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"The 2016 Behind The Scenes: FANTASY After Dark"

The 2016 variant of the sexiest dance group in Las Vegas at the Luxor.

Back at it again, this time looking at the 2016 calendar shoot of Luxor's hit dance troup, FANTASY. Triggered from a now-former coworker recommending the 2013 FANTASY Calendar - Behind The Scenes DVD for review, I became a fan instantly. Thus, I picked this up myself (yeah, I missed the 2014/2015 DVD releases). Let's get to it!

  1. November [2015] - Jaime
    FANTASY Luxor dancer Jaime
    From San Jose, CA, but grew up Salt Lake City, Utah. Been with FANTASY for 3 years, is lead singer, and this being her third calendar shoot. Three things always has with her: iPhone, headphones, lip gloss or hair tie. Bora Bora is on her bucket list and is a fan of Jesse Jay and Joss Stone. Currently working on her own album.

  2. December [2015] - Sean E. Cooper
    FANTASY Luxor singer and impressionist Sean
    Sings, dances, does impressions. Warm baths make him feel sexy. Loves helping kids, hospitals, and enjoys playing basketball. Favorite impression to do is Sammy Davis Jr. and Michael Jackson.

    Sean becomes the first male to be featured on this all-female group. I don't know about you, but when you have a man who can sing, dance and do impressions, I think Wayne Brady. If you don't believe me, watch an episode of Whose Line Is It Anyway?.

  3. January [2016] - Kristin
    FANTASY Luxor dancer Kristin
    From Wisconsin, been with FANTASY for six years, and is her sixth calendar shoot. What makes her feel sexy is being comfortable in her own skin (agreed). Perfect idea of date night: at home, popping a movie and having that special someone with her. Recognized in public often cause of her hair style. What sets fantasy apart: you get to know the "real" girls on stage.

    I now understand why she's recognized in public, and it's not only just her hair style. She was featured on the front cover of Las Vegas Magazine volume 11, issue number one dated January 3, 2016. How do I know? I got me a physical copy of it:

    Las Vegas Magazine featuring Kristin from FANTASY

    I never bothered checking if she has social media, but if you're reading this, Kristin, I'd hate to ask this question to you: Why are you still single? I do have something to say about that, but we'll save that for later as I've got to get through to the rest of the girls featured on this DVD (if you really want to know, scroll down below).

  4. February [2016] - Tracey
    FANTASY Luxor dancer Tracey
    From England, been with FANTASY for nine years, and has done nine calendar shoots. What she wears is what makes her feel sexy. She's been dancing since 5, went to ballet class and trained professionally. Landed her first job at 19. She's very old fashioned—drinks tea and go on picnics (very posh). Bath, candles, oils and a glass of wine is what helps her unwind after the show.

    Not to mention, Tracey was the girl featured on the DVD cover of the 2013 FANTASY Calendar - Behind The Scenes DVD. Yes, that is her.

  5. March [2016] - Delecia
    FANTASY Luxor dancer Delecia
    Originally from Memphis, TN, and been with FANTASY for over nine years. Best part of being a Vegas showgirl: meeting new people, working with girls. What makes her feel sexy: she is who she is (keeping it real, which is what I like). What attracts her to a man: his humor and personality.

    Hope you don't mind me asking the same, Delecia: Why are you single? She looks like a girl I want to be friends with because no matter what, I know her personality will cheer me up when I'm feeling down. Love those bangs, by the way.

  6. April [2016] - Yesi
    FANTASY Luxor dancer Yesi
    From Cuba, been with FANTASY for six years, and is her sixth calendar shoot. Music and being on stage makes her feel sexy. Loves working out, but dislikes the gym, loves food but not fast food.

    Compared to her interview from the 2013 DVD release, her Spanish accent is slowly going away.

  7. May [2016] - Mariah
    FANTASY Luxor dancer Mariah
    Been with FANTASY for seven years, and is her sixth calendar. Favorite things about Fantasy: They set up her Twitter account; She's a social media geek. If she wasn't pursuing dancing, she'd be singing and looks to be a singer. Loves to stay in shape, works out, loves running cause she loves food (yeah!). Her definition of sexy: smiling, as I totally agree (men go crazy over women's smiles).

