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Meat Matters

An original meme trolling the protestor protesting against meat at the Nathan's Famous Hot Dog eating contest!

One week ago, it was the Nathan's Famous Hot Dog eating contest; One year ago, a protestor crashed the contest trying to protest the event because of Nathan's manufacturer, much like how those Just Stop Oil protestors crash and hold up traffic. The man didn't stand for long as he was in a choke-hold and taken down.

There's always one apple that spoils the rest. As fans of Major League Eating/International Federation of Competitive Eating, it's annoying when the parties they hold get crashed. By today's standards, it's basically a competitive "mukbang," if you will. Even fans on YouTube were annoyed by the happening, to which Joey Chestnut admitted this year that he was flustered about what happened last year.

For the sake of all MLE fans, it's time we fought back with good ol' trolling via memes, so here you go. As the great Charles Barkley once said, "I don't trust vegetarians!" Certainly, especially men who swear meat is bad for you: You preach meat is bad for consumption yet hoping to impress women with your own. Ha! Enjoy eating bugs, protestors.

Image: Essentially Sports - Source
Credit: Kris Caballero
Made and created on July 08, 2023.

TEXT: Protested against meat, while hoping to impress hotties with his own:

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