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McIlhenny Co. Tabasco® Pepper Sauce

One of the reigning hot sauces that still permeates the market today, along with the other, more competitive brands. That classic tangy taste with vinegar is guaranteed to brighten your food and tastebuds.

Tabasco. Yeah, remember this sauce—the same sauce that excited many food fans to enter in the universe of mouth-watering spiciness that not many can take, let alone overcome their fears of?

My dear, sweet father introduced me to Tabasco as early as the age of 4 (no joke). Being that young, I'll never forget how tangy it was for me; I relished on the vinegar more than the heat the sauce brought. It took a while to sink in my taste buds but it gave my meals a huge twist, making my daily feast that much more exciting. Of course, parents nowadays—assuming they're all reading this with a closed mind—will call my parents out for being too extreme and overbearing, such that introducing hot sauce to their child—me—at such an early age, should be considered "abuse." People are so obsessed with drama and conflict that that's the only thing they think about, namely with that story I just shared trying this sauce (I've always had a great relationship with my parents anyway, so hot sauce wasn't a choice of theirs to "discipline" me). If it weren't for my father introducing me to this sauce, I wouldn't have become a fan of it. Besides that, a HUGE thanks to both my father and mother, who, too, loved this sauce.

Possibly the best part about Tabasco is it includes three ingredients: distilled vinegar, salt and red peppers. It doesn't contain ingredients that have the -ate suffix, or any chemicals that sound like a foreign language when reading it. The taste? Still kick-y, still tangy and still mouth-watering. Their recipe hasn't changed, which is another great thing about the McIlhennny Company who continue to produce this. The pepper-y taste was always a nice touch, so it's not all tangy and spicy hot to the neutral eater.

I'm sure by this time, many of you hot sauce fans have outgrown your fears and adapted to the levels of heat brought by this and other sauce brands. I thought it'd be fun going back to the sauce that made most of us fans of spicy goodness that compliment our meals/dishes. Due to the overshadowing of other brands, which we won't mention specifically for this review, it's time we all celebrate this hot sauce from the company that has been doing it properly since 1868. Look out for restaurants, diners, possibly even TV chefs, putting this sauce back in the forefront again.

Also, a HUGE thank you to the McIlhenny Company for their Tabasco products! Strongly recommended!





  • The classic tangy, vinegar taste from this sauce is what makes this brand a huge staple in the hot sauce industry. Definitely will brighten and awaken your taste buds and the food you apply it to.
  • None.
100% (A+)
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Brand Name McIlhenny Company
Item Tabasco® Pepper Sauce
Description BOX

From the very beginning (1868, to be exact), we knew TABASCO® Sauce was more than just heat. That's because, unlike other sauces that mask the flavor of food, TABASCO® Original Red blends with every bite - allowing our aged red peppers to amplify each flavor so you taste more of your favorite foods. So whether you shake a little or splash a lot, you're ready to turn ordinary meals into extraordinary ones. Taste the difference TABASCO® can make on pizza, eggs, seafood, salad dressing and more.

Visit TABASCO.COM to purchase any of our pepper sauce Family of Flavors.

SINCE 1868
For well over a century, the adventurous flavor of TABASCO® Sauce has fired up generations of thrill seekers. Its ingredients and unique aging process in white oak barrels keep TABASCO® on the culinary cutting edge. Try it on eggs, pizza, salads and any other food for a burst of flavor that will tantalize your taste buds.
Bar Code number 0 11210 00001 8
Net Weight 2 fl oz (59 mL)
Product Number LOT 112918 (????)
Serving Size 1 tsp (5mL)
Servings per Container 12
Calories 0
Total Fat 0g - 0%
Trans Fat 0g
Sodium 35mg - 1%
Total Carbohydrate 0g - 0%
Protein 0g
Ingredients distilled vinegar, red pepper, salt.
Other BOX



SHAKE some on and...

make your pizza SURPREME

dress up the DRESSING

crack open the FLAVOR

The FDA's Nutrition Facts are based on a 1 teaspoon measure. However, TABASCO® is also used by the drop, according to taste.


TABASCO® is a registered trademark for sauces and other goods and services; TABASCI, the TABASCO bottle design and label designs are the exclusive property of McIlhenny Company, Avery Island, Louisiana, USA 70513

Shake Well

For nutritional information write:
McIlhenny Company
Avery Island, LA 70513

To order a free TABASCO® Country Store Catalogue call 1-800-634-9599


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