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Monday Night Football: Kansas City Chiefs vs. Los Angeles Rams (taken November 19, 2018)

Talk about a first-time attendance: This marks as my very first professional football game I ever attended. Thanks to a close friend, it was a last-minute decision as I was eager to check it out. (What you just read was something I never thought I'd ever say.)

Taken place at the LA Memorial Coliseum, it was a thrilling experience. Supposedly, Los Angeles, during this time of writing, is slowly recovering from fires (allegedly due to Direct Energy Weapons) and a mass shooting taken place at Thousand Oaks. Going into the winter season, you'd think the city has had enough pain to endure through. This must mean it'd make sense for the LA Rams won the game, right?

Regardless, the turnout was enormous for a Monday night. After a quick walk through the food stops, I couldn't stop staring at the place selling delicious, mouth-watering eloté, which, oddly enough, had no line! People were stopping to line up for chicken tenders and cheeseburgers. What's wrong with eloté?

Anyway, despite my mixed-to-low opinions about the NFL and the goings-on about their own members making a stance against political inequality, it's a fair say that they're slowly slipping in to winning their fans back. Some may say that's giving too much hope, that I'm "unaware" of where the real fans stand, that I say such thing because I'm from Los Angeles, that I'm not "American" enough to make such remark, or that I'm an advocate of political mistreatment against the oppressed. Believe me, being a pro basketball fan, I understood the wretched management that the NFL has tried to clean up and how awful a job they do at it. Business-wise, NFL executives and past commissioners have done an atrocious job making the sport attractive to international markets and sports fans (saying so in comparison to baseball, for example). While things have not gotten better for the NFL, they're still in business despite the scars they've inflicted to fans, their own players and their families and even themselves. (While I could easily make the remark sticking with my already sour thoughts on the league, I'm being honest and attending this game has proved to me that they're trying extremely hard to make amends again. That's OKAY for an industry to do.)

Fun fact: I actually applied to be a website manager for the LA Rams the same year they officially moved to Los Angeles. I didn't get the job, but it's okay.

All in all, an American football game is one to experience. However, I'll say one last thing: If you were one of those who attended the game to have your experience ruined by grown men fighting in the stands, we like to apologize you had to go through that. If you want to know, I wrote an entire article about fan fights via the SPORTSSOTROS section, dedicated to all sports talk.

I want to personally thank the entire Rams' organization, and the National Football League! (By the way, if you still have my resumé I sent years ago applying for that job I was interested in, I kindly ask that you please delete it off your database.)




Oh that's super cool!

More tailgaters!

One of the Rams cheerleaders walking by. Gorgeous!

Ram mascot!

THE Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum!

ESPN LA 710AM stage.

Stella Artois: Courtesy of Joe for the drink!

Fans were screaming in happiness to the TV camera aired live on ESPN!

'Welcome to the Los Angeles Rams Fan Fest'!

The entrance at the field!

The Rams team logo at the center!








The projection screen.


Stage set for the halftime show.


Beautiful sunset over yonder.


Prepping for the National Anthem.




Kansas City Chiefs making their way out. I know.

The Chainsmokers—the band performing at the halftime show!

Look at that turnout! Sold out crowd!

Beautiful lights.

Comingn out of a timeout.

Me at the Rams' headquarter offices at Agoura Hills. Picture taken back in July 5, 2017, courtesy of my girlfriend.


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