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Can I/we use your image(s) for our website/company?

Please contact us for inquiries and use the subject line "Media."

Can I/we send you an item for review?

Yes, we are currently accepting items for review, under the various sections featured on our website. Before sending the item(s) to us, please read our review information, then use our contact form. This availability will change at any time without notice (check back on this page occasionally).

Do you sell any of the items you have reviewed?

Unfortunately, we do not sell any item(s) we have posted for review at the moment. We are currently setting plans to open our own, exclusive online store, but for now, we don't have any reviewed items listed for sale.

Are you open for any collaborations/interviews?

Any media-related collaborations for publications of various sorts, please use the subject line "Media" and contact us.

Any questions, comments or concerns of any sort not mentioned here, email us through our contact page.

[NOTE: This page was published and launched on Apr. 05, 2021. Any updates are subject to change and to be added on this page without notice.]