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"Mickey Mouse Magic Wands" (Game Boy)

Classic game in the Mickey Mouse series. This puzzle-laden platformer presents an okay-amount of challenge with a simple and fun storyline.

Never have I seen a game where the antagonists punish the heroes just because they wandered around and interrupted your sleep. Now I have: Disney's Mickey Mouse Magic Wands. By the way, I wasn't exaggerating in that first sentence; That's the story of the game—Mickey and his friends wandered in the forest, see an eerie, dark castle, only to see his friends fall down an abyss casted by the evil wizard because Mickey and his friends woke him up. Tch....

As you may have guessed, you use wands to make your way through the castle to save Mickey's friends, namely Pluto, Goofy, Donald Duck and Minnie Mouse. Brace yourself because this game has 40 stages, and every tenth stage is a boss fight.

For the controls, they're okay but nothing terrible. Unlike Mario, you can barely move Mickey while he's airborne. This means when you drop to the lower part of the stage, Mickey drops vertically unable to move until he lands, so you'd have to act quickly if Mickey ever falls into a pool of water that take away your health. Mickey's HP is indicated by six stars, so you have a bit of room to take in a few hits before he bites the dust. Using the wand requires the B button, as A makes Mickey jump. The game, very much, gives you some on-screen instructions as you progress, basically. When you get the second wand, you can get the surface of the water to freeze into a cube of ice, while also freezing up water streams. The third wand, you hold the B button to create ice cubes out of thin air (today's technology will being doing this soon, I'm sure). The fourth and final wand requires both the B button and the UP directional pad to cast and throw ice cubes. Getting all those techniques down aren't too difficult so you should get them down by the first and/or second levels into the next set of stages.

As for items, you have a Music Box which freezes the enemies temporarily; you have Apples which kill enemies in sight (except the skeleton enemies which knock them out temporarily then come back to life again); The Keys open and/or close drawbridges; Lollipops which actually recover your health in case you're down to your last 2 stars. Collect them as much as possible and save them when the stages gets difficult. Finally, the Cupcakes give you an extra life.

Completely losing at this game, let alone all your lives, seems quite impossible unless you're that terrible at it. It's not a very hard game at all, though approaching the 30th stage and up, the levels not only get difficult, but very tedious.

Oh, that's right: the goal of this game is to collect puzzle pieces of murals representing various Disney characters besides Pluto, Goofy, Donald Duck and Minnie Mouse. The most puzzle pieces you have to collect is 12, but you can collect them in any order as long as you know the whereabouts of the levels and how to properly access the crystals. This means, a modest amount of logic and cube-stacking is required but it's not as bad as it sounds. Just go get all the puzzle pieces. Being this is quite a long game, it has a Password feature so you can continue where you left off.

The manual for this game doesn't say the names nor describe the bosses, so here: the boss on Stage 10 can be taken out using the wand itself, where you eliminate all the Fire Spirits; Stage 20 boss requires that you freeze the water surface as fast as you can to prevent the bass from coming up the surface, causing it to spew bullets at you; Stage 30 requires that you get all 4 Apples to knock out the polar-esque animal, but the challenge is to settle for steady ground as the enemy jumps and pounds the floor resulting in loss of balance for Mickey. The final boss at Stage 40 is the evil witch herself killing her with the wand's cube toss. The second part is the evil wizard which takes several hits, before he switches to his magic carpet and uses a protective field to try and block your attacks. My advice is to attack as quickly as you can, and don't forget to use the Lollipop if you're short on health. Defeat the boss, and you rescued Minnie Mouse and everyone else!

As Mickey's friends gather with a huge sigh of relief, Goofy takes time to take a group picture. Excellent illustration of the characters at the end, however, no credits roll!

Looking at the box, this hit the Million-Selling award for being a challenging yet simple game to play with an okay storyline. Saying that means don't wake people up or else you'll get punished? Very odd, but it's just a game.

It's rare you hear someone say this, but I would've love to see the credits roll in this game. Other than that, there isn't too much bad in this game. It's easy and just right, in terms of difficulty.

Fellow retro gamers, and/or Disney fans, check this game out!





  • A fun game that both casual and experienced gamers will enjoy.
  • Great graphics and catchy music all throughout.
  • Nice screen-border graphics when played on the Super Game Boy.
  • Boss fights aren't too difficult.
  • Typical Disney storyline, enough to create as an animated short film.
  • None.
100% (A+)
Fan Rating
Game Title Mickey Mouse Magic Wands
Description A great adventure with Magic Wands!

Hurry and rescue your friends from the wicked witch's castle!
Mickey Mouse and his friends have become lost while playing near the edge of the forest.

Mickey's friends have been trapped in Yashja the wicked witch's castle. Hurry and rescue your friends, Mickey! Take the Magic Wands and begin your great adventure.
The Story Begins! Rescue Mickey's friends from the evil witch's castle!

One day Mickey Mouse and his friends became lost while playing in the forest.
After walking for quite some time, they chanced upon a mysterious castle. "That's the witch Yashja's castle! Once you enter you'll never be able to escape!" said Mickey and his friends noisily to each other, disturbing the witch Yashja.
"Who dares disturb my sleep? You shall pay!" shrieked the witch, as a gaping hole opened in the ground under Mickey's friends and swallowing them up. Hurry and save your friends,Mickey[sic]!
ISBN / Bar Code number 0 45496 73074 1
Video Format 1.33:1 (4:3) Full screen
Audio Format Mono (Stereo via Super Game Boy)
Language(s) English
Disk/Cartridge One (1)
Region(s) NTSC
Genre Action-Platformer
Rated E - Everyone
Released December 22, 1993 (JP), May 1998 (US), 1998 (EU)
Video Specification Monochrome (Color via Super Game Boy)
Licensed by Nintendo®
Developed by Kemco / Nintendo
Company Kemco / Nintendo of America®
Product / Item / Catalog Number DMG P I5
Copyright © Disney

© 1995 Kemco. Licensed to Nintendo.
TM and ® are trademarks of Nintendo of America, Inc.
© 1995, 1998 Kemco/Nintendo of America Inc.
Other Formats ????
Quoted Reviews --
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© The Walt Disney Company

Produced by
Kotobuki System
Co., LTD


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