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Momentum Brands: Cactus Pen

Gel pens we hope to see more in offices and schools!

We love this pen. Sure, it looks cute and different from an average pen, but its design make it so that you're able to write comfortably feeling well balanced when held. In addition, it reminds me of my admiration for the desertous, yet rural areas which I find so peaceful and a place for my mind to wander free (I've lived in the city all my life). Plus, it writes well, so what's there to dislike?

Available at dollar stores, even though they're all not technically priced at one dollar anymore thanks to inflation, this is a set of two pens you can't miss. Packaged in its infamous blue cardboard paper, and getting two pens for the price of one, you're looking at a quick and easy deal—perfect for the home, office and/or school. The pens are fine tip, not medium, so even though it includes a cap to prevent from rapid drying, this is something to note prior to purchase (resembling that of a fountain pen). We don't have a personal preference but we much like medium point pens (it writes smoother on paper). There's an audience who love, and even swear by, fine point pens so we're certain this will appeal to a lot of users, be it writers, students, office workers, and also those who practice calligraphy. The top area of the pen isn't too heavy and maintains a balance for the writer, so much so that won't feel like it'll tip over when picked up. All in all, despite the simple and fun design, it's also very comfortable to write with for all kinds of users, be it casual or professional.

We're proud to have this first review of a pen that's cool and fun to open up this brand new section here on KCU Network. We didn't think it would be possible, but here we are, and having this pen become the one to represent our grand opening makes us giddy with joy. Sure, we love technology and electronics but those wouldn't have been possible without the beauty of office supplies that helped get us here. As a matter of fact, thanks to the love and demand of older electronics and older forms of doing things in the name of privacy and cost-effective work and entertainment, we're certain that good ol' pen/pencil and papers will become a huge staple again without resorting to expensive smart devices that won't age well in the coming years (physical pens and papers all have a longer shelf life). Oh, and pens and papers don't track what you're doing, don't emit harmful radiation like Bluetooth, nor will it require constant charging in order for it to be useable.

There's a bottom-less list of office supplies to go over and review, so stick with us checking back every now and then. We're sure we'll find something that you'll like!

Do yourself a favor, save money and check these pens out! Thank you to Momentum Brands for this fun design!





  • Fine-tipped for a fine design!
  • Fun for the home, office and/or school.
  • Very inexpensive and is available at dollar stores.
  • Includes a cap to prevent the tip from drying.
  • None.
100% (A+)
Fan Rating
Brand Momentum Brands
Item(s) Cactus Pens (2 PCS)
Description --
Barcode number 0 18068 13952 5
Item number 816828
Pen Dimensions Width: 1.25″ (1 ¼″)
Height: 6.0″
Depth: 0.38″
Pen Design ???
Release date ???
Ink Color Black
Pen Type Gel
Quoted Reviews --
Other Recommended for ages 3+
CHOKING HAZARD- Small parts.
Note for children under 3yrs.

Distributed By:
Momentum Brands Commerce, CA 90023
Made in China


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