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"The Worst of American Idol Seasons 1-4"

The antithesis of the "Best of" release, featuring the craziest and hilarious auditions ever.

With the best comes the worst, and American Idol is no exception. Let's all admit: the reason the show kept steady was because of the awful auditions which was the first round in finding potential singers to represent pure, raw talent in America. Luckily for fans, everyone can kick back and have a laugh with this DVD volume.

Interspersed with Paula Abdul's commentary and reactions, along with some facts during the audition process, the compiled clips and awful singing auditions are what you'd expect. Some included contestants arguing with the judges claiming they did a great job, when in reality, they were terrible....and they knew it. (Looks like Simon isn't a jerk after all, right?) The one who took the criticism well is featured on this DVD: William Hung. Yeah, remember him? Check this website to see what's he's up to nowadays. Good that's he's keeping busy and doing good; I would like to ask the same for the other contestants who don't seem to have taken the rejection very well. How long until they have finally landed a job after future employers may have witnessed their nasty attitudes on national TV? Are some of them still hoping to break into the entertainment industry? There's a lot of hilarious rejects featured here, so who knows.

The DVD opens with the singing of the National Anthem sung by Leandra Jackson from Cleveland, Ohio. In case you didn't know, despite the rejection, she was invited back to finish singing the Anthem at the season finale of Season 4 of Idol. First audition comes straight from Season 3 featuring Simon Thomas, who wrote an original song "straight from the heart speaking about the connectedness of one another." I recall this episode: When Ryan Seacrest interviewed him after the audition, Simon was proud the judges were touched by the song he shared. I'll never forget the comment Simon [Cowell] said to him:

"Yes [Simon Thomas], but this is not Heart Idol. This is a singing competition, and you can't sing."
— Simon Cowell

How many times have you heard that comment? Simon Thomas didn't feel the need to be famous....well, now you know his name and what season he's featured at, so if you're someone who's good at creating memes, this is your chance. I'm guessing Simon Thomas is likely working as some motivational guru helping people with personal problems and struggles in everyday life. (I'm not bothered to try and look it up, so be my guest.)

However, I want to take time to pull off a Howard Stern-esque move: I want to nominate the hottest American Idol Reject in history. We like to nominate, or award, that to....Patsy Charles (Contestant #12436)! Feast your eyes:

Patsy Charles!

Is it too late to make her famous? Maybe, I mean, she probably has a job, kids and a husband to take care of. She may not sing well but she sure has the looks, don't you think? (NOTE: if you're Patsy Charles herself, contact us for an interview to be featured here at SHOWSOTROS for fans to see!) The snarky blonde from Season 1, Mary Lacarelli, didn't make our consideration because of her attitude (yeah, we counted that as a factor). At least, Patsy Charles had no hard feelings and took the rejection just fine, so we awarded this to her. Congratulations!

Anyway, onto the DVD's digital specs. The video is in color, in 4:3 standard definition format (720x480) with stereo audio, interlaced with a 29.97 frame rate. The video compression is MPGV while the audio compression is A52 (AC3). Since DVD players are seldom used today, when playing this on your laptop/desktop computer, you will notice some blocky artifacts on some shots and colors. This is due to high motion movements of the camera, and crushed colors due to the digital compression reducing the low-lighted parts of various shots. Specifically, you'll notice the infamous dot crawl on the extreme top of the video. Again, this DVD was released in 2005—the time when DVD players were the hottest item that flew off the shelves—so all these were shrugged off because watching this on a TV screen meant these discrepancies were eliminated due to the TV's frame absorption and the even distribution and projection of this DVD's finalized compression. Being an old DVD, it's forgivable albeit its somewhat low digital standards (DVDs are still being produced today, as it's 2018 already, but have dramatically improved).

Looking back at these auditions, these made me laugh harder than when I first saw them. It still is hilarious to this day and perfect for the Idol fan. This is a very low-priced DVD and should be easy to find, even in brand new condition. Don't pay the inflated price for this, being it's a DVD that's unwanted by DVD/Blu-Ray collectors, so this should be worth your lunch money, if not, less than that.

Reason for our rating is because the DVD did not show the entire audition/singing for specific contestants. This may leave viewers puzzled at what they did and how they sounded before cutting away to the judges for their comments and reactions. I found that to be a disappointment. Nevertheless, for the selected contestants featured here, they are in their entirety, from entering the audition room to the exit.

Regardless, it's worth it for the laughs and those timeless moments that will forever live on in Idol history. We guarantee one contestant featured on this DVD will send us an email asking not to promote this DVD because they're still living in regret, embarrassing themselves in front of millions and accepting Simon's comments. Yeah, sorry about that, but this review is finished.





