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"Emeril Live": Diner Dining

It's nice when parents watch shows you eventually grow an interest to. Having said that, you're looking at the very first cooking show I ever recorded personally: Emeril Live! It couldn't have been a better time, in this case, an episode covering diner food. From Emeril's chalkboard, here's what he listed on the menu for this show:

• Everybody's Favorite Malted Shake
• Kicked Up Tuna Melt
• Cheese Fries
• New Orleans-Style SOS
• Peach Fried Pies

Going down the menu, Emeril clarified that it's turkey melt, but decided to use tuna because he "can't afford turkey tonight." Also, he cleared up SOS which is relatively chipped-beef on toast. Without further ado, it's time to cook!

Emeril starts off with the chocolate malted shake. Ingredients use were ice, chocolate ice cream, expresso coffee, malt powder and chocolate milk. Emeril jokes that you can't find chocolate milk anymore. After blending it all, he serves in a diner-style glass topped with two cherries and lends it to Doc. Taking a sip, Doc approves with a thumbs up!

Back from commercial break, briefly informing about how the diner scene was launched (in 1868 in Rhode Island), Emeril gets right on the tuna melts. Starting off with flaking up whole tuna poached in water and lemon, then later, adds capers, mayonnaise, olive oil, [minced] garlic, sliced hard-boiled eggs and salt and pepper. After mixing it up, Emeril preps the tuna mix having it stacked "in a big heap" on top of the bread—four of them—tops it with a slice of tomato, seasons the tomato with salt and pepper, covers the tomato with two slices of muenster cheese and goes into the oven at 375°.

After a commercial break, Emeril gets in on the awesome cheese fries! Slicing them in circular discs with Ruffles-like ridges then fries in a 350° deep fryer (oil type not specified). Immediately, Emeril picks up the tuna melts from the oven and shows the melted muenster cheese. Grabbing one to sample in finishing the dish, Emeril includes avocado to wrap up the sandwich. By the mild reaction, the audience wasn't thrilled in the addition of the avocado. Anyway, Emeril slices the sandwich in half, places it in a blue plate, slices a whole pickle in a fancy way, includes parsley and some potato chips. Not bad, huh?

Checking in on the fries, Emeril presents the prepped cheese to be topped on the fries later; Yellow cheddar from Vermont; White cheddar from Wisconsin. It's looking good!

Heading over to chipped beef on toast (New Orleans-style SOS), Emeril starts off with a top-round beef. Since the beef needs to be tenderized, Emeril presents a new gadget but prior to that, he reasons out the tedious work in pounding beef (how it's typically done). When it comes to pounding beef, Emeril plays it well....very well, if you know what I mean:

I sure as heck don't have all day. Majority agrees. Priceless reactions from everyone!

Moving on, Emeril introduces a new tool called a jaccard—a meat tenderizer with needles used to puncture in and loosen the meat fibers. Jaccard'ing out the meat, Emeril checks in on the fries and continues to tenderize the pieces of meat.

Getting back from commercial break from Doc and the Emeril Live Band, Emeril continues on with the tenderized beef, drenches them in flour then fries them in olive oil. He also notifies viewers that from that point you can make stroganoff and many other beef-related dish. Meanwhile, almost forgetting, Emeril checks in and takes out the finished cheese fries from the oven. To wrap up the dish, he brings out a red, plastic basket with parchment paper then serves the fries on the paper in the basket—true, authentic diner style. How can you not love this?!

With some kids in the audience, Emeril nicely lends the basket of fries for the kids to dine and share with.

Cooking the beef through the commercial break, and taking the cooked beef out of the frying oil, Emeril added diced bell peppers and onions and frying them in the same oil. For the seasonings, minced garlic, bay leaves, cayenne peppers and worcestershire sauce. A few chuckles adding the worcestershire sauce as Emeril adds a lot saying he wants to "get it all nice and reduced." Mixing it up, he adds beef broth to get a little sauce going on, then adds the cooked beef. Having simmered it for a few hours (2½ hours approximately), covered with the lid. The result? The beef gets "busted up to nothing."

Drool time....

To add to it, Emeril adds his Essence seasoning along with [heavy] whipping cream. Serving the finished beef up, Emeril uses toasted Texas toast, creates a butter-garlic-parsley combo as a spread on the toast. When that toast is finished, the cream, chipped beef goes on top of toast, garnishes it with some Essence and lemons and there you have it!

Last comes the dessert: Peach Pies! Without wasting any time, Emeril makes the filling taking the peaches in a sauce pot, includes sugar, cloves and nutmeg. As for dough, Emeril preps the flour mixture, then adds cinnamon, sugar and some salt. Mixing it up, adding the fat, Emeril suggests shortening instead of butter and also dots of cream cheese. Mixing and mixing, he then ice-cold water to create the dough.

Back from commercial, Emeril cooks up the leftover sugar and syrup from the peaches and continues to cook it, gets corn starch and adds lemon juice as a thickening agent. If not completely dissolved, just add a little more water. When it's all dissolved, Emeril pours it on the hot syrup to thicken the sauce for the filling, then adds back the peaches. Back to the dough, Emeril recommends chilling the dough the day before. After rolling the dough out into a circular disk, about the size of a CD, Emeril adds in the peach filling, folds up the dough, then presses them using a fork giving those empanada-like ridges. Two methods: you can fry them in oil—350° oil, but to chill them in the fridge before frying—or bake them in a 375° oven. Either way works. To wrap up the dish, Emeril serves them in a two-plate setup, gets a scoop of vanilla on top, sprinkles with powdered sugar and a nicely-cut, diner-style Peach Pie!

Oh yes. And that about does it!

I couldn't have asked for a better episode to record first. Thanks Emeril!

(If you also watched this episode, or were a part of the live studio audience, we like to hear from you!)



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