    This girl is growing in popularity nowadays. We may see more of her in the future.

  8. June [2016] - Jennifer
    FANTASY Luxor dancer Jennifer
    From Birmingham, AL, has been with FANTASY for six years, and is her sixth calendar shoot. Feels sexy when she lays out on the pool, performing at the show, and getting bikini wax (ooh!). Wishes to travel to Rio de Janero. Fave part living in Vegas: everything is 24/7. Three things she always have on her: cell phone, lip gloss, keys. Her new crush: Joe Manganiello (Flash Thompson from Spiderman). Loves going to work when everyone is in bed cause there's hardly any traffic (I'd say the same thing when talking about Los Angeles traffic).

    Loves the superhero type, I see. Any manly, yet nerdy, man will truly be lucky to have her.

  9. July [2016] - Chloe
    FANTASY Luxor dancer Chloe
    From Portsmith, England, has been with FANTASY for three years, and is her fourth calendar. Love dessert, including British chocolate and loves baking. Next 10/15 years wants to stay in entertainment. After show, goes home and have glass of wine, bubble bath, and logging into Netflix.

    Her interview from 2013 made her look a bit timid, but here, she sounds more vibrant and confident. See? Confidence in women is sexy too!

  10. August [2016] - Amber
    FANTASY Luxor dancer Amber
    From Dallas, TX, has been with FANTASY for ten years, and is her ninth calendar shoot. Her definition of sexy: independence, power, sense of vulnerability and confidence. Started dancing at 5, originally wanted to be a martial artist. Age of 29½, she created a top list to do before 30, wanting to stop tanning and plant a tree. Enjoyed going overseas to entertain troops, as she had family members who served.

    This girl is full of surprises. I find it pleasant. She's one of those that makes you think, "holy crap what will she say/do next?" Girls like that have great sense of humor.

  11. September [2016] - Ashton
    FANTASY Luxor dancer Ashton
    From Minnesota, is her third year in FANTASY, and is her fourth calendar shoot. Has an animal house with lots of fish, four dogs, one hedgehog, a turtle and a chameleon, and hopes to get a desert tortise. Loves living in Vegas, loves hiking, going to the lake, wants to get scuba certified, and travel to Australia. If she wasn't a dancer, she'd be a food critic. Enjoys going home, having a glass of wine and cuddling with her puppies.

    Food critic, huh? Ashton, if you're reading this, we'd love to have you write with us for our food website conglomerate FOODSOTROS. (Contact us if you're interested.)

  12. October [2016] - Sonya
    FANTASY Luxor dancer Sonya
    From Las Vegas, has been with FANTASY for six years, and this is her fifth calendar shoot. Has done aerial for eight years. One thing about her: not girly, thus hardly wears makeup and fixes hair. If she wasn't dancing or doing aerial, she wants to pursue photography. Sleeps in everyday, is not a morning person and stays off The Strip (Las Vegas off The Strip is my personal favorite anyway).

    If you're reading this, Sonya, I ask: What camera equipment do you use to shoot with? If you have and own a Canon 5D Mark IV or the Panasonic GH5, I envy you, as they both are my favorite cameras I wish to own....someday.

  13. November [2016] - Soolin
    FANTASY Luxor dancer Soolin
    From California (hey!), has been with FANTASY for four years, and is her fifth calendar shoot. When she's not working, she can found at home with her puppy, and watching movies. One thing attracts her to a man: Charisma. One thing surprising about her: She loves junk food, double stuffed oreos and milk, and ice cream (and she's able to still look beautiful).

    Funny, because I gave her a "hello" here on our website, and little did I know, she became Miss February 2016 featured on Playboy Magazine. Man that was quick, and what a difference a review on this website makes. Congratulations, Soolin!

    Wow, who would've thought that would happen? This website's slogan should be changed to "SHOWSOTROS: Producing Dreams Into Reality." Yeah, anyway....

