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"We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story"

An animated film that'll appeal to kids generating their love and admiration of dinosaurs.

According to box office results, this movie became a huge bust back in 1993. In that case, you've arrived at the perfect spot to help us try and raise this movie back up.

Rex, Elsa, Woog and Dweeb sailing to New York

It's hard to believe that a movie by Steven Spielberg would result in a flop (creative artists have their moments, as I, myself, can relate). The premise of this movie is simple: Have respect for the dinosaurs and visit a natural history museum. It all starts when a little bird named Buster tries to break free from his mother and fellow friends, wanting to become his own bird when he runs into a dinosaur playing golf.

Based off of the title, it's a story where dinosaurs—
, Elsa, Dweeb and Woog—charge forward in the future where they hope to blend in and interact with modern day humans—"modern day" meaning back in 1993, the year this movie was released. Prior to that, a man named NewEyes and his sidekick Vorg captured these four dinosaurs in their flying ship and fed them Brain Grain—cereal which makes them smart and conscience enough to make their own decisions. NewEyes informed the dinosaurs that using the audio feed from his invention, called the Wish Radio, the children of the future hope and wish they could meet and greet dinosaurs in person. Aiming to fulfill their wishes, the four dinosaurs are off on this very mission. Along the way, they meet a boy, Louie, who reluctantly becomes friends with them, then later a girl, Cecilia, joining the reptiles in meeting up with Dr. Juliet Bleeb at The Museum of Natural History in order to help make the kids' dreams come true: meeting real-life dinosaurs.

Rex, Elsa, Woog and Dweeb being held up by cops

After a brief exploration and participating at New York's Thanksgiving Parade, fooling the audience thinking they were animatronics, the dinosaurs unveil their true selves causing a panic among adults, though the children were all very eager to meet the dinosaurs though their parents didn't allow them so. Distraught but happily escaped the police (yes!), Ceci and Louie find themselves in the middle of nowhere when they see and enter a circus lair—Louie's original plan, after running away from his parents. Wanting to increase attendance, the circus owner named ScrewEyes, who is NewEyes' evil brother, makes a deal with the kids by having them sign a contract with their blood. After doing so, the kids finally get to see more of the circus, but are under ScrewEyes' control after signing the contract. Once the dinosaurs find them, they can't save the kids until they make a deal with ScrewEyes. After Ceci and Louie meet with
Stubbs the Clown
, who worked for ScrewEyes, the kids realize that ScrewEyes' brother fooled the dinosaurs with a formula that made them friendly to humans, when clearly, they're supposed to be vicious and violent. Taking a risk in order to save the kids, the dinosaurs agree and take the pills.

"Don't be scared, it'll be alright. It's no more than a bad dream."

"Remember me."
— Rex

Next circus show, ScrewEyes present the dinosaurs enticing the audience with their angry, vicious behavior. After a circus light shut off thanks to a stray crow, and breaking out of the control that Professor ScrewEyes had the dinosaurs under, Rex grabs and nearly eats ScrewEyes alive. Louie runs in the middle of the show to tell Rex not to do it. After an emotional exchange, Rex puts ScrewEyes down after feeling remorse....and becomes himself again! Getting a standing ovation from the crowd, both Louie and Ceci hug Rex happy to have him back; The kids do the same to Elsa, Woog and Dweeb, all of whom go back to their old selves again. Suddenly, Vorb and NewEyes show up to have the dinosaurs and the kids get back into the ship. NewEyes wanted to make amends with ScrewEyes but he refuses to join them. Only then, the clown Stubbs proudly declares to quit his job and gives back everything he was given on the job while the audience laughs. As the gang get back in the ship to go meet Dr. Bleeb at the Museum of Natural History, and Stubbs leaves, ScrewEyes is left all alone—his biggest fear—then slowly disappears after getting eaten up by crows. The dinosaurs finally meet with Bleeb telling them the plan and the run-through for the big day when they invite children to the museum. Next day, the kids meet and greet the dinosaurs making their childhood dreams come true—meeting real-life dinosaurs!

Rex ends the story to Buster, only to have him fly back to his mother and giving her a big hug. Rex walks away humming and singing. Movie ends with credits.