  • Hilarious auditions shown on "American Idol."
  • Did these contestants really think they can sing?
  • We awarded Patsy Charles: the hottest "American Idol" reject.
  • Simon Thomas was more concerned about enlightening the hearts of the judges, not to actually sing (a very awkward audition).
  • Some auditions were incomplete.
  • Video looks overly compressed.
90% (A-)
Fan Rating
Title The Worst of American Idol Seasons 1-4

Join us for the most hilarious moments from the first 4 seasons of television's most popular show, American Idol!

Relive the hysterical auditions that had all of America talking; Awful singing, dreadful dancing, questionable fashions, argumentative contestants —what were these people thinking?

There are over 2½ hours of non-stop laughs in this ultimate collection of performances, with never-before-seen extended auditions of the most infamous contestants to ever stand before the judges. Sit down and enjoy this uproarious sidesplitting DVD and judge for yourself!

★ The Best of the Worst...
Paula Abdul takes us through the funniest moments from the first 4 seasons.

★ Previously never-before-seen audition footage from your favorite contestants, including: Leroy "Can You Dig It" Wells, William "She Bangs" Hung, Jacqueline "Scat Girl" Roman and many more.

America The Beautiful (as you've never heard it before!)
★ Proud Mary (a popular contestant choice)
★ Fashion Faux Pas
★ Christmas Carols ...and more...
ISBN / Bar Code number 1 87323 00012 9
Video Format 1.33:1 (4:3) Full screen
Audio Format Dolby Digital 2.0
Rated ????
Region Region 1 - NTSC
Release Date 2005
Video Specification Color
Disc Count One (1)
Features [MAIN MENU]: The Best of the Worst—Paula Abdul takes us through the funniest moments from Seasons 1-4, Extended Auditions, Special Features, Play Entire Disc. [EXTENDED AUDITIONS]: Play All, Tamika Bush - Audition Argument, Mary Lacarelli - Unchained Melody, Jacqueline Roman - Route 66, Keith Beukelaer - Like A Virgin/I Wanna Dance With Somebody, Tara Daddona - Against All Odds/Chain of Fools, More. [EXTENDED AUDITIONS - MORE]: Patsy Charles - Unchained Melody, Karmen Varjabedian - Strong Enough/Unbreak My Heart, William Hung - She Bangs, Leandra Jackson - Star Spangled Banner, Daniel Blue Anderson - If I Ever Fall In Love/Star Spangled Banner. [EXTENDED AUDITIONS - {PAGE 3}]: Jason Smith - Papa Was A Rolling Stone, Christopher Noll - Original Rap, Fookling Lee - I Can't Stand The Rain, Daron Beck - Delilah/I Put A Spell On You, Leroy Wells - I Feel Good. [EXTENDED AUDITIONS - {PAGE 4}]: Aven Moore - Tomorrow, Danny Parker - God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You, Stephanie Sugarman - Audition Argument, Adam and Dirk - Current of Love/This I Promise You. [SPECIAL FEATURES]: Play All, Proud Mary, America The Beautiful, Dance Dance Dance, Fashion Faux Pas, Christmas Songs, She Bangs, Capital Trailers.
Genre Reality / Music / Series
Run Time +/- 150 minutes (including Special Features)

Main Menu - :29, End Credits - 1:02, "Double Dare" trailer/promo - 2:24, "Really Bend It Like Beckham" two-disc DVD promo - :32.

Play Entire Disc 2:46:41.

Total time overall: 2:51:08
Language(s) English
Subtitles --
Product / Item Number CEE0011
Copyright © 2005 Capital Entertainment Enterprises
© 2005 FremantleMedia North America, Inc. American Idol is a registered trademark of 19 TV Limited and FremantleMedia North America, Inc. Based on the television program 'American Idol' produced by FremantleMedia North America, Inc. and 19 TV Limited. Licensed by FremantleMedia Licensing Worldwide.
Other Formats ????
Quoted Reviews --
DVD Produced by
Richard Williams
Jeff Thill

Ryan Blakely

DVD Menu Design
Hunter / Sauleda

Thanks to

CCI Digital:
Rick Morris
Don Burt
Spencer Hecox
Robert Allen
Dirk Carlson
Mike Rodriguez
Janet Huynh

Malibu Digital:
Steve Gustafson
Michael Malooly
Dan McKeaney
David Schultens
Ronnie Rivera
Rick Johnson

Special Thanks

Capital Entertainment Enterprises
gratefully extend a special thanks
to Paula Abdul for her invaluable
contributions to this project.
Thank you Paula for your talent,
creativity, and professionalism.
We couldn't have done it
without you.


Todd E. Barton

Associate Producer
James Caragiane

Chris Conway

Assistant Editor
Marc Gaudioso

Music Supervisor
Cathy Waldman

Vice President Development,
Home Entertainment

Sam Toles


Malibu Digital Services LLC


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