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"'Weird Al' Yankovic: The Ultimate Video Collection"

Huge collection featuring one of the most hilarious videos that graced the eighties, straight from the Prince of Parodies.

How I became an avid fan of "Weird Al" Yankovic started during my high school days. I set the VCR to record an hour of an "All Request" marathon on VH1 Classic. Having set the timer on the VCR while I was at school, I would come home then rewind the tape to find and watch any music video I haven't seen in which I have yet to discover and like. Someone requested the video "Eat It" by "Weird Al" Yankovic. I watched and listened to the lyrics carefully and it was hard not to laugh at the lyrics and silliness of Al in the video; The video presented some funny bits similar to Michael Jackson's video "Beat It." Overnight, I immediately became a fan of Al, and that's how it all began.

I became addicted to Al's entertainment and work that I even used some of his songs on video production class projects back in 2003-2004. (Check the Filmography page.) My classmates thought I was indulgent on the idea of social ostracism but there were a few who were fans as well (I didn't grow up with the greatest people). I'm sure they all thought of me when "Weird Al" went viral with his parody hit "White & Nerdy." Those were one of the happiest days of my life.

Anyway, it wasn't long when I snatched some of Al's albums and DVDs for timeless laughters. This DVD is no exception. You've been warned: incredible amounts of rib-aching laughter is packaged on this DVD. This is not for the faint of heart, the easily offended and/or the intellectually slow.

1. Fat
Al runs into a couple of fat street gangs telling him to eat and be fat. He won't be part of the crew if he isn't fat, then gets threatened and stands up for a fight. Al gathers his crew—all of whom are fat—then inflates and becomes fat himself. Throughout the video, poking fun at the action from the video "Bad" by Michael Jackson in which the song was parodied from, they jump around, run and bump into each other hilariously.

2. Amish Paradise
Taken place in an Amish setting with Al and his long beard. The video shows the typical life of an Amish, when Al then sings a funny lyric, "then tonight we're gonna party like it's 1699." That was a knockoff of Prince's lyrics from his song "1999." One funny bit involves tourists making fun of Al for being Amish, then he flips them off! Another funny bit was the "How Am I Driving" sticker on the station wagon, when the camera pans to the signs that says "Welcome to Lancaster." (I don't live too far from Lancaster but the place is very barren and extremely quiet. The streets are incredibly wide and there barely are stop lights, as well as gas stations and food stops. I actually kind of like it but I still found that scene funny.) One scene many guys can relate is rebelling against your faith and looking at pornography, as the scene with two Amish boys did, reading a magazine titled "Amish Babes - Plow My Field!" as they uncover a PlayBoy-like centerfold. It's a cute girl who exposes her sexy...right leg. Hot enough for you? To an Amish boy, it sure is.

Lastly, there's a scene where Al sings the lyric "scoring points for the afterlife," with his hair braided á la Coolio—the artist he parodied. That very same hairstyle is found on his album cover Bad Hair Day.

3. It's All About The Pentiums
Computer scientists/nerds of all kinds: this is your song! How would've thought rapping about everything computers could be so cool? That's because it is.

The scene opens at a live concert with the audience filled with computer nerds and business people in suits and ties. Al walks through the office floor singing to the song, then runs into the end of the room where his sexy female backup dancers are at. Mixed in with Al's singing is him rapping via chroma key with a computer motherboard, the cooling fan and other peripherals found inside a computer as the background. Second verse features Al dressed in red jamming to the song. Look for the scenes of Al destroying a laptop computer and a CRT monitor with an axe. Well, it's the nineties so the computers didn't look as sleek as they are today (I remember a 10GB laptop computer with 256RAM costed over $3,000 during those days). Lastly, two hilarious people show up on this video: Emo Philips and Drew Carey. You can't miss them.