Rex humming

If you see the Thanksgiving parade scene, you see balloon figures of Woody Woodpecker, Clifford the Red Dog, Spiderman and Snoopy in the background. Also, when Rex performs a dance number with the kids in the audience, you do see the text "Jurassic Park" written on the theaters sign making a shameless reference to Universal's hit franchise Jurassic Park.

This movie has a very simple message: Get kids excited to visit a museum to learn about dinosaurs—a historical species who roamed our planet millions of years ago. What was interesting was how prejudicial adults are to dismiss this new line of species who are trying to blend in, while the children are more curious and more eager. Now you know the difference between adults and kids, huh?

While Jurassic Park portrays dinosaurs to be deadly, this is more family friendly and the dinosaurs are likable and memorable. It makes you want to give a big hug to each one of them. In a sense, this movie shows that not all reptiles are evil and flesh-eating carnivores. Some want to pair up with the human species, like dogs and cats are, and that's totally okay.

As for this movie overall, it's time to resurface this adorable film to get young kids excited and curious about dinosaurs (let's leave Barney out of this). According to my research, there is a video game based off this movie, but there are no toys or plushies. Was the movie that uninteresting? I beg to differ, and that's why I wanted to watch and review it here for everyone to watch.

"Really, just a recipe for delightful."

— Dr. Bleeb

In fact, one of the late, great film critics said of this movie, "It's shallow and kind of dumb, and the animation is routine, and the story isn't much, and the stakes are a lot higher these days in the featurelength animation game." How is a movie that inspires young kids to learn about natural history "shallow and kind of dumb?" Would we be better off having kids snorting condoms while dabbing, as opposed to learning history and making their futures a bright one? Critiques like that are reason great movies don't have enough spotlight, let alone box office clout (thank goodness for this website). Not that everyone should like this movie, but some movie critics will never understand nor do they deserve to be qualified. (To those who made this movie, featured in the credits below, our respects to you! Same respects handed out to the folks who made the 2015 movie Pixels.)

My only complaint would be wanting to see extras related to Special Features. Yeah, this movie didn't get enough praise but because of that, and also since not very many people watch extras or behind the scenes stuff, I let this slide.

Personally, I have emailed Universal Studios before (yes, it's me Mr. Caballero, remember me?) so now that they know my name, their social media department have likely landed on our website reading this review right now. Bring this movie back, and build a small theme park dedicated to this movie. Yes, I know, Nintendo is coming over and building their theme park on your turf, but likely due to budget reasons, there isn't a likelihood that such thing will happen. That's okay, but if you ever need ideas that may help your company, you're always welcome to hang around our website at any time. After all, I'm only trying to help, and remind your bosses and top executives that this website is safe for work, and is a haven to brew up ideas for future upcoming movies to kick start a fresh franchise. Ass kissing? More like "I'm a fan of your company no matter how many times you reject my resume hoping to work for/with you." Now I know how Howard Stern feels.

Official artwork for 'We're Back!' movie

Lastly, for the Blu-ray video specs, they are as follows: The video was injected with the H.264 compression via FFmpeg Decoder at 24 bits using the AVC video format, outputted with YUV2. It was digitized in Variable Bit Rate mode, and chroma sampling of 4:2:0. This isn't too surprising since this was a movie originally released on VHS, then digitally restored and upscaled to compensate for Blu-ray's quality standard. For the audio, the DTS codec was integrated, with a sample rate of 48000, has a maximum of six channels of audio (stereo included, which is two channels), and a bit depth of 24 bits per sample. The audio format was outputted via Lossless format at combination/mix of Variable and Constant Bit Rate modes (mostly Constant, however). DTS has been doing a marvelous job with their digitations, making classic movie audio sound crystal clear and of high quality. Overall, in terms of the Blu-ray, it's a remarkable copy.

This is a classic animated movie that needs more attention. Though it's a bit short, it really gets you to like the characters. Mr. Spielberg, feel no shame: modernize this movie again. Better to inspire kids about ancient reptiles that came before us than getting them to record themselves eating Tide Pods and posting on YouTube, right?





