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'Outside' by Kris Caballero

"Stay home"
The norm since 2020.
Lots to fear and to face,
issues aplenty.
Social unrest in abidance with politics
where Peace lost its chance.
In person or online,
angered everyone out of their pants.
Chaos erupts, patience ran dry,
as we witness a historic revolution.
New age declared in response,
by all corporate institutions.
The madness continues for who knows how long,
as I seek to ask questions
Age-old questions I wish were answered,
thus will be mentioned:
What lies beyond our planet and our Universe?
Asking while the violence escalates.
What's it like up there?
I must metaphysically meditate.
My loved ones, my ancestors who have passed,
all can hear my mind.
I can only hear but the sounds of Nature,
a Mother who's so kind.
Sun shines between the clouds,
amidst all the anger and never-ending fights.
Unsure how to go about carrying forward,
fingers crossed for light.
Lots of lessons learned,
from myself and worldwide,
Harness the beauty and cures of Mother Nature,
by going and embracing Her outside.


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