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CreateTV Should Launch Their Own Streaming Service

This post and content was in collaboration with SHOWSOTROS per "TV/MOVIES" section.

Growing up with parents who indulged in cooking shows aired on public television, it's almost impossible to avoid the admiration of TV chefs completely. That was until the rapid rise in technology and interest in food, skyrocketing at a fast rate, and a personal interest in Culinary Arts, that made food my stress-free escape. Having lived in Porter Ranch, California from 2011 to 2013, it wasn't until I discovered the CreateTV channel that broadcasted a streamline of cooking shows that was enough to entice my interest, which came alongside video/film production.

Besides the usual, mainstream cooking networks on cable, CreateTV is as exclusive as you can get—a haven for everything...creative. Unless you have Spectrum cable, getting this channel is a tough request to file in your cable lineup (we have AT&T DIRECTV, despite KLCS and Empire Network airing the cooking shows often shown on CreateTV). CreateTV made me a huge fan of Nick Stellino and developed a strong following to the Cook's Country series.

When our relatives, from my mother's side, came over to visit, they noticed my interest in CreateTV and its programs. They joked that I was aiming to become an old woman learning to cook and sew. I'm a male in my early 30s, and perhaps you could say, it's the old soul in me that triggered this fascination (that includes the interest sparked from my parents). Stereotypically, I should be going out, attending concerts and watching MTV, but again, growing up with this form of entertainment in the living room, I never looked back and am as happy as ever.

Because the network isn't widely available nationwide, I feel it's time to get with the times: CreateTV should launch their own streaming service. Okay, this sounds insurmountable being that CreateTV is a subset of the PBS family—already having their shows streamed online. All due respect to the other public TV shows, like Rick Steves and Mickela Mallozzi, I feel at ease seeing the CreateTV label knowing that what I get is everything creative, namely in our case, cooking shows. Personally speaking, CreateTV kept me sane and lifted my chin up during the times Life pushed me down. That being said, it's not only a plethora of amazing public TV entertainment and information, CreateTV is also therapy reminding me that tapping into my creative muscle is a great form of escape to eliminate any trouble you're encountering.

Because we don't have Spectrum Cable anymore, I'm not sure how CreateTV looks nowadays. I mention that because I was able to keep my personal recordings of a lot of the shows on DVD, to which I even included the TV "bumpers" when queuing the next show that's about to start in a minute. This is how it looked back in 2013:

FOODSOTROS, SHOWSOTROS and KC Universal Network does not hold any rights and/or copyrights to the production of this video, and was shown for the purposes of entertainment and information. Credits go out to CreateTV, its affiliates and PBS.

I'd say it's time to make CreateTV available to everyone: Launch a streaming service. As of this writing, Spectrum was in dispute with Tribune which blacked out specific channels. Let's keep the drama out of our viewership by enjoying the convenience of an app that streams all our favorite shows, past and present, canceled and on-going. This ought to garner the streaming audience who are also curious about the programs, the hosts and the content. Again, this idea may render useless knowing that PBS' streaming app provides everything, but this is strictly CreateTV—television for the creative. That's all I want when I navigate through the app.

Once again, yes, we are aware that CreateTV mentioned that due to restrictions of rights, the network is unable to develop their own app (their FAQs can be found here). This is why we published this article to spread the word to encourage the network to push harder. If it was as simple as sending them an email, we would've, instead of yapping about it on this website.

In fact, if this is too much work, how about a "Creative Friday" schedule on all public TV channels? You know, a marathon of nothing but cooking shows every Friday of the week, for the entire year? Not that this idea is to compete against the other channels that air similar programs, but if you want to snatch up some viewership, especially the current critique of fans growing tired of food competition shows, this is a perfect idea to try. Dedicate one day, Friday, Saturday or Sunday, on everything creative, and productions of those shows will see an increase in consistent viewership.

What do you think? Should CreateTV launch their own streaming app/service? What are your favorite shows on CreateTV? Let's talk in the comments section below!


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