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Karen The Hypocrite

An original meme making fun of a dumb comment from a 'Karen' complaining about a food product we reviewed yet not needing our approval. Presumes she was raised right--an attempt to justify their nasty, insecure attitude. Now THAT'S a laugh.

'Karen' alert! Fellow Memesters, you're going to love this. We received this comment in response our food review of Cayley's Kitchen posted back in 2021. If you or anyone you know works for Cayley's Kitchen, forward this page, or this meme, over to them. We'll handle this rotten customer/fan for you. Let's begin:

They said, "I was raised correctly. Apparently your mama didn't raise you right." Very hypocritical because you're saying your snotty attitude is an example of what a role model should be, yet slander us, and the Cayley's Kitchen brand, of not being "raised right." As they say, a person who's nice to others, but not to you, isn't a nice person. You failed having said you were "raised correctly" because clearly you weren't.

Also, why do people need to make attacks toward Mothers? Don't women deal with enough? This must mean men are exempt from insults, but would that mean Fathers aren't capable of "raising correctly?" Very sexist of you, 'Karen.' We're not even halfway through your comment, and you have failed twice.

Next is your opinion of the product, which very much is a low-cost variant of Hamburger Helper—a one-pot meal that only requires ground beef. Nowhere did the recipe state that the finished product was going to end up like lasagna—a layered dish that requires ricotta cheese, basil, premade or scratch-made lasagna, tomato sauce etc. This product is an instant meal, in contrast to having Top Ramen. Cool, then you say it tastes so gross that even maggots wouldn't eat it. Do you know how to read? It's spelled maggot, not "magit." Even having internet access never improved your spelling, let alone your comprehension. See that? Heck, not even autocorrect wanted to deal with you!

You then "pray for the cruel death of all liars." Still angry after the election results we've had since 2016? You likely never saw the movie Liar Liar starring Jim Carrey. Once again, 'Karen,' I find your statement to be hypocritical. You claim we weren't "raised right," yet your toxic attitude is an example of perfect behavior, correct? By definition, you just lied to us. Put two and two together and based on your statement, you just wished death on yourself. Apparently you were "raised right," but not well enough to think before you speak. We're still laughing here, 'Karen,' not once has your insecurities and parent-less behavior brought us down.

"Broken glass shoved up our ass" is a cute threat you made. Have you heard of "The Legend of Jar Man?" A very astute choice of insult, as I believe it's one of those internet shock videos you must actually like. Otherwise, what else comes to your mind? Self-respect doesn't seem to be one of them.

"Our congregation has become proactive in verbal criticism of liars and 'cheats.'" You sound like someone who accuses others of "misinformation" when they've slammed your rebuttals/arguments with facts and truth; You also sound like those people whining about how "oppressed" you are when not wanting to admit being wrong. If you're serious about criticizing "cheats," then you ought to work in casino surveillance. I suppose you're familiar with gamblers cheating in casinos? If so, have you heard of the "fish hook" and the "death grip?" If not, then this "congregation" you speak of isn't something to be taken seriously. You say "congregation" as a means to have other people back you up in the moment you get smacked with your own medicine. That must mean you can't fight the battles you instigate, as you're just another coward. You are no one to fear, 'Karen.'

Prayers of our bodies being ripped, peeled and burned from our bodies, huh? How sweet of you to be "raised right," when Respect also wasn't part of your upbringing. You must have a huge fascination with serial killers, and because of your violent comment and "daily prayers," are you one? It's only a matter time intelligence agencies, local and state authorities contact us for your information and location to prevent a potential criminal on the loose—you, that is. You're probably clapping your hands everytime you read a sentence here exposing your ill mind, perhaps even laughing now that your comment prompted us to make a meme out of it which we're sure you've been waiting for. Then again, you wished death on yourself, so...

Lastly, they end their complaint responding back by saying "I don't need your approval." You don't take compliments well it seems which is a sign of insecurity. Granted, if you hate yourself, it's not our fault, not the Cayley's Kitchen brand's fault, nor is it Ye West, LeBron James, our current president, not even world leaders combined. No, it's your fault. These people accuse others of their unhappiness which leaves us to do the disciplining because their parent(s)/guardian(s) didn't want to tolerate them anymore. (Shout out to all police officers for stepping in and doing this, while punishing these people accordingly.) Strangly enough, we need people like this to remind us on who we shouldn't be and how lucky many of us are. Granted, this was the life you chose before you were born, 'Karen,' think about that...if you know how to.

Nice usage of the Lucifer name. According to historians, Lucifer is another name for Venus—the planet Women came from. I see, you must hate women since you started with an accusation of our moms not raising us right. You were never loved as a child, were you? Does creating conflict with others make you secure, then when caught or shamed for such actions, you make the claim that it's a prank/joke, right? It's like one of those people who attend citywide/nationwide demonstrations without knowing exactly what other people are actually protesting for or against.

Calling us evil, when you've mentioned some cruel intentions against us, all of which are EVIL IN IT OF ITSELF. You must enjoy being a hypocrite, eh?

Man, this is the best comedy we've had in years. I'm sure SiriusXM would like to offer you your own radio channel. Speaking of opportunities, be sure to add this post you made on your resumé. It'll be great for business owners to hire and pay someone with so much self-hatred, that they lay their burden(s) out on others and accuse them of being jerks. If you happen to have a job currently, we'll forward this to your bosses in the moment they feel it's time to reward those who remain loyal to the company's image. They'll love this!

Nice try, 'Karen.' Your blood pressure must be quite low to send such comment. For that, get angry and stay angry. You are what no one wants to be.

Remember: It's hard to apologize when you're wrong!

Try approving that.

Source: Screenshot taken by Kris Caballero
Credit: KC Universal Network
Made and created on November 15, 2023.

TEXT: Karen posts angry comment about how we weren't "raised right." Presumes their attitude is an epitome of being "raised correctly" without anyone's approval.

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