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Happy Over Old Tech

An original meme showing off an old VCR and being happy about it!

Honestly, at this point in life, with rising costs of everything, why wouldn't we be happy about seeing and having the opportunity to purchase old tech? The best part about them is they don't track you nor inhibit any warning messages that you're forced to agree upon before the usage of the product, so in this case, you might has well jump for joy over it. We're at that age now.

Another thing about stuff like VCRs is you own it. You don't need to worry about monthly subscriptions just to watch your favorite shows/movies; You can watch anytime and anything.

Now, if only electronics companies can produce a consumer-level HD-VCR...

Image taken: Goodwill
Credit: Kris Caballero
Made and created on October 27, 2022.

TEXT: If game show contestants in the seventies got excited for winning appliances, then it's totally okay for me to be happy buying these.

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