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AT&T SHAPE (2019)

Back to my old stomping grounds: it's the AT&T SHAPE event taken place at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, CA. Ah, memories....

Two things: 5G Technology and Virtual Reality. Get used to those because AT&T is currently pushing these new features as fast as possible. Despite the unhealthy effects from the 5G towers, which are slowly making its way as this is being written, it seems consumers are drooling for faster information processing and transferring in the near future. As for virtual reality, I'm a huge fan. That's all I have to say about that.

Upon exploring various booths displaying new tech, I ran into my coworker, and amazing friend, Zenana, and we both did some exploring in the second half of the afternoon. We stopped by HTC and played VR baseball. Yes, it's a different experience using the video game controllers compared to physically swinging the bat to aim for home runs—VERY different experience. The gentlemen at HTC were kind and generous, as we thanked them for sampling the VR game.

After that, my [former] coworker and I decided to take the condensed studio tour. The odd thing was our tour guide never introduced himself, as he just asked if we're ready and that was it. When it comes to WB studio tours, choosing a tour guide isn't an option. From my personal experience, if you're ever lucky enough to time your visits and choose your tour guide, I strongly recommend having your tour with Cole McCormick. If you must, try asking for them. (I can't speak for other tour guides whom I've never taken the tour with, but keep an open mind in order to maximize your experience at Warner Bros.)

The worst part of this AT&T SHAPE event was the bald man at the LG booth never attended to us, when we wanted to sample the motion-sensored phone they had. Very disappointing. Yeah, because apparently I'm not an attractive teenage girl with 3-inch long, plastic acrylic nails. Thanks, LG; Life certainly is good.

The folks at HTC, NOKIA, Google, nVidia, hack-a-thon and Intel were kind and gracious. LG, however....

Besides all that, it's annual event many folks will enjoy learning about tech and its role in the film industry. Ever since AT&T purchased Time Warner, these events happen in June on Saturdays and Sundays. I call it their own version of CES, NAB, Comic Con, E3, sort of thing. You learn a lot, enjoy the sights and surroundings, as well as free giveaways along with networking opportunities!

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