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"Final Fantasy VII" (PS1)

One of the highly-recognized RPGs that still holds today in terms of gameplay and challenge. Deep in story and strategy, this title has showcased the true beauty of storytelling, adventure and graphical animation (considered high-end during the time of its release). Truly a spectacle that'll shine forever in video game history.

(Note: this review was previously posted and written prior to the merging of RPGs For Brains and SHOWSOTROS Productions.)

Ah yes, here it is: Final Fantasy VII. One of the first games to come to mind when asked about the realm plunging deep into RPG country. A beautiful theme of caring for the land humans happily hibernate in, while pursuing aims to living existentially—a mirrored reality reminding us why Life is a great thing.

Almost immediately, you're headed into fights with enemies and suddenly a boss fight. Being a turn-based RPG, any other related RPG you may have played prior to this shouldn't be quantum logic to you, making you feel right at home. Knowing your group AVALANCHE and its members, various dialogues and cleanly figuring out the plot of the game, you continue to raid Reactors to and fro. You then run into, whom I consider my biggest video game crush ever, Aeris—the flower girl, or the slum drunk if you weren't interested in her, whose infectious and sweet personality would repay Cloud romantically, yet become a blessing for most of your fights thanks to her cure-related limit breaks. From knowing your party members' stories all throughout, what the drama with Don is about, the Turks, meeting Red XIII and saving Aeris should provide a chunk of what you need to do. Being the reluctant hero as he is, Cloud now needs to "settle the score" with his arch-enemy Sephiroth. As for the Shinra government, they too, as mentioned by Barret in the beginning, want all the Mako energy from the 'Promised Land,' as does Sephiroth making this a triangle of trouble. As you hop city by city, continent by continent, to stop both Shinra and Sephiroth, you meet a couple of new folks, like Cait Sith and the optional Yuffie and Vincent, who'll give you more leverage into stopping the possession of Mako energy to protect and save the Planet. In addition, you find that white magic Holy could be what the Planet needs to be saved from the casting of the black materia—Meteor. Sephiroth, toying with Cloud occasionally, does something unforgivable at the City of the Ancients, setting Cloud ablaze with rage for revenge.

On the second disc, you learn about the Jenova Reunion over at the Crater and more about the fate of the Planet. Unfortunately, as Cloud and his crew go past their limits to save the Planet, he offers Sephiroth the Black Materia, thus casting Meteor. It is then that the life of the Planet and everyone in it are at stake, and there's no time to waste. Meanwhile, as you escape execution from the Shinra authorities, you search for Cloud and begin to learn about his true story—the main reason he joined SOLDIER. After that, Shinra is at it again in the Sephiroth sweepstakes, only this time they're at Midgar trying to enter in the Crater. However, the operator of the cannon secretly turns the other cheek, becoming the main villain needed to be stopped.

Onto the third and final disc, the time has come: having learned about Holy becoming the key ingredient to saving the Planet from Meteor, Red XIII's grandfather Bugenhagen informs that eliminating Sephiroth is the only way. This is it: after chasing him city to city, and stopping Shinra at the same time, Cloud gets a shot at his revenge for the calamities Sephiroth threw in every which way. As with all fights involving Sephiroth, you fight Jenova—his 'mother'—and a couple forms of Sephiroth; the tougher form being Safer Sephiroth. After hammering the final nail in the coffin against Sephiroth, the Planet is finally saved by Holy...or was it?

With fluid controls and great gameplay, I can't resist but mention the numerous grammatical errors in the dialogue. I completely understand if all was rushed, having been the most awaited game to be released. However, don't let that deter you into picking this classic up. Also, with the integration of cut scenes and polygon-esque graphics—considered "highly advanced" back then for a 32-bit game in the late nineties—should give you a clear glimpse of video game technology in the past. It's certainly not like today with high definition graphics, but then again, graphics are just decoration and in no way can expatiate pure goodness of a video game as a whole.

As for my gameplay, I (literally) mastered ALL the materia I've equipped for all party members, along with obtaining all their ultimate weapons and all their limit breaks. I nearly burnt out doing so. Benefits of this? The final fight with Jenova and Sephiroth become so easy, you can likely live with using the "Attack" command without any defense magic, and probably a few Megalixers (assuming you've equipped Ribbon to block any status ailments from them). All my characters were at Lv99, was able to master one—I know, only one—Knights of Round materia and eliminated both Emerald and Ruby Weapon prior to the final fight (thank you, Mime materia). With all this time invested in maxing out your party members, makes the final fight super easy against Sephiroth; it's nothing compared to fighting the Weapons, both of which are much tougher with a higher amount of HP and a flurry of vicious attacks. However, if you're up for a challenge, these enemies are a great test of your gaming skills; they don't need to be eliminated to save the Planet, and rather are just there as an optional fight to push your skills to the limit (you do learn about the Weapons casted by the Planet in Disk 2).

Despite its grammatical flaws, this is a staple in an RPG fan's video game library. In the culture of role-playing games, VII seems very much a requirement to play before venturing out to other RPGs. Included with it comes its philosophical message/meaning and story defining the true meaning on what Life is really all about. Don't even think about jumping into a forum filled with avid RPG gamers discussing your passion for RPGs without playing and finishing this game. That's how good this game is.





