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Terms of Use/Service
Enterprised by KC Universal™, we openly showcase independent writing, video production, podcasting, photography and reviews as a means for reference, pure entertainment and/or guides for purchase. All individual work has been done as a "service" contrasting with the founder's passion for the arts in which such website was originally launched. Because user and audience participation has been provided in complying with such service, viewers/readers must obey the rules and service terms regardless of any changes/updates in the terms noted in the website's information. Any disagreements with the usage terms and service whatsoever will not be given the time and/or day to "curve" in such way that satisfies the disappointed user, therefore must simply stop using the service, no questions asked.

In respects to our fans'/readers' privacy, KCUN has painstakingly installed a fresh, new commenting system that's lightweight and faster loading. ALL comments posted will meet with personal approval, by a real human being, and are being read and screened before finally sharing for others to read and participate in the discussion. Our plea to remain on topic and keep professional is a simple request for fans to say what they want to say, be it compliments, opinions or critiques. In no way will any tolerance be exercised in response to comments that veer on the side of ad hominem attacks, false accusations, threats of any kind nor leaking information that may otherwise be sensitive, private or bound by way of law-breaking. Started from a portfolio website and the choice to expand into a full-on copyrighting conjecture, filled with years of programming practices, website management, business opportunities and graphical presentations, this network website remains open and free for everyone in the world with an internet access without the requirement of creating an account and without a subscription fee. While the company and its employee(s) don't ask for much, we feel the need to place some ground rules and reminder to keep within one's limits when participating in the discussion on our reviews, articles, blog posts, media production and/or any other posting shared on this website. Depending on the content of the comment(s), we reserve the right to disapprove and/or delete any comment that does not abide by our terms of use, along with banning any user(s) that looks to break in and disrupt our services here. Any tampering of any sort, regardless of the disappointed user's intent, may escalate to authorities reporting the incident pushing toward legal action. All in all, don't ruin this platform for us and everyone else. Nevertheless, in abidance with these rules, we welcome anything you have to say in response to our pieces that have been published since July 2012.

Any user, fan, reader or those in the media wanting to use any of the snippets we've shared on our website, should happily contact us for discussion. Depending on your project, we kindly ask to link back and reference us if your piece(s).

Please report any of the violations of the policies stated above by clicking here.