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Revive "The Onion SportsDome!"

Given the rise of "Inside the NBA" and the current landscape of sports, makes this a perfect suggestion to consider.

Revive The Onion SportsDome

Let's face it: We're living in an extremely sensitive society. No matter how innocent something comes off as, there's always a group of people who are easily offended by it. Why is that? I feel specific groups, or people in general, feel powerless at our country's current state, and finding irrelevant stuff they can turn into something that's deemed "politically incorrect" can give them some kind of leverage...or attention they don't deserve. Saying that, someone somewhere is offended by what was just written, only to find themselves re-reading it, sending the link to this article among folks on social media and slamming me for being a prick because of the next generation that'll be responsible for the future of humanity and the planet.

Saying that, we need to laugh. In the world of entertainment, it's been such a bore that everyone, including fans, are all feeling depressed. Isn't laughter the best cure for majority of one's problems? To that I say:

"Often times, a parody can fire up a renewed interest that made what the original production represented. Despite the continual decrease in subscribers and ratings, it makes sense to bring back a show that made fun of the style of sports reporting was nationally known for. I officially plead and propose: Revive 'The Onion SportsDome!'

If the humor from 'The Onion' is too strong to watch, THICKEN YOUR SKIN UP. The only tears allowed to be shed are ones caused from side-aching laughs, and this show gives them...often."

Why yes, the network Comedy Central used to air a show titled Onion SportsDome which happened to be a parody of ESPN's SportsCenter back in 2011. The interest in sports was at its highest, roughly between 2008-2012, especially when superstar LeBron James announced a heart-pounding decision to play for another team—Miami Heat—thus changing the landscape of the game, conspicuously glamorizing the idea of constructing together a "superteam." Nevertheless, due to the alleged biased reporting of SportsCenter, The Onion thought it was grounds for comedy that needed to be on national TV. This show, along with Sports Show with Norm MacDonald, seemed to be the way to go: Delivering humor through the goings-on, schtick, inside jokes and overall appealing to sports fans of all kinds. Barely lasting 10 episodes, Comedy Central cut the cord for both shows because of low ratings, in comparison to the high viewership for the popular clip show series Tosh.0.

Because of the awkward decision, or by pure "coincidence" injecting politics into sports, ESPN has ruined the fun and drama of watching sports. I think bringing back SportsDome would get fans excited about coming back to watching sports again, and with some cheekbone-bruising laughter, what more would one ask for? Some of the "reports" and "talk" discussed on SportsDome may be outlandish, sophomoric and offensive at times, but that's what we need: A source we can frequent enough to where we all can be able to laugh together, instead of sitting around and complaining about something nobody cares about.

The show emulates SportsCenter as much as possible, even down to the motion graphics—my personal favorite in sports broadcasts:

Team versus Team similarity to SportsCenterTeam versus Team on SportsCenter
(SOURCES: [Top] Renderon Broadcast Design; [Bottom] Lost Project by Craig Stouffer)

Unfortunately, there are little to no sources that stream full episodes of SportsDome despite the show having some copywritten/licensed content used on its broadcasts. Nevertheless, so many things have happened in the sports world between 2011 up to 2018 that The Onion has more than enough to joke about. Here are some sample clips, however:

(Source: The Onion @ YouTube.com)

It doesn't stop there: Try this "breaking news" report of the Staples Center crashing down on the LA Clippers:

(Source: The Onion @ YouTube.com)

Living through this whiny, upcoming, know-it-all generation, it feels good to laugh again.

From my personal research, there are SportsDome reports about Peyton Manning ejaculating after opening kicks, pedophiles angered by girls' new soccer team uniforms at a local school and the show requesting fans to send in their one-second Super Bowl commercials. I miss fun like that, but now, it's like we're not allowed to do anything anymore because having fun is offensive. BULLSHIT. I like fun, and I believe The Onion can deliver. (If you're one of those who get easily offended by the goings-on in today's society, see how long you can last listening/watching to the stand-up comedy of Andrew "Dice" Clay. I'm certain you won't last the entire show.)

Comedy Central promo card for Onion SportsDome

If Comedy Central, let alone other TV networks, pick the show up again, there are always streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and/or Amazon.

No joke: If this show returns for a fresh, new series, I'll pay for the subscription. With a new football league coming up, ratings for the WWE, NFL and ESPN continuing to decrease, reviving sports comedy shows like this will make sports cool and fun again.

What do you think? Do you remember this show? Since the entertainment industry keeps on remaking and modernizing old shows, would you like to see this series produce another shot at it? Tell us in the comments section below!


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