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"Kirby's Block Ball" (Game Boy)

A Kirby-themed block breaking madness, integrated with bonus rounds and boss fights on each stage. Catchy music and fun power-ups for Kirby to uniquely bust his way through, and settle the score against King Dedede.

Whew man, it's been a busy past week but I wanted to release this review not because it's next on our list, but this review is in tribute to the co-founder of Nintendo of America Alan Stone who passed away at 71[1]. While we could've chosen any other Game Boy title for review, this one holds something special.

When I first received the Nintendo Game Boy as a child, my parents packed the system with the one and only game you're reading about right now: Kirby's Block Ball. My parents bought this for me when we were on a family trip in Las Vegas, Nevada, and while we enjoyed the sight-seeing experiences, this game kept me busy....very busy. While it may be just a Kirby variant of Arkanoid, this presents challenges that even a seasoned retro gamer wouldn't mind tackling.

Featuring Kirby and its characters, along with the famous bosses under King Dedede and Dedede himself, you must overcome 10 stages to access the final castle where the King awaits his battle against Kirby. Oh, but it gets even more difficult: you can't simply pass the stages and defeat the bosses in normal fashion, you'll find that each stage has a borderline you must surpass in order to access King Dedede's lair. This borderline is a score, usually six figures, and you must clean house. In addition, to help you beat the borderline, say 125,000, there are specific levels that activate what's called a Bonus Chance. You get this by hitting a sphere with a star on it, and it turns the blocks into Through Blocks—blocks that Kirby can charge through without resistance. That Bonus Chance only lasts 30 seconds and if you clean house in less than 30 seconds, depending on the amount of blocks remaining in that stage level, you'll accumulate points faster than ever, thus have a higher chance in clearing and surpassing the borderline. Now, doing so may require several tries since I'm certain you won't beat the Bonus Chances on your first try; It all depends on the directions you hit Kirby in.

Along the way, you get chances to win extra lives by getting Kirby to hit and land on his infamous Warp Star. The Warp Star takes him to the center of the stage map featuring four bonus games: Air Hockey, Up Cloud, Up Down, Star Catcher. If you want my suggestion, I highly recommend Air Hockey because if you get your shots and timing right, it's super easy to snatch up 3 lives (three lives is the maximum extra lives you can accumulate). My least favorite is Up Down, where you hit cards in order to match with the others. I never got the hang of that, and end up with cards of King Dedede which only is 1 bonus life. Up Cloud is nice and works on your paddle movement skills, but rarely got the 3UP cloud to the finish line. Star Catcher is very good as it strengthens your paddle-eye coordination. If you've got fast reflexes, this is a great game to play as you need to use all four paddles to catch stars and avoid catching bombs. If you're very short on lives and want something quick, then Air Hockey is your best bet.

Another opportunity to plow through the stages is the integration of power-ups! There are four power-ups: Spark, Burn, Needle and Stone. Spark gets Kirby to destroy blocks in his path, namely in diagonal directions. Burn turns Kirby into a fireball and fires in an upward direction, destroying everything and every enemy in the way. Needle may be cumbersome to use at times since Kirby spews out spikes, like a sea urchin, to destroy enemies and blocks but it can be useful when wanting to get Kirby back on a paddle and redirecting him into a new spot of the level. This is particularly handy when you're playing the Bonus Chance, and when you press B on a paddle to get Kirby situated on the paddle again, the Bonus Chance clock stops until you release Kirby again. Its attack is weak but it works in terms of redirection, especially levels where blocks are tucked in to hard-to-reach spots. Lastly, the Stone power-up turns Kirby into a heavy boulder and breaks every block underneath its path, which is directionally opposite of the Burn power-up. If you can, try and keep any of this power-ups when fighting the bosses because the stage bosses have a life meter, and attacking them with a power-up takes out 2 bars out of their life bars instead of 1. This is also a very handy trick when you face King Dedede, who has twice as much life bars in its meter compared to the regular stage bosses.

Clear the borderlines on all 10 stages, defeat King Dedede and you have gotten Kirby to restore control of Dream Land overcoming Dedede's sinister plans and putting him back in his place once again! The game ends with credits.

