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"The Onion Movie (Raw & Uncut)"

A quiet, direct-to-DVD release of "the finest news source" in the world.

Norm Archer reporting Obese Americans
The pictures of this DVD is not a bootleg whatsoever, as you've landed on the network-approved review: The Onion Movie! Being that this snuck through the rug, not even my fellow movie buffs knew about the release of this film. However, they do know about the popular and hilarious satirical website The Onion, as do I, let alone most of you, and this is their shot producing a full-motion feature film.

Okay....now for the review. As much as I love to talk about it, mentioning the funny parts of the film is enough to spoil it. Does that mean it's bad? Not at all. I'll get it out of the way: This film is perfect for those who love dark humor and offensive comedy with profanity. I didn't care because I sure as heck laughed a lot! This film was released, on DVD, in 2008. The story behind the release of this film involved folks behind the idea of the movie backing out, thus directing this movie straight to DVD release. Maybe that's why not very many people know about this movie (now you do, thanks to this review!).
State of Georgia's new state flag

The film gives the feel that you're watching a cable news channel, filled with its own [hilarious] informercials, movie trailers and stupidly funny news reports which The Onion is known for. Interspersed with those scenes are the actual acting, where reporter Norm Archer feels the pressure when he has to plug in a promotion to entice sponsors for their news show. Not too bad, but this movie has enough shock, jaw-dropping jokes and O-M-G moments that's guaranteed to raise eyebrows or get you off your seat.

Melissa Cherry's 'Lollipop Love' music video
Again, I really want to tell you the parts of the movie, but it'll kill the mystique of the punchlines done. Instead, I'll say this: The film makes fun of and jokes about bubble gum pop stars, CompUSA, racial profiling, terrorism, drug addicts, family values and celebrity roasting, to name some. The deleted scenes and outtakes are hilarious but unbelievable. There's this nun that....oh crap, almost mentioned it.Melissa Cherry bubble bath

What else more can I say? Even though I'm not much for dark comedy, I still laughed and enjoyed this movie. Films like this need to flourish, given that we currently live in a society that gets butthurt over the littlest things. Even so, when a picture/video is taken, some bored individual misinterprets that medium, speaks their minds out and say how unjust and unethical it is. Why? Not everything is meant to be taken in the wrong context. There are times where we just live and let live, and if it doesn't involve you, don't butt in to someone else's business.

Having said that, this makes the perfect film to make SJWs—Social Justice Warriors—crap their pants and make their heads explode. That's how wildly offensive and dark this movie is. When I thought about that, the more I felt good watching this. I miss the times when comedians, writers and actors did their thing and we all had a good laugh, then moved on with our lives. Nowadays it's watching what you say, do or post because it'll get recorded, making the perfect fodder for memes via screenshots, while the creator/author receives endless belittling from the Internet. When were SJWs allowed to use the Internet and have a voice where we take in their commands behind their protests/boycotting? Hint: They shouldn't. All that was the sole reason why I wanted to watch and review this movie on our website.

Don't believe me, huh? Ready to condemn this movie as super, mega offensive to the point where everyone is shocked by the nature of the film's dialogue? Let me share a couple of quotes from the movie, which I liked most:

"You know, man, violence is almost never necessary. I admit, I've punched thousands upon thousands of cocks in my life, but I've never killed anyone. Because no matter what your religion might be, no matter what your politics might be, no matter how much money is involved, there's never any reason to take human life. Human life is the most precious thing there is."
— Steven Seagal

"As a matter of fact, I think we've all learned a few things in the past 90 minutes. We've learned that Irishmen have huge nipples; We've learned that film critic intellectuals are a bunch of gaywads. And most of all, we've learned that creeping corporate influence over the news...protects us from terrorism."
— Norm Archer

Commercial for Kostman's The Penis People
While I mentioned that there isn't much of a deep meaning behind this movie, the statement Norm Archer was trying to make is sometimes, we just need a good laugh to deter us away from the harsh, pessimism reported by the media. Granted, not everyone will find this movie funny, but nevertheless, a good laugh should suffice to get you through. Nobody likes drama....and SJWs.

