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"Wheel of Fortune Family Edition" (NES)

This release makes the game fun for the whole family. Interesting music at the beginning of the game, sounding like something from an action-adventure game.

Bring the whole family aboard because this is the family edition of Wheel of Fortune! If the "adult" version (*ahem*) and/or the junior version didn't cut it for you, here's a "friendly" version that's fun for the whole family! Because video game box covers for the NES never showed off any indication whether a title has earned the "million-seller" badge, compared to Game Boy games, I'm sure the folks at GameTek thought another new edition could entice more [casual] gamers. I'm not sure of the reactions but as a TV game show junkie myself, it's certainly one of my favorite TV shows. (I'd repeatedly say the same if there were an NES release for The Price Is Right.)

Family huh?

Now, yes, this is the edition I played during my youth. Comparing my feelings as a kid all the way today, not much has changed. Believing that music is the soundtrack of our lives, what is up with the musical arrangements for this game? Instead of an RPG, the intro track and the background track, used to enter your player information, sound like perfect tracks for a Mega Man game. Action game soundtracks don't fit with a game show-themed game. Perhaps GameTek were aiming for a high-energy game show game, and for an NES game back in 1990, that's quite an ambitious task. No harm in trying, of course. The mismatching of this combination used to freak me out as a kid that I would lower the TV volume every time I'd play this game; I'm absolutely serious.

The background colors for the puzzle floor and the wheel have changed, but other than that, it still remains the same. Reminds me of today's game companies that release sports games: release one version, update player stats and rosters, and re-released it as a new game the following year. The puzzles are quite challenging but not too bad; You may even learn of a few popular folks you've never heard of, cities you didn't knew existed and cool phrases that quote creators possibly have never composed and spread throughout the Internet. Programmers have spelled "Pictures" correctly and the difficulty level are in tact so at least they got that straightened out. The graphics remain the same as well.

Let's check out the Bonus Round for this game. Here are the prizes you get to play for:

Emerald Necklace
Caribbean Cruise
Beach House
April in Paris
Concorde to London

A bowl of blood?

When I was a kid, I thought the Emerald Necklace was a bowl of blood made of rock. Gosh that thing was scary to look at! Besides the Bentley, a prize my dad always recommended I play for, I occasionally would play for a "Concorde to London." Oh come on now, it's a Concorde!

Other than all that, expect nearly the same game as the first version. Unless you grew up with this game like I did, are a huge fan of the TV game show itself and/or a retro video game collector, there's nothing too much nor too special with this version.





  • A classic port of the popular TV game show.
  • This edition was made to be fun for the whole family.
  • Game features seem to be improved from the original NES version.
  • Also includes extra soundtracks from the title screen and the Bonus Round.
  • Like the other editions, puzzles can still be too difficult to solve.
  • Losing the game means witnessing your opponent win the Bonus Round (the computer opponent almost never loses).
  • No credits rolling after game is won.
  • Some of the new soundtracks seem to be something from an action-adventure game (not a bad thing, but it's an odd fitting for a game like this).
80% (B-)
Fan Rating
Game Title Wheel of Fortune (Family Edition)
Description Over A Thousand New Puzzles!

The exciting software version of television's number one game show has an all-new Family Edition! Now, everybody's favorite, Wheel of Fortune, has even more great fun: over a thousand challenging puzzles in both regular categories and new ones to give you even more great game play.

You're the contestant competing against your friends or matching wits with the computer. You already know how to play...and it's your turn. Let the theme music inspire you and spin for a consonant or buy a vowel if you have the cash. If you're right, the pretty hostess will turn the letters. Do you want to take a shot at guessing the puzzle, or do you want to run up your score?

Get set to spin, get set to win — the Wheel of Fortune Family Edition is hours of fun for the whole family!
ISBN / Bar Code number 0 43948 51002 6
Video Format 1.33:1 (4:3) Full screen
Audio Format Stereo
Language(s) English
Disk/Cartridge One (1)
Region(s) NTSC
Genre Puzzle
Rated ????
Released 1991 (US)
Video Specification Color
Licensed by Nintendo
Developer GameTek / IJE
Company GameTek / IJE
Product / Item / Catalog Number H 1002    REV-A (????) / NES-W3 USA-1 00628
Copyright ©1990 GameTek/IJE, Inc., All rights reserved. Wheel of Fortune® is based on the television program produced by Merv Griffin Enterprises, a unit of Columbia Pictures Entertainment, Inc. Copyright ©℗1990 Califon Productions, Inc. Merv Griffin Enterprises did not write any of this program material and makes no representations as to its content. Nintendo and Nintendo Entertainment System are trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc. Made in Japan. GAME PAK (NES-GP)
Other Formats Nintendo Wii Virtual Console
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Wheel of Fortune
Family Edition

Based on the television program produced by Merv Griffin Enterprises

A unit of Columbia Pictures Entertainment, Inc.

©℗ 1990 I.J.E. Inc.
© 1990 Califon Productions Inc.

Program & AudioVisual by
Rare LTD. /Rare Coin-It Inc.

Licensed by
Nintendo of America Inc.


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