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Privacy Policy / Terms of Use

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Privacy Policy

(Composed in early 2020. Revised/Updated in July 01, 2021. Re-edited Terms of Use in December 11, 2021)

You, as a user, viewer, reader and/or commenter, can freely watch, view and comment on any such content brought by this website. All must note that any copying, distributing and/or duplicating without full permission will be found and legal action will be taken. Any comments posted on videos, albums, reviews and/or anything shared on this website will be read and are all monitored by the author(s). Comments containing attacks toward the author and/or anyone else will be removed and banned from using, and viewing, the website. Such misconducts to slander, impersonate, provide false information, posting [fake] threats, sexual threats, hateful comments toward a particular race/nationality/group/minority, character defamation, stalking and/or harassing the host and/or other users in general, posting personal information of anyone without explicit content, attempting to collect and/or share personal data, sharing content that may cause viruses and/or malware in an act to attack and to spam the service and/or other online users and unauthorized junk messages, chain mail, pyramid schemes, advertising or any other solicitation, will not be tolerated and will not be welcome. If possible, such actions will reported to authorities, ISPs and other central agencies, ensuring the offender will be completely banned from the internet, as well as revoking ownership of any computational/tech device.

Note that any user posting on kcuniversal.net does not reflect opinions, thoughts, critiques and/or otherwise from the founder, nor does it represent/reflect any such philosophical claims that this website's purpose was intended for. Recount that any users posts and/or emails sent to the network goes directly to the author/founder and will not be shared nor disclosed to any other third party advertiser and/or website. Visitation is always tracked and any user violating our service in any way will be taken in to consideration and back traced.

If you're an advertiser, note that any requests for user information/behaviors/activities will not be taken into consideration. With respects to our fans' and users' enjoyment of our website, we want to ensure that they are welcome to come in and embrace the content we have happily provided using our hard-earned income as well as natural talents honed to share such creation(s). Infringing on our users' activities on this website is a zero tolerance policy here on our network, as well as including any monetary compensation along with it. Information, statistics, ad revenue and users' emails, with respect to public comments posted on any of our pages, are strictly between us and the said party. Any reason(s) to "sniff" such personal/private exchanges, along with our website's statistics and business structure, will be completely ignored without warning. We humbly respect and protect our users' privacy, as we ask for advertisers and third-party companies to do the same.

Please report any of the violations of the policies stated above by clicking here.