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How Food Network Judges judge

An original meme featuring the atrocious and hypocritical judging from Food Network Judges. Cancel 'Chopped!'

Isn't nice how food competition shows like Chopped feature judges that sound and act like tough critics, but turn into "Little Mary Sunshine" when a contestant is eliminated, WHILE denying that it wasn't their decision that caused the elimination? Maybe if the judges stop pestering and bullying the contestants out of blatant jealousy/envy, let alone spur any biased critiques, perhaps we'd have ourselves a legitimate show.

Legitimate? I found this:
We're sure producers will contact Google to hide that search result.

Damn, perhaps fans ought to let both Linda Lea and Vivian Sorenson, executive producers of the show, know that they're doing a good job. We wouldn't want people to know that a [rigged] show that hires judges with huge egos, get in the way of criticizing chefs with skills and experiences far more impressive than any Food Network TV host. (This is likely why one of the most disliked Food Network personalities, Maneet Chuhan and Amanda Frietag are still on TV.)

When it comes to Food Network judges, I learned something about them: They can't spell "judgemental" without "mental." Way to shatter these contestants' dreams and abilities, judges. Easy to criticize others when you're not the one doing it, but harder to accept criticism if you were the actual contestant, right?!

Further Reading: "Reasons to Suggest the show 'Chopped' is Fake" - TVOvermind

Credit: Kris Caballero
Made and created on August 20, 2020.

TEXT: Food Network Judges During Judging Process: "We thought your dish was too salty. I don't know how you became a restaurant owner/executive chef. You had enough time, and you didn't know what you were doing. You'll never have a future in the culinary world. Your attitude doesn't belong here. You absolutely have no talent in cooking."

Food Network Judges After Judging Process: You are truly a talented chef. We believe you have a bright future in the culinary world. We know your restaurants will thrive in years to come. If it were up to us, we'd have you stay to win the prize. We wish you the best because you're a nice chef. It was not our decision to have you eliminated.

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