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[UPDATED Apr 05, 2021] (Previously updated back in Sept. 10, 2020.)

From "showsotros.elementfx.com" to "showsotros.wordpress.com," this website has underwent a ton throughout its span since 2008, before merging into one network. The goals for this website is three-fold, despite the ups and downs and missed directions the time it was originally launched:

• First is to prioritize the creative endeavors within our own time and efforts to produce something that's viable and appropriate, in order to cater to an audience of our own without any kind of outsourcing nor any funding of some sort. Nearly all and every content created was done out of our own hands and time, sharing and showcasing the pure artistic talents from the said producer/creator. The founder's very own self-taught skills were honed and studied for 20 years and counting, launching a haven for all productions big and small, without the cry to beg viewers to "rate, comment and subscribe," nor "give it a thumbs up, subscribe and clicking the notification bell."

Pursuing this possibility to network, connect and collaborate with other fellow video/audio production enthusiasts, workers, amateurs and professionals. As technology continues to grow, more and more features handed down through digital video cameras and professional video editing softwares, enable more control and techniques to be incorporated within our video/audio piece(s), thus discussing and sharing these among everyone else. With the exception of social media, this website provides clear proof of the growth in editing maturity. Common interests aside, this site is also used as a full resume showcasing all my works, thus acquiring any opportunities to work for and collaborate with those looking for real quality and hard-strung ideas.

In connection with creating content, the third point is to express productions through personal interests in things Kris finds to be realm of wonderful entertainment: Reviewing TV shows and movies. These reviews are there as a guide to help leisurely viewers and fans before making their final decision. The reviews are written in honest fashion, let alone provided for the purposes of pure writing. You will find mostly comedy shows, documentaries, TV series, children shows, classic movies and a few cartoons/anime on here.

If you have any concerns with the information provided here, please use the contact form. Please state and be specific on which of the information you would like to know more about, have questions about or would like a better clarification on. For media inquiries, legal/business matters and/or any contractual information, please use "Media" from the drop down box.