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Sabrent USB to PS/2 Converter (SBT-CPS2)

There's nothing wrong with going back to old technology. Why? It's more affordable—depending on the item's [working] condition—and it represented a time when computers were a niche product, dsepite it's incredibly high prices that time. However, with this nostalgia craze continuing to rise, alongside the need to own something and being happy, there's no shame in jumping backwards. Since many of the peripherals had a PS/2 connection, like many computer mice and keyboards, it's too much work to try and 'mod' a system to allow such connection. Okay, so why not convert it to USB? Without having to do any kind of 'surgery' with the keyboards'/mouse's wires, something like this converter comes to the rescue. Just plug and play!

This brand by Sabrent looks to be the go-to when it comes to re-using old peripherals on a modern computer system. Just note, not all candy is sweet, or at least sweet enough: This cord feels flimsy and cheap despite the easy-to-open packaging. Looking at what the product says, this is compatible with Windows-based systems. Upon our testing, it works like a charm especially on Windows 10 (untested on Windows 11). On the other hand, we tried testing this on a Mac OS X system and...the cable simply malfunctioned. It did not sense any connection from both the keyboard and mouse, so when we connected it back to a Windows computer, the cable very much rendered useless! That's right: If not treated well, nor used on a Windows strictly, it's very much a "gamble" if used on another computer system. We didn't like that at all.

Those who swear by this product will scold us for trying it out on a Mac computer, yet unaware that cross-platform usage when it comes to computing is common. This website and its production behind the scenes requires more than one system to get the job done around here. The oldest system we have that's still in use is a Windows 3.1 and Windows 98, for our computer game reviews, alongside Mac - Big Sur and Linux. Even though it's a pain to constantly switch from one system to another, we've gotten used to the routine, and thus, to save on costs and reverting back to older tech, cross-platform computing is our mainstay. While the job needs to get done as soon as possible, we need pieces are reliable and that has a low probability of causing any kind of errors in the long run (we treat our machines with care). With this cable, it doesn't seem to fit that bill.

In fact, third-party vendors selling this product on auction websites charge more than $10 a piece. Unless these PS/2 peripherals are in high demand, which we haven't sensed that there is, that's quite an asking price for something of this quality. Since this cable very much doesn't work for us anymore, despite us purchasing two of them, we can only say that this cable "works when it wants to." In addition, unless it's been used on a Windows system originally, don't expect this to work on Mac computers. We tried this on a Linux computer, and much to our surprise, it actually works. For that, we can say that both Windows and Linux work perfectly fine with this cable—Mac users are out of luck.

You're asking, "Kris, why use these old peripherals on a Mac when they were never made for that system anyway?" Once again, cross-platform usage is what we do to get the job done. You wouldn't believe me if I said that I'm writing this review using a video editing keyboard made for a Mac and typing with it on a Windows computer, would you? Nevertheless, because we trial certain things around here, we go with what fits best for our workflow, and given the sloppy combinations of keyboards and computer systems we have currently, it works out of the box. Therefore, we stick with what we have without having to whine about having a huge budget in order to work on something simple, like writing and publishing a review/article on this website. We're often quite humble with our production equipment, but that doesn't mean going cheap. In the case of this cable, we'd like to suggest something else that's more reliable and sturdy. Even though Sabrent has been a brand that's produced some quality products, such as SD cards, this isn't the best one they've made.

If other options are unavailable or sold out, make sure you use this strictly on a Windows or a Linux system. Other than that, you'll be better off with another brand.
(NOTE: We may not be open to answer everyone's concerns and complaints about electronics like these, but if you have any questions or need some help, you are welcome to contact us!)





  • A plug-and-play cable that converts old PS/2 peripherals to USB.
  • Handles both keyboard and mouse plugs into one.
  • Almost always available in stock.
  • Power regulator feels cheap.
  • Not compatible nor operational on Mac systems.
  • Renders unusable if not plugged in and used on a Windows system first (a very stingy piece of equipment).
  • Third-party sellers charge over $10 each.
  • Although not mentioned, this works on Linux systems as well.
  • PS/2 plug isn't as tight and secure, which may cause the keyboard/mouse to act unstable.
65% (D+)
Fan Rating
Brand Name Sabrent

Connecting Differently™
Item USB to PS/2 Converter
Conversor USB a PS/2
USB Vers PS/2 Convertisseur
• Compatible with USB 1.1/2.0
• Supports both UHCI and OHCI specifications
• Converts 2 PS/2 devices
(keyboard & mouse) to 1 USB port
• USB Connector: Type A
• PS/2 Connectors:
(1) Keyboard 6-pin Mini-DIN female (purple)
(2) Mouse 6-pin Mini-DIN female (green)

• USB to PS/2 converter

• Compatible avec USB 1.1/2.0
• Supporte les caractéristiques UHCI et OHCI
• Convertis 2 périphérique PS/2
(clavier et souris) á 1 port USB
• Connecteur d'USB: Type A
• Connecteurs PS/2:
(1) Clavier 6-pin Mini-Din female (violet)
(2) Mouse 6-pin Mini-Din (vert)

• USB vers PS/2 convertisseur

• Compatible con USB 1.1/2.0
• Admite las especificaciones UHCI y OHCI
• Convierte 2 dispositivos PS/2
(Teclado y ratón) a 1 puerto USB
• Conector USB: Tipo A
• Conectores PS/2:
(1) Teclado 6-pin Mini-DIN hembra (púrpura)
(2) Mouse 6-pin Mini-DIN hembra (verde)

• Conversor USB a PS/2

• Compativel com USB 1.1/2.0
• Compativel com especificações UHCI e OHCI
• Converte 2 dispositivos PS/2
(Teclado e Mouse) para 1 porta USB
• Conector USB: Tipo A
• Conectores PS/2:
(1) Teclado 6-pin Mini-DIN fêmea (violeta)
(2) Rato 6-pin Mini-DIN fêmea (verde)

• Conversor USB para PS/2
ISBN / Bar Code number 7 10931 30319 3 / 1 88218 00089 7
Electronics Category Computer / Laptop accessories
Device Release ???
Quoted Reviews --

USB 2.0

Developed by Sabrent in USA




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