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Holiday Shopping in 2021

An original meme featuring a personal friend of ours shopping at an empty aisle!

Shortages, delayed shipments, inflation, a tanking economy, convoluted rules and restrictions, along with a confusing outlook, all for the sake of celebrating the holidays this year. You're in luck: A personal friend of ours jokingly summed it up on the image above.

Facts: That picture was taken with an old Razor phone I used to have—taking this very picture back in late 2007. That aisle was at Target, as I laughed and told my buddy to act like he's shopping in an empty aisle, which he did. Fast forward fourteen years later, it seemed like we saw the future crack open before our eyes. I think it's eerie when things you thought would never occur, actually does, good or bad. Maybe those who can foresee the future shouldn't be ignored, but then again, that also doesn't mean they'll be right either. Wow, man...

Shout out to our personal friend, Dwight for this picture!

Credit: Kris Caballero
Made and created on November 08, 2021.

TEXT: Holiday Shopping in 2021 be like:

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