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"Game Boy World 1989 XL Edition" by Jeremy Parish

A fan's must-have for all things Game Boy, its history and a sample of its amazing library.

This review was done in collaboration with VIDEOGAMESOTROS.

Finally, a book about the Game Boy and everything surrounding it—its history, accessories and a sample of games that popularized portable video gaming for Nintendo. Even if you already knew about the history of it, we're sure there are some things about the console that you may not have known about, and that's where this book comes in! If you're a video game fan interested in history, this is a great place to start.

Although printed like a coffee-table book, this title is packed with history and excellent pictures for illustration showcasing the points and information that author Jeremy Parish has presented. The writing is simple and easy to understand without getting too technical, though certain terms have been used in a way that doesn't throw off the reader. Pictures of the system, its accessories and its sample library of games are fantastic, sparking appeal to those who also collect video games (hooray to physical copies!). Most impressive one has to be the complete in box copy of Sword of Hope—one of the goldmines in Game Boy's library. Included in this book, you get information from other game titles released both in the US and Japan such as Super Mario Land. Parish even took time to talk about the differences in box art aesthetics. Yes, Game Boy box art for games in Japan was designed differently than ones released here in the US. (As we're writing this, in terms of value, Japanese games are definitely much cheaper than games sold in the US and Europe, depending on the title. It's usually because of language, despite some Japanese games being in English, and because its level of difficulty is much higher. You read that correctly: Games re-released here in the US were often times simplified compared to its Japanese counterpart. Is it about time we take up the challenge to play and review games released in Japan?) Heck, even if you're a casual video gamer, this book speaks all kinds of praise for the Game Boy and its development early on.

While you noticed this is the XL edition, the original edition was smaller in size and showcased black and white photos. If anything, we'd recommend this version of the book.

Besides the book not having an Index page, it's just a joy and comfort to read and own this. As we're slowly heading into the 2023 year, fans will still talk about and rave about the Game Boy, whether it's collecting them, playing the games on the original console itself or on a system produced by a third-party company. Either way, the Game Boy is Nintendo's most popular that will live on forever...literally forever.





  • A must-have for video game fans of all generations.
  • Book is written in a gentle and understandable fashion.
  • Features high-quality pictures to emphasize the author's case and point.
  • Author Jeremy Parish's YouTube channel is still currently active today.
  • None.
100% (A+)
Fan Rating
Title "Game Boy World 1989 XL Edition"
Author(s) Jeremy Parish
Description A complete index to every game released for Nintendo's Game Boy handheld console in Japan and America 1989.
Dedication --
ISBN 9781532801129
Book Dimensions Width: 8″
Height: 10″
Depth: 0.25″ (1/4″)
Page Count 108
Contents April 1989, Nintendo Game Boy, Gunpei Yokoi: Father of the Game Boy, The Link Cable, Nintendo Game & Watch, Alleyway, Baseball, Super Mario Land, Packaging: Japan vs. US, Yakuman, May 1989, Tennis, June 1989, Tetris, Developers and publishers, July 1989, Shanghai, Sept. 1989, Boxxle, The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle, Hyper Lode Runner, The PC Connection, Motocross Maniacs, Oct. 1989, Revenge of the Gator, Castlevania: The Adventure, Malibu Beach Volleyball, Nov. 1989, Kwirk, Golf, Dec. 1989, Pachinko Time, The Final Fantasy Legend, Shogi, Fist of the North Star, Battleship, Q Billion, Boomer's Adventure in Asmik World, The Sword of Hope, Master Karateka, Locked in, but not locked out, All 1989 releases
Text anc photography Jeremy Parish
Author Photograph --
Published Apr 17, 2016
Publisher Createspace Independent Publishing
Distributed by --
Book Format Paperback
Copyright All text, photography, and layouts ©2014-2016 Jeremy Parish. Game Boy is a trademark of Nintendo Co. Ltd. The copyright for game boxes and screenshots reproduced here remains with the respective owners of those works.
Quoted Reviews --
Best Seller's List --
Other a complete index to every game released for Nintendo's Game Boy handheld console in Japan and America in 1989.

Text and photography by Jeremy Parish. Game Boy is a trademark of Nintendo.

This book is not endorsed, approved, or authorized by Nintendo of America or Nintendo Corporation Limited.

This contents of this XL Edition of Game Boy World 1989are identical to the smaller, original edition of the book.

Game Boy World 1989 has been possible thanks to the generosity and help of:

Cat Nguyen
Auston Stewart
Kyle McLain
"Joseph Joestar"
Max Smith

And everyone who supports Game Boy World via Patreon (www.patreon.com/gamespite)

Made in the USA
Middletown, DE
06 May 2016

This book is not endorsed, approved or authorized by Nintendo of America or Nintendo Corporation Limited.

Game Boy is a trademark of Nintendo.

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CIP Number ???
LC Control Number ???
LC Call Number ???
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