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Media shared and posted on this website complies within the Fair Use law, and any originals are produced with the sole purpose of entertainment, information and artistic expressions. In no way do we condone any content theft, nor encourage any modification of copywritten content in order to claim it as ours. As for our content, any libel, slander or any de-characterization of some sort were done for the purpose of entertainment—"trolling"—and no damage nor any physical, or mental, attacks were meant to be injected upon. Content provided were done and produced by the said author, and may nor may not reflect the opinions of the network overall.

Any copying of our reviews or content shared on this platform is strictly prohibited. While some of the posts and content were happily inspired by other artists, writers and producers, we kindly ask to cite us as a source featuring any posts we have made here on the network.

For our creative productions, such as videos, photos and podcasts, they, too, comply within the Fair Use laws and any copyright infringement was unintentional. If any of our productions, alongside articles featuring videos, showcase any content you feel isn't negligible, we kindly ask the original creator to reach out to us, and the shared content will get taken down—no negotiations, nor any disputes will be made. This disclaimer is, and will be, posted at the end of any articles featuring copywritten videos; They are posted for the sole purpose of discussions, reviews and point(s) made on the said article(s). Any possible collaboration and/or citing is something we are happy to provide. Any website links promoting the said topic/product mentioned on our pages/platform is a request we will provide. Any sketchy website links, or website addresses with any untrusted re-directing to another source, will not be considered.

We here at KCUN specialize in content creation via writing, artistic visuals such as videos and photos, as well as audio productions like podcasts, and try to abide by any copywritten laws. We are currently a developing company launching our own exclusive platform for the masses to see and participate, if they so chose. We are not affiliated with ANY large social media networks that govern and track any controversial contents, flag for copywritten content, nor take down posts that do not fit within our narratives, points of view, social perspectives etc. All and every posts made and created were done out of our own efforts, time and hard work, without the hiring of any third-party to write and produce the content we share on a frequent basis.

Any question(s), concerns, stolen content or notifying us about any posts we've made, let alone the information we have provided on this page, feel free to contact us. This Media Information page will be updated and/or changed without notice.