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Bananas In Pajamas: "Rain Rain, Go Away"

A simple children's book that teaches about not believing everything you see.

Children's books are fascinating since their stories, as simple as they're told, contain messages that adults can even apply for themselves yet do not! That's not to imply that adults should read kids books but they, too, can get a kick out of it. This out of print book showcases just that, based on the classic TV show of the same title, Bananas In Pajamas.

The story goes with B1 and B2 borrowing a hose from Rat in the Hat only to have some fun with it, having seeing The Teddies going out. The Bananas thought it was funny to use the hose to stop the Teddies from leaving only for the bears to think that it was raining. The Bananas did this every chance they get. We'll leave the ending for you to find out.

As a matter of fact, this very book goes for $90 due to how rare this is. While this series hasn't been remade nor reproduced, this harkens the time on how fun kids books used to be (given this was the series I grew up with). The characters are also likeable: The Rat, The Bananas and the Teddies. These six folks are guaranteed to make you kid(s) smile, let alone the story in this book. If you want to go deeper with it, this story is basically telling kids to not believe everything you see or witness. There's always a reason for everything, then again, some things are beyond our control. Nevertheless, it's always best to reason and question things you see and/or hear. Kids will learn that there is and are intelligent conversations about it, that's where we encourage you, the parent(s)/guardian(s), to chime in and tell them about it. Provide them the knowledge and tools necessary, all thanks to good and happy books like these.

We miss this series a lot and hope that it gets a second chance to give youngsters an opportunity to enjoy this. No fluff, no drama, no controversy, just plain fun for children.

Highly recommended! Thank you, Golden Books®!





  • Fun children's book based on a popular kids show in the nineties.
  • Story involves a fun "trick" played by the Bananas.
  • Rare and out of print.
  • None.
100% (A+)
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Title Bananas in Pajamas: "Rain Rain, Go Away"
Author(s) Margo Lundell
Description First Little Golden Books®

are perfect for young children. They have engaging read-aloud texts and lively original illustrations that your child will want to look at again and again, and their subject matter comes from the small child's own world. Best of all, First Little Golden Books are just the right size for a toddler to hold.

Written and illustrated by some of today's most creative author's and artists, First Little Golden Books provide the ideal stepping-stones in the world of Little Golden Books®. They will be a treasured part of your child's library for years to come.
Dedication --
ISBN 0-307-98748-5
Book Dimensions Width: 5.5″ (5 ½″)
Height: 5.88″ (5 7/8″)
Depth: 0.19″ (3/16;″)
Page Count 24
Contents --
Author Photograph --
Illustrated by Peter Townsend
Published September 4, 1997
Publisher Little Golden Books
Manufactured in United States of America
Copyright Copyright © Australian Broadcasting Corporation 1997. All rights reserved. Printed in the U.S.A. No part of this book may be reproduced or copied in any form without written permission from the copyright holder. All other trademarks are the property of Golden Books Publishing Company, Inc.
Book Format Hardcover
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Other A Golden Book • New York

Golden Books Publishing Company, Inc., Racine, Wisconsin 53404

Bananas In Pajamas™

A MCMXCVII First Edition 1997
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Catalog Card Number 96-79612
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