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"Sears Protective Shutters presents Shutters In Motion"

Another super rare promo tape, this time from Sears advertising their "brand new" window shutters.

Why Sears is the number one choice!

As we've said before, getting VHS tapes in the mail was a thing back in the nineties. It was an affordable way for companies to advertise when they don't, or won't, pay for TV time. It was also a way to market and advertise services exclusive to a particular region and/or area. Saying that, we're not surprised if some of you haven't seen nor heard of these releases back then. Given the current situation of Sears and all its subsidiaries, let's talk about this super rare VHS tape!

Much like the Mervyns video, this is roughly a 5-minute video showcasing Sears' new window shutters, though it's not just any other shutter similar to venetian blinds. These shutters are remote controlled and shut your windows with a touch of a button! Of course, this feature isn't anything new but it seemed to be a big item back then. Unless you lived in those super rich houses, which often had some high-tech features before it's available to the general public, consumers get a chance at owning these motion shutters. These motion shutters move horizontally, up and down, as such. That's very much it, that's the entire promo video. Very simple, and the presentation is something you'd watch as those long commercials aired once then back to your scheduled show. Also includes a phone number to those interested in the product which happens to include a 20% discount. We have not tested nor called the number so try and call at your own risk.

'Tis a very short tape, though we're not sure of this VHS' rare value given that it's another commercial. I don't recall if this also came with a tape cover so the tape itself is pictured as is. (Our Artwork rating below is judged on the opening title screen of the video and not so much the label printing on the tape.)

Sears Shutters In Motion!
Sears Shutters In Motion!
Sears Shutters In Motion button menu!

Sears Shutters In Motion!

If you'd like to watch the whole presentation, you can click on the image above to view on our YouTube-like sub-domain KC Universal + Plus!

That's about it! Given Sears' current business situation, we doubt that they'll contact us talking about this tape of theirs and its release. Regardless, we're happy to have archive it on our website!

If you're one of the lucky few to find this, it is a great piece of history in terms of promotional VHS tapes. Otherwise, it's a neat little tape and we have uploaded the contents for the world to see since this may have been long forgotten in the depths of VHS releases. Enjoy and long live VHS! Thank you, Sears!





  • A promo tape so rare, we have not found one for sale online.
  • Shutters in Motion advertises remote-controlled blinds for your windows—a new feature for interiors at the time.
  • Included a 20% discount within five days for those interested after watching the video entirely.
  • Simple, straight-forward presentation; No fluff and the item was presented well.
  • Unsure what the future holds for Sears, business-wise.
  • Given its forgotten value, no tape cover exists.
85% (B)
Fan Rating
Title Sears Protective Shutters presents Shutters in Motion
Description ???
ISBN / Bar Code number ???
Video Format 1.33:1 (4:3) / Full screen
Audio Format Stereo
Tape Count One (1)
Genre Commercial / Promotionals
Run Time 0:05:28
Language(s) English
Subtitles --
Closed Captioning ???
Rated --
VHS Release 1991 (???)
Specification Color
Production / Company ???
Product / Item Number ???
Copyright ???
Other Formats ???
Quoted Reviews --
Other In California call: 1-800-773-3776
Sold, furnished & installed by a Sears authorized contractor, however shutters seen in this video may not have been installed by Sears.


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