4. Smells Like Nirvana
Scene opens in the same setting used in Nirvana's video "Smells Like Teen Spirit." Taking place in a gym during what seems like a pep rally, the audience features rebellious teens bobbing their heads to the song. Also features the same janitor, from Nirvana's video, as he pulls a donut from his mop bucket. As song starts, you see one shot panning through the cheerleaders as one of them sports her hairy armpits! There's also one bald guy with text written on his head reading, "This Space For Rent." Back in high school, I actually suggested to a friend to hold a sign with that phrase during our senior picture. Here it is:

Yup. I wonder if he still remembers... While showing this, see if you can find me!

Anyway, while the jocks play basketball, the ball hits Al as he throws the it over his shoulder...and scores! The janitor finds a tutu in his mop bucket, wears and dances with it! One scene features two adorable girl scouts looking to sell cookies, but get denied. Lots of stuff going on in this video, making almost every scene feature something funny. Excellent video.

5. You Don't Love Me Anymore
The scene opens when someone knocks the amplifier and the drummer leaves. The video, in black and white, features an acoustic guitar player and Al. After the chorus is sung, Al picks up a guitar then puts it down, making viewers think he was about to play! One hilarious scene was a cello player accidentally tossing his cello bow hitting a pianist in the eye. The keyboard lid, which is usually heavy, falls then chops the pianist's hand off!

Because Al looks a bit forlorn through the song, including some funny bits, this lyric he sang is a bit hard-hitting: "Now my scars are all healing, but my heart never will." The one thing I learned about comedians is when they often do emotional (movie) scenes, they sound/act so serious to the point where they take it personally. When the song ends, Al rips the guitar from the guitarist and destroys it. Classic!

6. Bedrock Anthem
The video opens with a little girl dancing when she gets her eyes poked out by a guitarist who takes over. As the song plays on, Al and the band are all dressed as cavemen emulating the classic cartoon The Flintstones. Mixed with the video are clips from the cartoon itself to go along with the song lyrics.

7. Gump
The video opens similar to the film itself Forrest Gump, as Al pops in from behind and starts singing to the song. As you can tell, Al is wearing a bald cap; He didn't really shave his head. The band jam in a large water fountain. That water fountain, and the surroundings, are located in Glendale right by Griffith Park (I know the area since that's where I grew up). Along with the song is a guy, a Forrest look-a-like, running and running, and then runs into a light post. If you slow the video down on the scene where Forrest runs into the light post, you'll see part of the sign "Park" in the background. Yeah, it's Griffith Park. On the last scene is Forrest sitting on a jacuzzi with two gorgeous girls on the back of a limo. Not bad.

8. Jurassic Park
This entire video is animated (claymation). Al is stuck in a room where a raptor tries to break in but couldn't, so it pulls out a chain of keys and chooses which one to open the room with. One dinosaur steps on and crushes a caveman. At the start of the second verse, Al stamps a "NO" sign on the Jurassic Park logo unveiling his disembowelment. The funniest stanza from the second verse of the video was the lyric, "A huge tyrannosaurus ate our lawyer, well I suppose that proves, they're really not all bad." One raptor eats a lawyer alive while he was taking a dump, then sips some coffee and starts flossing. Hilarious! When the second chorus is sung, a real human arm (Al's arm?) gets into the shot of the entrance gate of Jurassic Park and re-lights up one of the torches. One scene also shows dinosaur wrestling while showing off the WWF logo on the corner of the canvas (as you know, they renamed their business to WWE). No dinosaur is complete without showing Barney! Unfortunately, Barney gets decapitated getting its head eaten by a vicious dinosaur.

After the second chorus is sung comes an instrumental featuring lots of colorful dinosaur-related animation. Al gets cornered and eaten! He then falls in the 'stomach' of the dinosaur only to find a gift shop vendor holding a shirt that says, "I Was Eaten Alive At Jurassic Park" (look like a dangerously legit theme park to me). As the day brightens, showing a dinosaur beating a drum in front of the entrance gate in the style of the Energizer Bunny, a dinosaur dressed as a chef sprinkles salt on a human then eats him! One dinosaur helps another by performing CPR to cough out what it ate—Barney's head! Al runs into a getaway helicopter "never coming back this way again," as the vicious lizards cry seeing Al leave. One waves goodbye while the other dinosaur holds a sign that says "Don't Forget To Write" as it too cries. As the song ends, a dinosaur jumps in and eats the helicopter, burps then winks.

