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Note Kee F180/F360 Tablet Wireless Keyboard

You're looking at a neat accessory to go with your iPad: Not just a wireless keyboard, but a keyboard that allows your iPad to be converted into a laptop! Sadly, we don't do contests or awards, compared to The Seeds of Books' Book of the Year Awards, but if we did, we'd likely would give one to this. Although not at all perfect, and has room for improvement, this may be one of the best and unique third-party accessories to ever grace the consumer technology world.

Off the bat, the item feels flimsy and cheap, but it can hold its own. Installing the iPad is a breeze, and requires just gentle pressure to stick onto the recessed space. Let's talk about the iPad: It fits all 9.7-inch versions, both the regular, pro and the air version. This was not tested on other 9.7 tablets, as we do not own other brands, so you may want to re-think before purchasing this. You may want to charge the accessory before you jump on in and use it to its full capacity, with the provided USB cable. After, boot up your iPad and go to Settings, click on Bluetooth (make sure it's ON, of course) and have the iPad detect the device. According to ours, it should say ipad.keyboard, and if yours says the same or something similar, go ahead and connect! Like any other laptop, or perhaps we could say netbook (yeah, remember netbooks?), you can type, adjust volume or adjust your tablet's brightness! This thing is extremely cool, and is perfect for those on a budget—those who need to type up projects for work on the go, proper web browsing without using the on-screen keyboard, you name it. It has gotten easier with this accessory. Oh, and yes, it had hold onto your Apple® Pencil. We own the first generation, and find that the band is incredibly tight which makes it hard to put in as it is to get the Pencil out. With that said, you can be sure your Pencil won't come loose! Other than that, the company thought of those who own the Pencil along with the iPad, in the case it's needed.

As for the keyboard, it's also backlit! As far as we know, the backlights don't animate but you can change the colors. To change the colors, press the RGB key on the lowest row, fourth key on the right. From our device, the colors provided are green, red, turquoise, purple, yellow, white, blue. Next to the RGB key, on the left, is a light bulb key which adjusts the brightness of the keyboard backlight. The rest of the keys seem to be self-explanatory.

We did mention "room for improvement." In that case, when closed, the clamshell can't be opened with one hand. Laptops, even the Macbook Air can be opened without requiring two hands to open; This, however, cannot be done in the same way. When opening, yes, you need both hands to properly open the tablet and keyboard. Also, when the clamshell is closed, the pivot 'stem' which allows the tablet to work as a standalone, gets loose and can slide when nudged. If this occurs, it could loosen the firmness of the clamshell, perhaps even break. Because of that, if you're going to stuff this in your backpack, be sure the clamshell doesn't slide when closed to prevent any risk of cracks or even breakage. Adding more to our critique, get used to reminding yourself to turn off the keyboard bluetooth when you're done using your iPad. It's easy to forget, but get in the habit to turn it off to prevent losing battery life.

In a sense, this accessory works exactly like Lenovo's ThinkPad X230t convertible laptop (HP had something similar as well). For those who used to, or currently own, such laptop, does this accessory look familiar in comparison?

Lenovo's ThinkPad X230t convertible laptop
(We feel Lenovo's X series convertible laptops are one of the most solid computers released, and suggest they should revive back the series!)

Although the pros outweigh the cons in our review, it's still an exceptional product. Being a big fan of portable computing—laptops and tablets—you can't go wrong with this, especially if you're a writer on the go, and/or your workspace involves frequent mulitasking. The keyboard is very nice and comfortable to type, as all keys work as they should.

Wherever you shop, Amazon sells a similar item like this under the brand Greenlaw, and as of this writing, has been marked as Amazon's Choice with 2,200+ reviews, rated at 4.5 stars. Some features may be different than the one shown here, but offers the same functionality. Check your iPad generation and model number before fully purchasing.

Highly recommended to fellow iPad users/fans!

(NOTE: We may not be open to answer everyone's concerns and complaints about electronics like these, but if you have any questions or need some help, you are welcome to contact us!)





  • Converts your iPad (Pro) into a laptop.
  • Keyboard connects to iPad via Bluetooth.
  • Comes in several different colors.
  • Also acts as a protective case when converting into "tablet mode."
  • Casing feels a little flimsy.
100% (A+)
Fan Rating
Item Note Kee F180/F360 Tablet Wireless Keyboard
Info --
ISBN / Bar Code number X001YPE52Z / Z0031121J011215D0212SC1216S
Electronics Category Computer / Laptop accessories
User Manual Language(s) English
Number of Keys 78
Port(s) Mini USB
DC-IN 5V=450mA
Working Voltage 3.3V-4.2V
Working Current <3mA
Item / Product Number F180 / F360
Device Release 2017 (????)
Quoted Reviews --
Other RoHS compliant

made in china


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