Now that you, the viewers and fans, know about this film, GO CHECK IT OUT! We need this film to get recognized and puncture through the sensitive yet illogical actors, producers and critics who think their opinion(s), and suggestions for a "good" movie, matters. Keep planning those strikes, protesting in demand for higher pays from network executives. I want to see this film get known to the masses.

When it does, I want to lay down my ideas related to this film:
- Record a "React Video" when watching this movie, especially showing this film to thin-skinned individuals you might know.
- Create offensive memes from this film to torment the unsuspecting online user (nothing new, but I wrote it here as a reminder).
- Popular film reviewers on YouTube, like Cinemassacre, to take a shot and review this film.
- Since a lot has happened between 2008 up to this year, 2017, hope that The Onion will produce a second movie.

(I'm not kidding about the producing of a second movie. Make it a sequel or prequel, it doesn't matter, just keep the dark and offensive humor with it.)

This is one of the few films that I'm absolutely sure networks like Comedy Central and HBO wouldn't have the guts to air. The executives of various networks, who I'm sure are reading this since you people in the entertainment industry seem to be intrigued by what I've managed to have and talk about here on this website, fear about the response from viewers and the likelihood of a boycott against their broadcasts if they air this movie. Why is that? Easy: today's people are too sensitive and create controversial issues out of nothing. That doesn't say much since this movie is entitled, and guaranteed, to shock and offend. However, it's a movie—a comedy movie. You don't have to watch it if you don't want.
Michael Bolton!

Will saying that go anywhere? Yes. Why? There's one scene featured here that I forgot to mention, where the writers dared to tackle making fun of: rape. Yes, this movie makes a rib-breaking scene joking about rape. While many comedians admit and confessed finding middle ground when it comes to racist jokes, political jokes and inappropriate sexual reenactments (say hi to Andrew "Dice" Clay, everyone), very few comedians in the business have sort of struggled making an audience laugh when it comes to rape jokes. That was why I mentioned SJWs, and mentioning network executives unable to add this film to their line-ups because of that very scene. You be the judge for that.

Because this film has enough to make the unaware majority drop to their knees, I still found it amazingly funny. The plot isn't much, but this movie caters to something that's pure dark comedy. It doesn't matter cause I still laughed. My favorite happens to be how the film joked about CompUSA, especially back in the days when buying a computer was a complete pain.

Make this movie known and spread the word! I truly recommend this film!





  • Hilarious all-throughout.
  • A perfect example beautifying offensive comedy.
  • Very offensive by today's standards (that's a good thing).
  • From Britney Spears to racist jokes, this movie took a stab at nearly every area they can make fun of.
  • Deleted scenes are crazy.
  • The rape scene was dry, but unfunny.
  • No talks of a second film.
100% (A+)
Fan Rating
Title The Onion Movie
Description Revealing the raw truth.



The Onion invades DVD! Based on the wildly popular newspaper hailed by The New Yorker as "the funniest publication in the United States," The Onion Movie brings you uncensored, uninhibited, UNRATED news and views from around the world.