9. Headline News
Video opens with folks entering into an auditorium watching Al and the band perform while the stage prepares a play going along with the song lyrics. I have to say that the warden who was about to hit the boy with the stick looks like Saddam Hussein! Also, the woman who played Lorena Bobbitt was Judy Tenuta. All the cast of the plays took a bow amid the injuries they all got. Along with the song, Al makes funny faces singing the chorus "mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm." Near the end, you'll go gaga over that smokin' hot Latina girl. Yup.

10. Dare To Be Stupid
The video opens with a man sleeping in bed, tossing and turning. He then dreams of Al and the band who are dressed similar to, and perform like, DEVO. The video features some stop animation and various B-roll clips going along with the song. Also features a guy doing a little break dancing.

11. Eat It
Here it is: the very first video I watched and enjoyed, that turned me into a fan of "Weird Al!" Like Michael Jackson's official video, the video is almost similar: two gangs are ready to duke it out. However, it couldn't be done without some hilarity to go with it. One of them, Al doing some MJ dance moves then eating a banana; The other is one gang waiting for the bus to arrive but couldn't hitch a ride to catch up with the other gang! Al's solo scene at the bar has to be the funniest. If you're well familiar with MJ's official video, you'll see why. Two gangs finally meet, and they fight it out...over a chicken—instead of knives, one uses a fork and the other a spoon. As Al breaks up the fight, he hands the guys food to settle the score as they all dance. When they dance, one guy elbowed Al in the face! Suddenly Al wakes up from what seems like a bad dream, back in the bedroom scene shown earlier. He then prepares antacid from all that eating, only to find his eyes turn yellow, á la Michael Jackson in Thriller. Spooky!

12. Like A Surgeon
Being that "Stuck In A Closet With Vanna White" was the second song I heard newly becoming a fan, this video was the second video I ever watched. I don't remember laughing so hard over a music video; It's that great.

Al walks through the hallway and into the I.C.U. He sees his patient in a frozen state and not breathing. Not knowing why the patient is like that, Al starts pounding on the life support unit, then slams his patient on the chest. Like any device that needs to be slammed to get it working, the patient is back to normal. The song begins as one doctor rolls a patient with legs and feet on both ends! You can tell the voice of Al was mixed to sound high and girly, matching that of Madonna.

As Al continues singing and eventually operating on a patient, a lion randomly walks by the lobby. Surgeons and Al prepare their tools for the operation, and besides a scalpel, it includes crayons, salt and pepper and a knife kitchen set. While Al hums to the song and tying up his mask, you can see the board game Operation in the background. Another funny bit was after the patient's operation is done, the next comes over with a number, similar to what you'd see at a grocery deli. When Al operates on a patient, he pulls out a heart, a car rim, an accordion, a string of handkerchiefs and a rabbit! Heading to the end of the video is Al prancing, dancing and posing like Madonna. The end of the video, Al dresses like Madonna and does a little dance close to the choreography from her video "Lucky Star."

13. UHF
Video opens with a TV getting reception. As it receives a clean signal, the song starts. Mixed with movie clips from UHF, Al sings to the song dressed as various artists from Gun 'n Roses to The Beatles! The song ends when the TV explodes.

14. Money For Nothing/Beverly Hillbillies
The video starts with Al in a detective's office watching the classic TV show Beverly Hillbillies. The song starts and its colorful animation represents its similarity with Dire Straits' video! During the song features 3D animation which seemed "advanced" for its time in the eighties. Compared to today, the animation looked like a cheesy animation project done for a high school class. I say "advanced" because during the eighties, the video game market was barely in the 8-bit era.