  • Lovable characters.
  • Simple story, event told by Rex himself.
  • An underrated, animated film by Steven Spielberg.
  • Encourages kids to visit museums and to learn more about dinosaurs.
  • Family-friendly film that deserves more attention.
  • Hollywood might pursue a modern remake and/or sequel to this film.
100% (A+)
Fan Rating
Title We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story


For every kid who ever wanted to meet a real dinosaur, Steven Spielberg presents We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story — the animated tale of four prehistoric pals in the most awesome adventure since the dawn of time! Join Rex, Woog, Elsa and Dweeb as they time-travel to New York City to meet their biggest fans — modern-day kids — and make all their wildest dreams come true. Featuring the voices of John Goodman (The Flintstones), Jay Leno (The Tonight Show), Martin Short (A Simple Wish) and Rhea Perlman (Cheers), We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story is a magical film the whole family will enjoy.
ISBN / Bar Code number 0 25192 27541 8
HD Video Format 1.85:1 (16:9) / Widescreen (Letterbox) / 1080p
Audio Format English DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1; French European, Castilian Spanish, L.A. Spanish, Italian, Japanese DTS Digital Surround 5.1; Brazilian Portuguese DTS Surround Mono; Danish, Finnish DTS Digital Surround LT/RT; Russian VO DTS Digital Surround 2.0 Mono
Disc Count One (1)
Features Play Movie
Genre Animation / Family
Run Time 1 Hr. 11 Mins.

Actual time: 1:10:52
Language(s) English
Subtitles English SDH,* French European, Italian, Castilian Spanish, L.A. Spanish, Japanese, Danish, Finnish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian
Rated G - General Audiences
All Ages
Region Region A - NTSC
Original Film Release November 24, 1993
Blu-ray Release November 17, 2015
Production Universal Studios Home Entertainment / Amblin Entertainment
Company Universal Studios
Specification Color / BD-50
Blu-ray Product Number 2048785 / #61166987
Copyright ™ & © 1993 Universal City Studios, Inc. and Amblin Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story

Voice Talents

John Goodman     Blaze Berdahl
Rhea Perlman     Jay Leno
Rene LeVant     Felicity Kendal
Charles Fleischer

Walter Cronkite     Joey Shea
Julia Child     Kenneth Mars
Yeardley Smith     Martin Short

Music Composed by
James Horner

Original Song by
James Horner     Thomas Dolby

"Roll Back The Rock (To The Dawn Of Time)"
Finale Version

Performed by     Little Richard
Produced by     Thomas Dolby

Based on the book by
Hudson Talbott

Screenplay by
John Patrick Shanley

Executive Producers
Steven Spielberg
Frank Masrhall
Kathleen Kennedy

Produced by
Stephen Hickner

Directed by
Dick Zondag     Ralph Zondag

Phil Nibbelink     Simon Wells

Co-Producer     Thad Weinlein
Production Manager     Hal Waite
Art Director     Neil Ross
Supervising Editors     Sim Evan-Jones
Nick Fletcher
Character Designer     Carlos Grangel
Storyboard Supervisors     Tom Humber
Darek Gogol
Supervising Animators     Jeffrey J. Varab
Bibo Bergeron
Kristof Serrand
Rob Stevenhagen
Thierry Schiel
Sahin Ersoz
Borge Ring
Layout Supervisor     Peter Moehrle
Background Supervisor     Colin Stimpson
Special Effects Supervisor     Steve Moore
Color Separation Supervisor     Annie Elvin
Checking Supervisor     Corona Esterhazy
Frances Jacob
Supervising Digital Colorist     Douglas Ikeler
Camera Supervisors     Stuart Campbell
Graham Tiernan
Scene Planning Supervisor     Harald Kraut
Amblin Production Executive     Bonne Radford
Production Coordinator     Colin J. Alexander
Post-Animation Supervisor     Robert Crawford
Amblin Creative Executive     Douglas Wood
Post-Animation Coordinator     Matthew Teevan
Directors' Assistant     Mark Swift
Assistant to Mr. Spielberg     Bonnie Curtis
Lead Production Assistant     Jill Hopper
Post Production Supervisor     Stephen Barker
Supervising Production Accountant     Allan Davies
Production Accoutant     Sylvia Mackintosh
Human Resources Manager     Kate Mallory
Facilities Manager     Caven Cummings
Computer Manager     Alex Volovsek

