin and Maple Leaf Duck. They never mentioned the prices so at that point, you either listen to your wallet or your stomach, who's doing the talking.

- Refreshing Spa Treatments at Award-Winning Sunstone Spa at Agua Caliente Casino Resort Spa
It just so happens that Sunstone Spa was awarded Spas of America Top 100 Spas of 2015. A nice, yet expensive, massage sounds like the way to go after a dose of decision-making at the tables and/or the machines. Almost every casino has one, and it's a ton of them. We need a Guy Fieri-like host who visits and reviews spas in casinos, because if someone like me needs all that stress-eliminating meditation at a spa/massage parlor, I like to know which one(s) are reasonably priced while also providing excellent service. Any suggestions?

- "Act of Green" for Earth Day
Nothing much, just a brief talk about Southern California Gaming Guide and their efforts to go "green." We've all heard this already.

C). Game On! ...and On ...and On - Big Name Slots from Scientific Games (pages 16 & 17)
I love this section. A company called Scientific Games went on to release new machines for this year. Known for their machine games like Michael Jackson and Jimmy Buffet, their new line of games are quite unique. Here's a list advertised on these pages:

- The Flintstones™
- Austin Powers™
- Caddyshack™
- Space Invaders Evolution
- Wizard of Oz Not In Kansas Anymore™
- Cheers
- The Simpsons

My favorite that I most like to play has to be, of course, Space Invaders Evolution. Mentioning it being a skill-based game is very obvious: if you've never played a video game before, never played this particular video game, nor have any relatives and/or kids who play video games, you're out of luck. Never played Galaga: Demons of Death on the Nintendo? Then you'll likely lose. This is a great machine game catering to those that gamble AND play video games. Not bad.

To any employees from Scientific Games reading this: how about creating a [video] slot machine based off of Harry Potter, Batman, Superman and/or Three's Company? Make any of these TV/film franchises and I, for sure, will play. Really, I will.

D). Southern California Gaming Guide: BIG WINNERS! (page 31)
Here they are:

Southern California Gaming Guide, BIG WINNERS!
(Nice pose, McKing.)

- Ronald won $19,894 Playing 88 Fortunes at SYCUAN CASINO
- David won a $79,994 Pai Gow Bonus Progressive Jackpot at VALLEY VIEW CASINO & HOTEL
- Santiago won a $16,266 Bingo Double Action Jackpot at SYCUAN CASINO

- McKing won $15,000 playing $1 Ten Times Pay at BARONA RESORT & CASINO
- Rachel won a $16,135 Jackpot Playing $1 Total Meltdown at SYCUAN CASINO
- Rodrigo from Rodeo won a $10,000 Quick Hit Jackpot at BARONA RESORT & CASINO

- Robert won $4,000 in the Break the Bank Promotion at SYCUAN CASINO
- Andrew won a $5,270 Jackpot playing Red Hot Jackpots at VALLEY VIEW CASINO
- Modelita won $10,000 playing Quick Hit at SYCUAN CASINO

I'm not sure what my initial reaction would be, if I ever agreed to have my face shown in a casino showing off how much I've won. Frankly, these folks don't look like the type to brag about it on social media, and if they did, someone whom they thought was a friend will begin to show their true colors and what the real reason is for keeping in touch with you. Then again, you'd likely get some extra dough having used your picture for advertisement—trying to attract more and more people to visit and telling them that they, too, can win just like them. I have an idea: gaming guides should interview them on how they felt when they entered the casino, what games they tried playing, and how Life has changed now that they won all this money.

Hey Rachel, control your excitement, sweetie. You almost broke the camera with your picture (and the page itself). I have an odd feeling someone here will snatch her picture and create a meme out of it. I don't know, but if you did, show it to us! Since this is the Internet, I'm sure word will get around. She might email me about it, too.

Whoa there, Rachel.

There you have it! In case you missed this issue, all written here were the more 'important' news to catch up on.

You've just read our first overview of a gaming guide, and I want to thank you for reading! More coming up soon!

Credits to TheGamingGuide.com for the information and for the [April 2016] issue of Southern California Gaming Guide. Game on!


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