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All VHS, DVD, video game, computer game, food, books and/or various other entertainment [mediums] distributed otherwise are under fair use and is reviewed for informational, reference, pleasure and purchase guides. Note that any review is solely by the network company owner's thoughts, including various writers hired previously or currently, and is/are not affiliated with any third party nor is affiliated with any financial compensation provided to post such review(s). Any criticism is based on the content from which it was distributed to the open public for personal viewing and purchase, as any harsh, slander, belittlement, defamation and/or ad hominem attacks written in the reviews are unintentional and never was intended.

Reviews here on KC Universal Network have all been written personally and intended as such mentioned previously, and in regards to comply with linguistic aesthetics. Being an entertainment company providing reviews to an open audience, ALL content reviewed have been posted personally for the very sole purpose of reviewing, unless otherwise stated. Profile information have been researched giving the most accurate dates and personal pictures showing the item in every angle as best as possible. Credits are added to give leeway to those who worked on the project and a searchable option, should anyone doing research via search engine websites. Any requests to review any content distributed will be considered but will not guarantee an immediate review. While suggestions are open for consideration, in no way have reviews been posted for monetary reasons. In addition, KCU Network will not accept any review request paired with monetary compensation, whatsoever. Any pictures shared and any part of our reviews plagiarized, or quoted without crediting the writer, will be asked to be removed or legal action will be considered.

[UPDATED: 03-21-2021]

Alongside the information written and previously mentioned above, KCU Network has been reviewing items of specific interest since its very first post back in July 16, 2012. Undergoing rigorous obstacles throughout the years, the website has since then expanded featuring what it is today. Due to the expansion, addition of a grading scheme has been integrated to fully summarize our full, hands-on review of the mentioned product. Pairing with our overall grade is the "PLUSES and MINUSES," compressing all that's been written and said about the product. The reviews are written in its entirety, and personally, out of our own time, analyzing and experience. Items reviewed were mainly purchased out of pockets and/or mailed to us. As mentioned previously, in no way, shape or form, do we accept compensation (paid) of a product review of any kind. Our reviews are done wholly under the guise of a brisk yet honest fashion, without itching toward an "artificial" voice that, may be, in this respect, advertising. Whether our style of reviews is enough to collaborate with businesses looking to push out a product for release to the open public, or if it somehow changes the partnership of the said connection, rests solely on the company's decision. We are not looking to curve our ratings to "save face," to obtain invitatons to an event nor receive a free item, if a company dislikes our take on their product(s). Note that any review, good or bad, is still "free" promotion despite our take, in comparison to other reviewers' comments. Critiques are said and written in the best way possible, without any ad hominem attacks, and must be mentioned if, 1) it doesn't comply within the satifactory standards of our needs, both practically and personally, and, 2) if any defective flaw, or taste, was sought, tried or detected during our evaluation and must be mentioned as such. We, as a company, feel there's a fine line between an honest review versus a negative review, and we walk toward the side of the former. As for item(s) sent to us for review, they, too, follow the same guidelines as the ones we purchased, and no monetary exchange 'under the rug' was ever done in trade for a good review.

As per our review grades, our ratings are as follows:

100% = A+
95% = A
90% = A-
85% = B
80% = B-
75% = C
70% = C-
65% = D
60% = D-
55% = F
50-0% = F-

Our evaulation focuses on four parts of the product, be it food or electronics, from the quality of the product to its cost. Those scores are of a possible 5/5 (100%). The following shows an example:

Quality: 4/5
Useability: 5/5
Features: 3/5
Cost: 4/5

Such fractions are converted into percentage. Thus, the example above, from top to bottom, are: 80%, 100%, 60% and 80%.

Those percentages are then converted into decimals, then added up to acquire the total sum. For the example above, the areas of examinations equal to 3.2 (0.8 + 1.0 + 0.6 + 0.8).

We then divide the sum to the number of parts done in the evaluation to secure our overall rating score. Being that our reviews have 4 sections in our analysis, we divide 3.2 to 4, and our final rating of the product is 0.8, or 80% (B-).

We are open to suggestions and courteous mailing of product(s) for reviews, as they will be evaluated in our normal fashion as written above. Due to the massive workload, and queue of reviews, articles and any media productions scheduled thereof, there may be a delay in evaluating and posting a review of any item(s) sent to us. On behalf of the entire network, we personally thank those who have sent their item(s) for review.

Any question(s), concerns or more information on our review operations, feel free to contact us. This Review Information page will be updated and/or changed without notice.