15. One More Minute
Singing doo-wop style and an Elvis-like voice, Al sings with his bandmates as backup dancers. As soon as he threw a Roledex card away, Al pulls a picture of a girl from his jacket pocket and rips it in two. According to the "Weird Al" Wikia page, it may have been Al's ex-girlfriend—the girl responsible for Al's idea of the song. Although it certainly is funny, you can sense the agony hidden underneath the lyrics such as, "Cause I'd rather get 100,000 paper cuts on my face, than spend one more minute with you." The song ends with Al looking dejected, standing alone under the spotlight in the shape of a heart (we've all been there before). Well, whoever that girl is, someone gets the last laugh: Al is happily married to Suzanne and have two beautiful daughters.
'Weird Al' and picture of ex?
"Weird Al" wins! Besides, Suzanne is so much prettier anyway.

Me? I've had some tough luck with a few women in my life but not as tough as Ashley. Therefore, if I had to sing this song to dedicate to a girl who made me miserable every which way, her name would be Ashley N. Gold. I came to a realization, however: some women aren't meant to start a family and have children with. (It's okay folks, she won't read this but I don't mind showing the world a video/GIF of me ripping up her picture in two. Then she can see it.)

16. I Lost On Jeopardy
If you're a huge TV game show geek like me, this music video should give you some laughs. It starts as the stage and camera crew prepare for the filming of hit TV game show Jeopardy! hosted by Art Fleming (yes, before Alex Trebek was assigned host). Al sings to the song while struggling to do some damage during the game, and the camera crew all sing to the chorus. On the video is a cameo of his real, late, parents watching him on TV (both his parents passed away; my condolences to you, Al!). The crew then grab Al off his podium and begin to throw him out of the set; He then makes a joke about doing better...on The Price Is Right! Everyone on set waves bye to Al for being such a big loser when he suddenly gets thrown out of the building and onto the back seat of married couple's car. The car drives off with the license plate "LOSER."

17. This Is The Life
This is the soundtrack to the movie Johnny Dangerously featuring Michael Keaton and Danny DeVito. Right when the song ends, everyone starts grabbing the money from the floor. When the cymbals are hit, the chandelier in the room falls!

18. Living With A Hernia
Compared to James Brown's official video, the video opens with various shots of America mixed with folks doing chores that's hard to do with a hernia. Al performs in a Las Vegas-like stage complete with backup singers and showgirls. Watching through, you see Al struggling to do things when you have a hernia such as walking/running. One scene shows Al teaching a class about the different types of hernia which is quite cool. From Brown's song, "Living In America," he yells at the end of the song "I feel good!" Here, singing about a hernia, Al ends the song yelling, "I feel bad!"

19. Spy Hard
Scene opens with a graphical representation similar to Apple® commercials with sexy, slender women swimming...and a fat lady swimming and farting! At the end of the song is Al singing and hitting the high note for a very long time until his face turns red then explodes!

20. Ricky
In black and white, Al is dressed as Ricky Ricardo from the popular TV show I Love Lucy. Al and the band jam from another room during the song. Near the end of the song, the video turns into color and plays the official intro song of the show on electric guitar.

21. Christmas At Ground Zero
Along with clips of the festive christmas holiday and animation, the video is mixed in with apocalyptic B-roll clips of nuclear explosions, bombs and various people running for cover to go with it. The video also features a clip from Ronald Reagan who says this:

"Well, the big day is only a few hours away now. I'm sure you're looking forward to it as much as we are."

Al then appears near the end of the song, singing to the song with the kids who are all wearing gas masks.

22. I Love Rocky Road
This and "Ricky" are one of the first music videos Al released (1983). Al stops by an ice cream parlor and walks in with two beautiful girls. According to the DVD booklet, this parody was actually about Al's favorite ice cream flavor. Al and the band jam in the parlor as the customers sing along.