  14. December [2016] - Danielle
    FANTASY Luxor dancer Danielle
    From Dayton, Ohio, is her third year with FANTASY, and this becoming her third calendar shoot. Got her Bachelor of Arts in Dance. Favorite thing to do after the show: Watch Jimmy Fallon with a glass of wine. Her definition of sexy: Confident and comfortable, laughing at yourself, and being quiet and mysterious (I freaked out because those words are the same words girls have described me growing up.)

    Danielle is the girl featured on this DVD cover. She reminds me of a young Valerie Bertinelli.

This DVD....is a HUGE improvement over the 2013 one. It feels a bit more intimate, personal and really keeps your attention. The 2013 FANTASY DVD made it look more of a documentary feel, like "these are female dancers, here's what they have to say about their job and themselves." This DVD is more like "Hi, I'm one of the performers in this group so let me tell you about myself." With the shots, the lighting and the editing, I envisioned a sexy group introducing themselves in such a way where it's past midnight and now the real skin shows, and you're invited to take a look. Nevertheless, again, this DVD is a major improvement and I loved it a lot.

Complaints? Maybe it's a budget thing, or their social media makes up for it, but I would have loved to see more extra features, sneak peeks or even outtakes. What else? If they can release these behind the scenes videos on Blu-ray or 4K Blu-ray, what a huge sell that would be. Again, I understand if it's for budget reasons and why DVD is more affordable. Then again, these DVDs are of "special interest" making them extremely exclusive, and incredibly hard to find. If you find one, especially the out of print ones, it's best to get your hands on them (third-party users have uploaded clips of this DVD on YouTube). Also, since previously reviewing the 2013 FANTASY DVD, a lot of attention has been brought to these DVDs, which helps spread the word, and helps increase sales, and thus, supporting the group. We don't want to say that we're the ones responsible for increasing demand, but hey, you're very welcome Anita Mann Productions!

The "extra" feature on this DVD is the commercial promoting the LAX club (not to be confused with the airport located at LAX in California). That's very much it.

As for the girls, they all look and sound very confident and less shy compared to the 2013 DVD. Members like Jaime, Sean, Sonya and Danielle are newly featured here. While the girls look lovely and beautiful, I can see all of them, Sean included, to work in entertainment for quite a while. I can see Delecia doing on and off camera work; I feel Soolin, Kristin, Jennifer and Chloe taking small supporting roles in big films; Sean has a very Vegas vibe but I can see him performing in late night talk shows; Jaime, if it's allowed under their contract, may compete in reality singing competitions, but may release her songs on YouTube; Tracey, Mariah, Ashton, Sonya and Amber, I feel, may pursue off camera work under entertainment but also doing work in other professions. In summary, these girls and Sean all have bright futures.

My favorite? Back then, it was Soolin who was the centerfold for my birthday month, September. Now my new favorite female is....man I can't choose. I don't know. Do I have to answer now? Do I have a due date in which to answer? I'm serious, I really can't choose; They're all so beautiful. Although I do know that Mariah is growing in popularity. Since she loves food, someone from the Food Network and their social media department may take note of this review and will want to feature her on one of their shows. Yeah, you may want to include Ashton with her. (Remember that classic, British cooking show titled Two Fat Ladies? How about one titled Two Hungry Dancers? You're welcome, Food Network.)

Let's briefly take an overview of the technical details for the DVD itself. This DVD's video resolution finished at 720x480 (anamorphic widescreen) at 29.97 frames. The video codec used was an MPEG 1/2 (mpgv), with a color space of Planar 4:2:0 YUV format. As for the audio, it used the DVD LPCM audio codec (lpcm). The finalized product was a 48000 Hz sample rate at 16 bits per sample, via Stereo. The DVD menu looks even better and everything works as normal.

Despite all that, this is a DVD I recommend. You do get clips of the girls all dressed up, filled with camera crew, lighting and set-up, showing how they made their annual calendars happen. More skin exposure which means more blurred nipples. Nevertheless, I find this DVD to be much more memorable. Granted, it, too, looks like those DVDs that are looped at gift shops to entice the attention of incoming customers. Only difference is this was well done.