Storyboard Artists
Alex Lawrence     Geoff Clowes
Erik C. Schmidt

Supervising Layout Artist     Marco Cinello

Layout Artists
Brendan Houghton     Clive Hutchings
Glenn Jeffs     David Kenyon
Douglas Kirk     Herve Leblan
Mark Marren     Damon O'Beirne
Das Petrou     Tony Pulham
Panagiotis Rappas     Chris Scully

Assistant Layout Artists
Lee Taylor     Neal Petty

Layout/Background Coordinator     Victoria Morrison

Blue Sketch Artist     Adam Binham

Scene Planners
Jean Maluta     James Williams
Tim Francis     David Allonby

Color Designer
Daniel Cacouault
Additional Art Direction     Colin Stimpson

Background Artists
Luc Desmarchelier     Ennio Torresan
Marcos Mateu     Steven Albert
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Mike Rose     Shelley Page
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Alain Costa     Oskar Urretabizkaia
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Additional Animation
David Berthier     Luc Chamberland
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Maximillian Graenitz     Steve Horrocks
Andrea Simonti     Pete Western

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Facilities/Shipping Assistant     Stacey Hancox
Driver     Brian Kinch
Receptionist     Kim Mc Hugo
Tea Lady     Malek Jamal

Voices in Order of Appearance
Rex     John Goodman
Buster     Blaze Berdahl
Mother Bird     Rhea Perlman
Vorb     Jay Leno
Woog     Rene LeVant
Elsa     Felicity Kendal
Dweeb     Charles Fleischer
Captain Neweyes     Walter Cronkite
Louie     Joey Shea
Dr. Bleeb     Julia Child
Professor Screweyes     Kenneth Mars
Cecilia     Yeardley Smith
Stubbs the Clown     Martin Short

Additional Voices
Nigel Pegram     Ron Karabatsos
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Justin Isfeld     Shannon Zondag
and Larry King as Himself

Casting by     Nancy Nayor, C.S.A.
Valerie Mc Caffrey, C.S.A.
Casting Assistant     Debbie DeRango

"Roll Back The Rock (To The Dawn Of Time)"
Music by James Horner and Thomas Dolby
Lyrics by Thomas Dolby
Performed by John Goodman

Music Performed by
London Symphony Orchestra, London, England
Music of the A.F.M. Local 47

Music Conducted by
James Horner

Ink, Paint and Digital Effects by
American Film Technologies, Inc.

Executive Producers for AFT
Art Hartel     David Hamby
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and a very special thank to our production crew in

Additional Electronic Ink and Paint/Digital Compositing by     Sidley Wright Motionworks USAnimation, Inc.
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Hudson Talbott

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Soundtrack, Boston

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Clifford, The Big Red Dog,
Used with the permission of
Scholastic, Inc.

Snoopy and Woodstock © 1958
United Feature Syndicate, Inc.
Reproduced by Permission.

Spiderman™ & © 1991
Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc.
All Rights Reserved.

Special Thanks to
R.H. Macy & Co.
Robert Johnson
American School, St. John's Wood
Stan Ratoff
Character Builders
Jim Kammerud
Marty Fuller
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Light Box Animation
Yuri Large
Colin Tanner

Original Soundtrack Available on MCA CDs and Cassettes

Animation Produced at
Amblimation Studios, London, England

Color Processed by
Rank Laboratories and Foto-Kem/Foto-Tronics
Color by DELUXE®
Eastman Color Film


the DIGITAL Experience™

No. 32555


Copyright © 1993 Universal City Studios, Inc.
and Amblin Entertainment, Inc.
All Rights Reserved.

Country of First Publication, United States of America.
Universal City Studios, Inc. and Amblin Entertainment, Inc.
are authors of this motion picture for purposes of
the Berne Convention and all national laws
giving effect thereto.

The characters and events depicted in this photoplay
are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons living
or dead is purely coincidental.

This motion picture is protected under the laws of
the United States and other countries. Unauthorized
duplication, distribution or exhibition may result
in civil liability and criminal prosecution.


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