Graphics are what you'd expect from an original Game Boy game, but it has a special on-screen border when played on TV using the popular Super Game Boy. The game has 3 empty files where you can save your game and continue where you left off. Since this game has a cartridge battery, be sure to check on the condition of the battery and if it saves the games before buying. The music, like with almost any Kirby game, is very catchy. The music department sure hired some talented composers because the soundtracks on each stage will stick in your head. The controls are excellent with no delays, hang-ups or anything funky along the way, working as needed.

It's taken me this long but I've finally come through reviewing the very first Game Boy game I have ever played that made me an instant fan of the Game Boy overnight. Like I said, this game does present and pose some incredible challenges but it's not impossible to beat. I strongly recommend this to fans of Arkanoid and/or Breakout, fans of the Kirby franchise and/or Game Boy fans in general!

P.S. In respect to show my appreciation to Nintendo of America, Inc, this review was written in tribute to the co-founder Alan Stone who passed away in February [2017]. You will be missed but your work has been much admired, and you're one of the reasons we enjoy timeless video game entertainment, like these, over and over again. Thank you, Mr. Stone.

1. IGN.com: Nintendo of America Co-Founder Alan Stone Dies at 71





  • Fun music and excellent graphics.
  • Controls are good.
  • Each level presents a decent challenge, namely clearing Borderline.
  • Features familiar enemies and characters from the Kirby franchise.
  • Four unique and fun power-ups for Kirby.
  • None.
100% (A+)
Fan Rating
Game Title Kirby's Block Ball
Description Kirby's back with fast-paced, four-way action!

It's a breakaway bash in this wild new Kirby game of Block Ball! By destroying the blocks on the screen, you clear stages and obtain powers that help in your final confrontation with King Dedede.

Paddles on all four sides of the screen make this an intense four-way action contest. Your quick reactions, and your careful use of Kirby's powers will determine your ultimate fate!

• Fast-paced, block-clearing action
• Four-way fun puts your skills to the test
• Multiple abilities, screens and stages
• Battery-backed memory saves your stage scores and game progress
Welcome to Kirby's Block Ball In this adventure, Kirby takes center stage in a frenzied, block-clearing free for all! Through the positioning of the paddle, you send a ball into the playing field and clear a variety of blocks, with the goal of establishing a high score! After facing familiar enemies, Kirby must confront his arch-nemesis, King DeDeDe! It will not be any easy task... Use the four abilities and the Kirby Power Bounce wisely!
Good luck, Kirby!
ISBN / Bar Code number 045496730505
Video Format 1.33:1 (4:3) Full screen
Audio Format Mono (Stereo via Super Game Boy)
Language(s) English
Disk/Cartridge One (1)
Region(s) NTSC, PAL
Genre Action-Puzzle
Rated K-A - Kids to Adults (Ages 6+)
Released May 1996 (US), 1995 (EU), December 1995 (JP)
Video Specification Monochrome (Color via Super Game Boy)
Licensed by Nintendo®
Developed by Nintendo / HAL Laboratory
Company Nintendo / HAL Laboratory
Product / Item / Catalog Number DMG P AKXE

Other Formats Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console
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Other --
Block Ball

Hiromune Kouno

CG Designers
Isao Shiroyama
You Kotou

Kazuya Miura
Yoshiko Ohkubo
Sanae Kubota

Map Designers
Hiroyoshi Kubo
Ichirou Takigawa

Takeshi Yamazaki
Toshifumi Hiroo
Yuki Yano
Yasu Shimokawa
Zhu Li

Sukezo Ouyama
Ryoue Takagi

Atsushi Kakuta

Kensuke Tanabe
Hideki Fujii

Special Thanks
Masao Masakusa
Hitoshi Yamagami
Kenji Okamoto
Takeji Basho
Hitoshi Fukushima
Marcus Lindblom


so many players.

Gunpei Yokoi
Shigeru Miyamoto

Executive Producer
Hiroshi Yamauchi

Thank you for playing.

© Nintendo 1995    1996


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