Because of the scarce nature of this DVD, it is out of print. I suggest snatching one if you find it online as I highly recommend it! I will wrap up the review with this:

If you are one of the women featured on this DVD, and/or a woman currently performing for FANTASY, I like to interview you on this website. Your answers will be posted on this site for fans and visitors to read! Contact us by filling out our contact form. The questions will be emailed to you directly. If you are not featured on this DVD, I kindly ask you make a brief introduction so I know who I'm talking to. Looking forward to hearing from you!





  • An updated special featuring the famous dancers at the Luxor.
  • Huge improvement from the 2013 release.
  • Features Sean Cooper—the first male performer.
  • Introduces new dancers, along with the veterans.
  • Not much bonus/extra features.
  • There hasn't been an updated release since 2016.
95% (A)
Fan Rating
Title The 2016 Behind The Scenes DVD: FANTASY After Dark
Description The 2016 Fantasy Calendar AFTER DARK at LAX Nightclub

Produced by Emmy Award-Winning Choreographer Anita Mann

Celebrating 16 successful years on The Strip, FANTASY was named "Best Showgirls" in the 2015 and 2012 Las Vegas Review-Journal's "Best of Las Vegas" poll and "Best Topless Show" in the Las Vegas Weekly "Best of Vegas 2014" awards. Lead singer, Jaime Lynch adds an exciting and unforgettable element with her amazing powerhouse vocals as she takes center-stage alongside a talented cast of beautiful dancers. Great for singles and couples alike, the sexy production showcases 15 high-energy numbers set to a variety of today's top music genres. While the gorgeous dancers lure guests into their wildest fantasies, comic relief, Sean E. Cooper keeps audiences on its toes with his spot-on impressions of some of pop culture's most recognizable pesonalities.
ISBN / Bar Code number 4 00020 49025 4
Video Format 1.78:1 (16:9) / Anamorphic widescreen
Audio Format Stereo
Disc Count One (1)
Language(s) English
Genre Special
Subtitles --
Rated Not Rated
Region Region 1 - NTSC
Specification Color
Features [MAIN MENU]: (1. Play All, 2. November 2015 - Jaime, 3. December 2015 - Sean, 4. January 2016 - Kristin, 5. February 2016 - Tracey, 6. March 2016 - Delecia, 7. April 2016 - Yesi, 8. May 2016 - Mariah, 9. June 2016 - Jennifer, 10. July 2016 - Chloe, 11. August 2016 - Amber, 12. September 2016 - Ashton, 13. October 2016 - Sonya, 14. November 2016 - Soolin, 15. December 2016 - Danielle, LAX Commercial)
Production © 2015 Anita Mann Productions / Light Forge Studios
Company Luxor (LUXOR.com) / FANTASY Luxor (www.fantasyluxor.com) / Anita Mann Productions
Item / Product Number ????
Closed Captioning --
DVD Release October 20, 2015
Run Time Approx. 45 minutes (Menu - 00:11, Play All [combined features] - 0:49:24, LAX Commercial - 00:33. Total actual DVD time: 0:34:49)
Copyright Copyright © 2015 Anita Mann Productions.
Other Formats ????
Quoted Reviews "Vegas' sexiest show" — AOL CityGuide

"Perfect for Singles & Couples" - Robin Leach
Awards LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL POLL: The Best of Las Vegas [2015] bestoflasvegas.com

WEEKLY: Best of Vegas [2014]

LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL POLL: The Best of Las Vegas [2012] bestoflasvegas.com
Other Tickets Starting at $39 | Call 702.262.4400
Adults Only 18+ | 10:30 Nightly twitter facebook instagram
Video Production: Light Forge Studios
Videography: Jerry Thompson, Scott Thompson
Video Editor: Scott Thompson, Mike Thompson
Video Duplication: LA Duplication
Location: LAX Nightclub at Luxor

Photographer: Oscar Picazo
Graphic Designer: Shannon Hammitt
Hair & Makeup: L'Creme Giordanno, Carmen Marin
Photo Assistant: Mauricio Amat
PA: Sarah Amos


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