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Official Facebook/Instagram Accounts Deleted

Notified via the Headlines atop the website, the network announced its deletion of social media accounts managed and created on Facebook and Instagram. While notifying followers on other methods of contact, namely our website email and on Twitter, the decision to cut ties and cease operative usage on the Facebook-laden giants have come to a close. This report provides a thorough reason as to why the decision has been made from founder Kris Caballero:

"So far, this year, it was the toughest decision I had to make. We had a substantial amount of followers on Facebook and an okay-amount on Instagram. Reason for the deletion is semi-personal: Due to the lack of civility among fellow colleagues and acquaintances. Such misbehavior took a lot of attention out of me, as attacks left and right were spread all throughout, even toward folks like myself who remained transparent and silent. The current situation and events has triggered many people into becoming someone they aren't, and that took a HUGE toll on my connection with them and myself as an individual. Given that this rotten behavior was not the result from those who dislike our work here at KCUN, nor were they from 'haters' of this website, but from those I know and have worked with personally. This is something I refuse to tolerate, and despite the goings-on in the outside world, shouldn't justify such actions and reactions from those who were absolutely disgusted by the happenings. I keep my business to myself, and I never force anyone to like or dislike the things I do and share; I also don't bother anyone regardless of their life choices and/or behavior that may or may not be appropriate in the long run. After that realization, I made a quiet yet tough decision to delete ALL accounts, both business-related and personal, and staying off the platform. I, myself, and the network will not re-use the platform in the future whatsoever. All that happened since June took a massive hit on me, and I will not seek any kind of involvement with such people ever again. It's a shame that my choice to leave the platforms came from people I [used to] know, not from those who are fans of this website nor from those who are extremely critical of our website.

On the bright side, we have been working on bringing serious focus to the natural sciences and computers. We will open a fresh, new section where learners and students of various sciences, that we've selected to cover and discuss, can participate, read and consider for their schooling and/or for their own research and studies. As someone who's learning and grasping everything related to Quantum Computing, I'm excited to share my knowledge and teach everything that I've acquired so far in tech world and the sciences. I feel it will be a great addition to our website, complimenting my change of career."

Kris himself and the entire network sends their apologies to those still using the platforms to follow updates and new posts as a current method to keep up with our work. The network will not consider any kind of offer or entertain any trades thereof to re-use the said platforms in the future, near and far. The result from such behaviors from Caballero's circle brought an unprecedented exposure to the disgusted true colors of those he was thinking of collaborating with on a future project. Despite those reasons, with the exception of keeping Twitter, the founder feels it's a time to move on and concentrate on the website's development completely, avoiding any unwarranted slander from folks he used to know.

This article has been written and posted on Oct 19, 2020


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