23. Bob
Being a low budget video, it takes place in an alley between a few apartment buildings with two men talking the background. Al simply holds up cue cards with lyrics of the song written on them. As you can tell by the song, the voice Al sings emulates the odd singing voice of Bob Dylan himself. When the song finishes, Al shrugs in bewilderment then leaves.

Since this song was featured on Poodle Hat, I get the feeling he seemed a bit bummed out not having to compose the parody video for his song "Couch Potato," which is a parody of "Lose Yourself" by Eminem. (You're a great rapper, Eminem, but you killed Al's big chance. Go Chamillionaire!)

24. The Saga Begins
As you can tell, the lyrics talk about the hit movie series Star Wars about a little boy wanting to become a Jedi. Al walks through the desert, then performs with the band. In the background are a bunch of ancient icons dating back from Egyptian history (sexy, voluptuous Cleopatra, anyone?), and the audience, watching Al and the band perform, are characters from the movie! Near the end of the song, Al continues to walk through the desert, and a bunch of Al clones (a call back from his parody "I Think I'm A Clone Now?") sing the last part of the song.

As for the bonuses, The Tomorrow Show with Tom Snyder features Al's very first TV appearance dating back in April 21, 1981 performing "Another Rides The Bus," which is a parody of "Another Bites The Dust" by Queen with John Schwartz doing the sound effects. Beats were made pounding on a luggage and Al with his big hair performs barefoot. The other is The Weird Al Show featuring hand-picked clips from the 1997 Saturday morning show aired on CBS, featuring parodies like "Livin' In The Fridge" and "Lasagna".

Word has spread about a secret video on this DVD. It is found by highlighting "The Weird Al Show" then pressing up on your DVD remote control. The video automatically plays an old clip "My Bologna" shot in San Luis Obispo, CA December 1979. Wow! This video is known an "Easter egg."

It's hard not to enjoy the timeless humor of the great Al, producing wonderful parodies throughout the years and doing/saying things we'd never thought we'd able able to hear (in a good way, of course). While Al prioritizes his time with family, I'm always up for a listen and watch when Al releases more new stuff. Oh, and don't be surprised if he produces a parody of "Gangnam Style," and/or "Blurred Lines."

Like I called out on music video DVD listings for Daryl Hall & John Oates and Tears For Fears, this DVD features a chunk of videos remastered for DVD, and any fan couldn't asked for more. If companies followed suit with their musical artists, I think a ton would go home happy. As with the case for this, "Weird Al" fans would find this a worthy investment. From the funny songs themselves accompanying with a funny video, it's hard not to keep a straight face watching these videos.

Three words to live by: "'Weird Al' rules!"

Note: there are a handful of songs Al himself never produced nor took credit for doing. In addition, there are music artists who never offer permission to get Al to produce a parody of their song(s). To those who think he's too weird to be a fan of, here's a fact: "Weird Al" has produced original songs ever since, so he doesn't just sit there and does parodies (do your research). For more information, check out these excellent sources:

XVR27's Songs NOT By Weird Al:

11 Artists Who Wouldn't Give Al Permission to Parody their songs:





  • Majority of "Weird Al's" best and greatest videos of all time.
  • Our personal favorite? "UHF."
  • This DVD contains an "easter egg" in the menus (read above).
  • Includes a live performance of "Another One Rides The Bus."
  • None.
100% (A+)
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Title "Weird Al" Yankovic: The Ultimate Video Collection
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Specification Black & White and Color
Features [MAIN MENU]: (1. Play All, 2. Video Selection, 3. Photo Gallery, 4. Extras, 5. Set Up/Credits) [VIDEO SELECTION]: (1. Fat, 2. Amish Paradise, 3. It's All About The Pentiums, 4. Smells Like Nirvana, 5. You Don't Love Me Anymore, 6. Bedrock Anthem, 7. Gump, 8. Jurassic Park, 9. Headline News, 10. Dare To Be Stupid, 11. Eat It, 12. Like A Surgeon, 13. UHF, 14. Money For Nothing/Beverly Hillbillies, 15. One More Minute, 16. I Lost On Jeopardy, 17. This Is The Life, 18. Living With A Hernia, 19. Spy Hard, 20. Ricky, 21. Christmas At Ground Zero, 22. I Love Rocky Road, 23. Bob, 24. The Saga Begins) [PHOTO GALLERY] [EXTRAS]: (The Tomorrow Show, The Weird Al Show) [SET UP/CREDITS]
Production Volcano Entertainment / Way Moby
Company Volcano Entertainment / Way Moby
Item / Product Number #82876-53727-9
Closed Captioning --
DVD Release November 04, 2003
Run Time 90 minutes (Videos: 1:25:32, Extras: The Tomorrow Show/The Weird Al Show - 7:55 and "My Bologna" - 2:41. Total actual DVD time: 1:36:08)
Copyright © 2003 Volcano Entertainment III, L.L.C.
Other Formats VHS
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Directed by
Jay Levey
"Weird Al" Yankovic

Music by
"Weird Al" Yankovic

Distributed by

DVD Supervision
Jeff Dodes

Creative Director
Chris Melvin

DVD Author
Chris Haggerty

Audio Mastering
Chaz Harper

Audio Supervision
Bob Schwall


Directed by
Jay Levey

Parody of "Bad" by Michael Jackson

"Amish Paradise"

Directed by
Al Yankovic

Parody of "Gangsta's Paradise" by Coolio

"It's All About The Pentiums"

Directed by
Al Yankovic

Parody of "It's All About The Benjamins" by Puff Daddy

"Smells Like Nirvana"

Directed by
Jay Levey

Parody of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana

"You Don't Love Me Anymore"

Directed by
Jay Levey

This is an original song by Al Yankovic

"Bedrock Anthem"

Directed by
Al Yankovic


Directed by
Al Yankovic

Parody of "Lump" by The Presidents of the United States of America

"Jurassic Park"

Directed by
Mark Osborne and Scott Nordlund

Parody of "MacArthur Park" by Richard Harris

"Headline News"

Directed by
Al Yankovic

Parody of "Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm" by Crash Test Dummies

"Dare To Be Stupid"

Directed by
Jay Levey and Robert K. Weiss

This is an original song, produced as an homage to the group DEVO

"Eat It"

Directed by
Jay Levey

Parody of "Beat It" by Michael Jackson

"Like A Surgeon"

Directed by
Jay Levey and Robert K. Weiss

Parody of "Like A Virgin" by Madonna


Directed by
Jay Levey

This is an original song by Al Yankovic

"Money For Nothing/Beverly Hillbillies"

Directed by
Jay Levey

Parody of "Money For Nothing" by Dire Straits

"One More Minute"

Directed by
Jay Levey and Robert K. Weiss

This is an original song by Al Yankovic

"I Lost On Jeopardy"

Directed by
Francis Delia

Parody of "Jeopardy" by Greg Kihn

"This Is The Life"

Directed by
Jay Levey

This is an original song by Al Yankovic

"Living With A Hernia"

Directed by
Jay Levey

Parody of "Living In America" by James Brown

"Spy Hard"

Directed by
Al Yankovic

This is an original song by Al Yankovic


Directed by
Janet Greek

Parody of "Mickey" by Toni Basil

"Christmas At Ground Zero"

Directed by
Al Yankovic

This is an original song by Al Yankovic

"I Love Rocky Road"

Directed by
Dror Soref

Parody of "I Love Rock 'n Roll" by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts


Directed by
Al Yankovic

This is an original song by Al Yankovic

"The Saga Begins"

Directed by
Al Yankovic

Parody of "American Pie" by Don McLean

An RCA Video Productions

© 1984 RCA Video Productions, Inc.
All Rights Reserved.


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