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"Looney Tunes" (Game Boy)

A nice platforming game featuring your favorite cartoon characters from WB. Despite it being a short game, it presents a herd of challenges that even seasoned gamers will find intriguing.

This marks as the first Sunsoft® game to be reviewed here on SHOWSOTROS showcasing popular cartoon characters from Warner Bros! If you read the description, this game only features 7 levels but don't think for a moment that this game is a walk in the park.

According to the manual, each level is a "cartoon scene" starring a Looney Tunes character running through the obstacles and overcoming enemies along the way, knocking out the mid- and final bosses. In other words, they're different levels of challenge that require a quick trial and error before finding your way through. The levels are as follows:

  1. LEVEL 1: "South Seas" starring Daffy Duck
  2. LEVEL 2: "Street Smarts" starring Sylvester and Tweety
  3. LEVEL 3: "Pilot Porky" starring Porky Pig
  4. LEVEL 4 [BONUS LEVEL]: "Time for a Snack" starring Tasmanian Devil
  5. LEVEL 5: "Haunted Mouse" starring Speedy Gonzales
  6. LEVEL 6: "Way out West" starring Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote
  7. LEVEL 7: "Hare Beware" starring Bugs Bunny

Perhaps the easiest level has to be
Level 4
as it is a Bonus Level featuring Tasmanian Devil. The hardest is a tie between Level 5 and Level 6. Besides having an attack shooting frisbees or projectiles, Speedy Gonzales' attack is either a basic jump or his infamous dance which spews out stars around him. While that dance works, you lose control of him for a few seconds making him vulnerable to attack, meaning you can't control him until his dance is finished. It's corny. Jumping is your best bet when fighting the final boss there on Level 5—some Dracula-like vampire, and because that boss moves so fast, using the dancing attack will not work.

Level 6, you control Road Runner to try stopping Wile E. Coyote and his attacks. Here, the level continually scrolls and there's no time for a little pit stop. Since Wile E. Coyote casts missiles toward Road Runner, this will take a chunk of trial and error to get the pattern down and knowing when to avoid the projectiles and/or when to deflect them (simply by jumping on them). It's one of the shorter levels on the game but timing is certainly everything, and it's a guarantee you won't pass it the first time playing; It is that difficult. (Of course, to knock out Wile E. Coyote is simply by jumping on him.)

The last level features our favorite rabbit: Bugs Bunny. The final boss? Funny enough, it's Elmer Fudd (insert trigger-happy joke here). Before that, YOU MUST FIGHT ALL BOSSES FROM LEVEL 1 BEFORE YOUR SHOWDOWN WITH ELMER FUDD. It seems developers and game programmers really learned a lot from the Mega Man series, from what I can tell as a lot of other game companies have followed suit. Anyway, get Bugs Bunny to save the day. Shooting frisbees at Fudd works but he shoots back at Bugs with his infamous double-barreled gun spewing 3 bullets. While frisbees work, I recommend jumping on Fudd and keeping him at the same spot to continuously attack him multiple times without Fudd having the chance to shoot. After that, and tallying your final score, you won and beaten the game! The game ends with credits and restarts from the beginning.

Along with short games like Tail 'Gator, it doesn't mean it's bad. Sometimes it's best not to assume it's an easy game, too, based on the length of the game and the characters it features. The challenges here are just enough to get your full, undivided attention in running through enemies, and getting the attack patterns down among mid-bosses and bosses. Let's not forget that the types of attack your characters are able to do changes throughout the game, since you don't stick with one character overall, but that presents new ways to take on the enemies.

The graphics are your typical Game Boy graphics but the gradients and sprites are very excellent. For a "black and white" game with no Super Game Boy color palettes, I must say I'm impressed at the graphical designs. Very neat. The music is super catchy but if you've watched the original cartoons, which I'm sure most of you have, you ought to feel right at home with these tunes. It gets stuck to your head but it's not bad. The controls and gameplay are superb, as I have not witnessed any delays or glitches whatsoever. Had it not been for the nice controls, with fluid controls, this would've scored very low.

Reading the credits, while you have the usual Special Thanks, developers took time to give a very special thanks to Luana Chambers. I found her IMDB profile, and received very special thanks, namely in Tiny Toon Adventures. Here's the link to Luana Chambers' IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm4530510/.

(By the way, if you know Luana Chambers, or you are Luana Chambers, contact us as we'd like to interview you on this website!)

A short game like this has enough of a challenge to take on even the sesasoned retro gamers, but not too impossible where casual gamers can too take on a task in beating an entire game in less than a day. Highly recommended!





  • Classic musical soundtrack, and good graphics.
  • Relatively short game.
  • Gets challenging as you progress.
  • Boss fights can be brutal but are fun.
  • Not much of an ending.
100% (A+)
Fan Rating
Game Title Looney Tunes
Description Can you handle 7 levels of looney?

What's more fun than watching cartoons? Actually starring in one! Looney Tunes from Sunsoft® lets you join the wacky, weird and wild world only your favorite Looney Tunes characters have seen 'til now.

Each level features a different character starring in its own "mini-cartoon," with plots, obstacles, traps and surprises designed especially for each one. You'll actually become Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, The Tasmanian Devil, Road Runner and more as you race to save the world against some very familiar enemies, and a few new diabolical menaces you may never forget! You'll have to master each character's special talents to cross deserts, swim the deepest oceans, fly through the air and creep your way through a haunted mansion filled with totally gruesome ghosts and goblins.

Six amazing levels, siz amazing games...plus an awesome bonus round. There's only one way to describe this awesome action: Totally looney!
Game Overview Looney Tunes for Game Boy contains 7 action packed levels. It is your task to complete each level within the specified time period. The game features a variety of Looney Tunes characters battling against some very familiar enemies and a few new ones you may never forget. Each character "stars" in their own adventure within each level and game play will vary accordingly. Looney Tunes for Game Boy will take you through a haunted mansion with Bugs Bunny, swimming the South Seas with Daffy Duck, to flying the skies with Porky Pig and many more zany places where you can find all of your favorite characters. There's a little bit of everything in Looney Tunes for Game Boy. It's like having 7 different games in 1!
ISBN / Bar Code number 0 20763 11027 3
Video Format 1.33:1 (4:3) Full screen
Audio Format Mono (Stereo via Super Game Boy)
Language(s) English
Disk/Cartridge One (1)
Region(s) NTSC, PAL
Genre Action-Platformer
Rated E - Everyone
Released December 22, 1992 (JP), October 1992 (US), 1992 (EU)
Video Specification Monochrome (Color via Super Game Boy)
Licensed by Nintendo®
Developed by Sunsoft
Company Sun Corporation of America
Product / Item / Catalog Number ????
Other Formats Game Boy Color
Quoted Reviews --
Other --
Michio Okasaka

C.G Designers
Shigeyuki Asa
Hiroshi Ito

Sound Creator
Manami Matsumae


Special Thanks To
Masato Kawai
Kazuaki Okumura
Masaru Aoyanagi
Hiroshi Tsukamoto
Yuichi Ueda
Tatsuo Mori
Mikio Iwata
Hiroyuki Karashima
Joe Robbins
Rita Zimmerer
David Siller
Steve Gehrke
Al Artus
Karen Shadley
Kazuko Harman

Very Special Thanks To
Luana Chambers

Kiharu Yoshida

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