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"Lucky Big Winners, Casinos Pay Out HUGE Jackpots" (May 2016 issue)

Southern California Gaming Guide, May 2016 issue
Yeah, you can tell we're way behind on covering the issues here at GAMINGSOTROS but hey, kind of fun to look back at what went on.

Now as you can tell, you get a front cover of a beautiful woman with a wad of cash, promoting the big wins you have the chance to experience at the popular casinos here in California. I suggest you don't stare too long at the front cover. Given that this was written and posted in the season of Halloween, her pretty eyes will possess your soul and control you to eat money, instead of winning and saving it. You know what money tastes like? Probably not. I have no idea why they would even bother having this intimidating cover. And yes, that woman in the cover is beautiful, so why make her look possessed?

A). Seven Things Not To Miss In May (page 4)

1. Ten Ford Mustang Giveaways at Chumash Casino Resort
With these car giveaways, I often wonder who logs on social media to tell and brag to their friends that they won a car from a casino. I still have yet to witness it. Either that or my friend circle aren't casino patrons.

2. $120,000 Star Warped at Sycuan Casino
This sounds fun, especially for those of you who are big-time Star Wars fans. Every Wednesday, on the month of May at 7PM, 8PM and 9PM, Club Sycuan members can win a share of $120,000. I can't imagine participating in this contest without saying "Use the Force."

3. Monster Memorial Weekend at Spa Resort Casino
Check this out: This includes food trucks, music, craft brews, and live demos featuring BMX stunt riders. Spa Resort Casino announced its partnership with Monster Energy Drink to make this happen. I'm sure your 67-year old aunt/grandmother/mother will get a kick out of this!

4. Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience at Sycuan Casino
Sycuan is sure making some noise, especially with classic rock music featuring Jason Bonham—son of lead singer John Bonham. Tickets are at $55-$65.

5. Over $260,000 Lucky 7's at Barona Resort Casino
Let's see if you can keep up with this: Mondays on May 16th and 23rd from 10AM to 10PM, you get to win $777 every 7 minutes. On Wednesdays, from May 18 th and 25th, you earn an entry for the $7,777 Drawing, picking 7 winners for each drawing. And on Fridays, from May 20th and 27th, you get to earn 7x points on the slots, keno and video poker.

If you or someone you know whose lucky number is 7, they'll surely get a kick out of this chance to win.

6. Win a Trip to Acapulco in Passport Around the World at Agua Caliente Casino Resort Spa and Spa Resort Casino
This qualifies for Paradise Club members. Isn't weird that when I see Acapulco, I think of the popular mexican restaurant chain? Man, I've been living here in California for too long.

7. 2016 Mercedes CLA250 Giveaway at Valley View Casino & Hotel
Okay, yes, I know, it's 2018 at the time this is being written so I'm obviously too late on this. However, whether you're a car buff or not, the Mercedes CLA 250 is an amazing car, as I personally had a chance to test drive it once. Also, being that this is in Valley View Casino & Hotel, it's becoming like the California version of The Orleans Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas (in case any of you have heard or visited that casino).

B). May 2016 Gaming News (pages 6 & 10)

- Celebrate Cinco De Mayo at the Casino
Barona, Agua Caliente and Sycuan have some bonuses when gaming during the famous May 5th holiday.

- Give Mom a Special Casino Treat on Mother's Day, Sunday May 8th
Makes sense since it is the month of May, but look at the model they showed to promote the event:

Hot mother for Mother's Day

Maybe it's just me, but isn't she too young? Personally, I'm attracted to older women, and while this lady is a pretty one, I can't fathom over the fact that someone this beautiful and young would represent the California casinos' Mother's Day deals.

If you know this woman pictured above, or if you are that very woman, we'd like to interview you on this website!

- Will Friday the 13th be Your Lucky Day?
Apparently, this piece talks about how some casino players favor Friday the 13th as their lucky day, while some avoid it (mentioning the word triskaidekaphobia—the of the number 13). Both Barona and Valley View have opportunities to counter that bad luck into something good. Personally, I've never went gaming on the 13th of Friday (not that I remembered doing so), but I wonder what would really happen if I did. Has anyone here done so? Tell us in the comments below!

- Sycuan Casino Honors the Military with the Sycuan Freedom Card
A BIG salute to those who protect and fight for our country! I find it amazing that Sycuan is going through all measures to honor the troops that make our country possible. While that statement is enough to trigger endless shouting arguments politically speaking, it's best we take time to praise the troops for all their hard work.

- Memorial Day Weekend at the Casino
Just another reference to the Monster Memorial Weekend at the Spa Resort Casino.

C). Lucky Big Winners: SoCal Casinos Pay Out HUGE Jackpots (pages 16, 17 & 18)
Here they are!

Page 16 of Lucky Big Winners May 2016 Issue
Page 17 of Lucky Big Winners May 2016 Issue
Page 18 of Lucky Big Winners May 2016 Issue

Some were featured on the April 2016 issue but still have some light shining on them and their big winnings. I just want to say a big hello to Tamara F., however!

Hot casino model promoting the $50,000 jackpot
(Forget the $50,000, I want to win the girl shown here. It's all good, I'm sure we're about the same age so it's fine. Then again, her stupid, wimpy, jealous boyfriend/husband won't mind, right? That's right.)

D). Southern California Gaming Guide: BIG WINNERS! (page 31)
And to wrap up this issue, let's look at the month of May's Big Winners:

Southern California Gaming Guide, BIG WINNERS in the month of May 2016!

- David won $97,447 playing Pot o' Gold Keno at BARONA RESORT & CASINO
- Benita won $19,530 playing 88 Fortune at VALLEY VIEW CASINO & HOTEL
- David won $50,000 playing Black & White at CHUMASH CASINO RESORT

- Kenneth & Donna won $34,514 playing Quick Hit Plantinum at SYCUAN CASINO
- Laurie H. won a Lincoln MKZ in Lucky Lincoln at SPA RESORT CASINO
- Jerry won $22,276 playing Mississippi Stud at BARONA RESORT & CASINO

- Carole Ann won $12,500 playing Spot Keno at VALLEY VIEW CASINO & HOTEL
- Judith won a $10,000 Jackpot playing $1 Blazing 7s at CHUMASH CASINO RESORT
- Carleen won a $13,365 4 Corners Bingo Jackpot at SYCUAN CASINO

Congratulations to the big winners in the month of May [2016]! I just have one question on the middle row: Which one is Jerry? I don't know, but enjoy your winnings, man.

That about does it for the May 2016 issue!

Credits to TheGamingGuide.com for the information and for the [May 2016] issue of Southern California Gaming Guide. Game on!


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