In a stunning development, when Onion News anchorman Norm Archer (Len Cariou) is asked to compromise his journalistic integrity to please a new corporate sponsor, he doesn't just get mad, he gets...angry. Taking aim at pop stars, prisoners, peace talks and, of course, high-testosterone action films, The Onion Movie delivers hard-hitting headlines — and side-splitting laughs!
ISBN / Bar Code number 0 24543 81440 5
Video Format 1.78:1 (16:9) / Wide screen
Audio Format Stereo
Disc Count One (1)
Language(s) English
Genre Comedy / Satire
Subtitles English, Spanish, French
Rated Not Rated
Region Region 1 - NTSC
Specification Color
Features [MAIN MENU]: (1. Play, 2. Language Selection, 3. Scene Selection, 4. Special Features), [PLAY], [LANGUAGE SELECTION]: (English 5.1 Dolby Surround, Spanish Dolby Surround, {SUBTITLES} English, Spanish, French, None.), [SCENE SELECTION]: (1. Headlines, 2. Armed Gunman, 3. Melissa Cherry, 4. Synergy.), (5. Stereotypes, 6. Reviews, 7. Party Games, 8. More Headlines), (9. Computer Upgrade, 10. High On Life, 11. Corporate Influence, 12. Images), (13. Proteus, 14. The News Goes On, 15. Inspirational Portrait, 16. Unexpected Role), (17. Showdown, 18. Intruders, 19. Happy Ending, 20. Outtakes/End Titles), [SPECIAL FEATURES]: (1. Deleted Scenes, 2. Outtakes. {TRAILERS} The Darjeeling Limited, Burn Notice, Futurama: The Beast With A Billion Backs)
Production Regency Entertainment (USA), Inc., Monarchy Enterprises, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment LLC
Company Regency Entertainment (USA), Inc., Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment LLC
Item / Product Number ????
Closed Captioning Yes
DVD Release June 3, 2008
Run Time 80 minutes. Intro - 00:08, Main Menu - 00:19, Scene Selection Menu - 00:02, Special Features Menu - 00:01, 20th FOX Century graphic - 00:10, FBI Warning clip - 00:07, Feature Presentation - 1:20:16, Deluxe® graphic - 00:14, Deleted Scenes - 09:29, Outtakes - 03:34, The Darjeeling Limited trailer - 02:16, Burn Notice - 00:33, Futurama: The Beast With A Billion Backs - 01:03

Total DVD time: 1:38:12
Copyright © 2008 Regency Entertainment (USA), Inc. in the U.S. only.
© 2008 Monarchy Enterprises S.a.r.l. in all other territories. All Rights Reserved.
© 2008 Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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Quoted Reviews "A hilarious combination of sketch and satire..."
— Christopher Monfette, IGN DVD
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Directed by
James Kleiner

Written by
Todd Hanson
& Robert Siegel

Produced by
Gil Netter
David Miner
David Zucker
Michael Rotenberg

Executive Producers
Sean Mills
Scott Dikkers

Director of Photography
Maryse Alberti

Production Designer
Jon Gary Steele

Edited by
Frederick Wardell

Costume Designer
Casey Storm

Jason Weiss
Kevin Halloran

Music by
Asche & Spencer

Casting by
Kim Davis-Wagner
& Justine Baddeley

A Zucker/Netter Productions/

Young American / Cock Puncher     Daniel Chacon
Sensei    Ken Takemoto
Cock Puncher    Steven Seagal
Dennis McCormick    Don McManus
Dolores McCormick    Kate Fuglei
Roseanne McCormick    Abigail Mavity
Dennis McCormick, Jr.    Reid Weaver
Typical Neighbor Husband    Brian Powell
Typical Neighbor Wife    Adele Robbins
Sooty Firefighter    Jason L. Miller
Sooty Child    Brendon Baerg
Norm Archer    Len Cariou
Dana Dobbs    Larissa Laskin
Kip Kendall    Scott Klace
Alzheimers Old Lady    Barbara Pilavin
Alzheimers Guys in Crowd    Sandy Kenyon / Sam Menning
Producers    Orlando Seale / Erik Stolhanske
Melissa Cherry    Sarah McElligott
Michael Bolton    Michael Bolton
African Child    Karl Montgomery, Jr.
Dibo    Kwame Boateng
White Trash Dude    Steven Kozlowski
Surgeon General    Randy Oglesby
Fat Man    Archie J. Howard
Smoker    Howard Shur
Smoker Driver    Todd Hanson
Bud Schwartz    Arthur Kendall
Brunno Tucci    Ira Gewant
Rolly Ingersoll    Christopher Weeks
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