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Momentum Brands: Acrylic Note Board

A sleek and simple note board which was bought and purchased at The 99 Store before they officially announced going out of business.

Organization is key, and there's no better way than to have some sort of "to-do" list. In that case, this simple note board imported by Momentum Brands should fit the bill. Given this is available and sold at The 99 Store, it definitely won't break the bank. It may not look like much, but hey, less is more, right? Suffice to say, this was actually the last item we bought at The 99 Store before they made the announcement going out of business. For that, here's to you, 99 Store!

The note board measures about 5½ inches tall and roughly 6½ wide. The second piece happens to be a platform installed through the back which acts as both a stand for the note board and a holder for your cell phone. It does two things at once! That means, you can place your cell phone while being able to read and check-off your 'to do' list. We also own an Apple® iPad (2018) and sadly, it's too heavy for this holder. Nevertheless, no matter what, at least you'd know where your phone is.

As for the note board itself, it's covered with a thin plastic sheet and must be removed before use. The choice of pen or marker is dry erase, and having written on this, the best one to use is fine tip. We tested it with our marker, and it's hard to read with a medium-tipped marker, so we would suggest a finer tip. For the space provided, some may find this enough while those may think the space provided with the checkboxes are too narrow. Any way you look at it with the space provided, you may want to summarize/compress your lists with one or two words depending on your handwriting. For us, it's good enough—not too much and not too little, though it could be better. We didn't test and try writing with a permanent marker and for good reason. Stick with dry erase markers using a dark color, please.

On the board, you'll notice that there are two slots where you can attach the stand. I'm guessing this gives the user two different options to lay the stand, but that's all I can think of. I usually attach the stand on the left side for my phone to stay so it's not blocking the list I wrote down. Then again, use it to your liking.

Judging from the images, this comes in two flavors: One that says "to do list," and the other says "top priority." We purchased both for the sake of this review, and also because we intend to use both—one for daily tasks and the other for more longform reminders like paying bills, making travel plans and so forth. Again, use it to your liking.

Because this is hard plastic, plexiglass-like, it did not mention if this plastic is acidic, BPA free, etc. Something to be mindful of if you're sensitive to certain plastics.

Overall, not a bad product. Makes for a great desk piece, be it home, office, home office or school. Yes, it's transparent but visually, it should catch your eyes in case your attention is somewhere else. It's a simple desk piece and a great item to have. It's not perfect, but it works!

Highly recommended!





  • Only $1!
  • Reuseable.
  • Doesn't take up too much space on your desk.
  • Stand also acts as a holder for your cell phone.
  • Comes in two versions: "to do list" and "top priority."
  • Second slot for the stand may confuse some people.
  • Space provided for the list may not be adequate enough.
95% (A)
Fan Rating
Brand Momentum Brands
Item(s) Acrylic Note Board
Description Phone Stand & Dry Erase Board
Barcode number 0 18068 22610 2
Item number 2310 / 40-858607
Note Board Dimensions Width: 1.25″ (1 ¼″)
Height: 6.0″
Depth: 0.38″
Note Board Design ???
Release date ???
Color Transparent (white text)
Quoted Reviews --
Other AGE 3+
Only at the 99
CHOKING HAZARD: Small parts.
Not for children under 3 years.

Please remove the
protective film before use.

Imported By:
Momentum Brands
Commerce, CA 90023
Made in China


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