  • A true classic that will run the player through almost every human emotion in existence.
  • Story still holds deep, philosophical discussions to this day.
  • Its popularity pushed a modern remake of the game, along with its own feature film Final Fantasy: Advent Children
  • HUGE replay value.
  • Unusual yet funny misspellings.
  • After playing for a while, the Weapons pose a stronger, more fun challenge than Sephiroth.
95% (A)
Fan Rating
Game Title Final Fantasy VII
Description An epic adventure across 3 cd-roms.

What begins as a rebellion against an evil corporation becomes much more. And what erupts goes beyond imagination.

With vivid landscapes, lush 3D animation and environments, Square Soft's multi-million dollar masterpiece is like nothing ever seen before. And it is only on PlayStation
ISBN / Bar Code number 711719416326
Video Format 1.33:1 (4:3) Full screen
Audio Format Stereo
Language(s) English
Disc(s) Three (3)
Region(s) NTSC
Genre RPG - Role-Playing Game (Turn-based)
Rated T - Teen
Released January 31, 1997 (JP), September 7, 1997 (US Black Label), March 27, 2000 (US "Greatest Hits"), November 17, 1997 (EU)
Video Specification Color
Licensed by Sony / SquareSoft
Developer Square Co.
Company SquareSoft (Square Co.)
Product / Item / Catalog Number SCUS-94163
Copyright Final Fantasy VII © 1997 Square Co., Ltd.
Other Formats PlayStation 4, Android, iOS, PC, PSOne Classics
Quoted Reviews "...quite possibly the greatest game ever made." —GameFan Magazine

"Towers over the competition in terms of graphics, sounds, story and playability" —Game Pro Magazine
Other --
Hironobu Sakaguchi

Yoshinori Kitase

Music Composer
Nobuo Uematsu

Main Programmer
Ken Narita

Character Design & Battle Visual Director
Tetsuya Nomura

Art Director
Yusuke Naora

Image Illustrator
Yoshitaka Amano

CG Supervisor
Kazuyuki Hashimoto

CG Movie Director
Motonori Sakakibara

Character Modeling Director
Tomohiro Kayano

Magic Effect Director
Hirokatsu Sasaki

Special Magic Effect Director
Shintaroh Takai

Battle Stage Director
Akira Fujii

Graphic Outside Contractor Art Director
Hitoshi Sasaki

Outside Contractor Coodinator
Hiroyoshi Hamada

Animation Director
Hidetoshi Omori

Battle Plan Director
Yasushi Matsumura

Map Plan Director
Hidetoshi Kezuka

Map Plan Co-Directors
Takeshi Endo
Motoharu Tanaka
Masato Yagi

Main Character Modeler
Hiroshi Arai

Battle Programmer
Hiroshi Harata

Character Programmer
Hiroshi Kawai

CD & Movie Programmer
Shun Moriya

Sound Programmer
Minoru Akao

Sound Engineer
Eiji Nakamura

MA & Recording Engineer
Kenzi Nagashima

Story by
Kazushige Nojima
Yoshinori Kitase

Based On The Story by
Hironobu Sakaguchi
Tetsuya Nomura

Field Section

Keizo Kokubo

Event Planners
Kazushige Nojima
Keisuke Matsuhara
Hiroki Chiba
Motomu Toriyama
Jun Akiyama
Kazuhiko Yoshioka
Hideshi Kyonen
Kazuhiko Aoki

Special Thanks
Takashi Tokita
Masato Kato

Map Planners
Masaru Oka
Naoya Kawahira
Satoru Tsuji
Toshio Kurihara
Junko Iriguchi
Masashi Nakata
Ryo Tsurumaki

Concept Art by
Tetsuya Takahashi
Takayuki Odachi

Background Designers
Takaharu Matsuo
Matsuzo Itakura
Kenzo Kanzaki
Kazuyuki Ikumori
Yukio Nakatani
Takeshi Okui
Hiroshi Matsuyama
Kazushi Urata
Yasunori Higuchi
Masaaki Hayashi

Sub-Character & Character Texture Designer
Kazuhiro Okawa

Assistant Character Designer
Fumi Nakashima

Character Modelers
Takanari Tajima
Murasaki Iriguchi
Hiroyuki Hoshino

Character Animators
Norihito Takami
Tatsuo Heianzan

Battle Section

Akihiro Yamaguchi
Kazumasa Fuseya

CG Programmer
Masaharu Inoue

Takayoshi Nakazato
Goro Ohashi
Masahiro Kataoka
Takatsugu Nakazawa

Special Thanks
Toshiaki Suzuki

Monster Modelers
Kouichi Ebe
Yoshio Yamakawa
Hirohito Yamamoto

Character Animators
Tatsuya Kando
Kuniharu Takeuchi
Go Kikiuchi

Monster Designers
Shin Nagasawa
Tetsu Tsukamoto

Battle Stage Designers
Hideyuki Matsumoto
Jun Mastsuo
Kyuji Kawase
Masahide Tanaka

2D Animetors
Kenichirou Okamoto
Hiroyuki Yotsuji

Magic Effects Section

Graphic Designers
Youichi Tanaka
Hiroyuki Ikeda
Kunio Asahara

Kentarow Yasui
Shinichi Aoyama
Mitsuo Yoshioka

World Map Section

Masato Yagi

Yasuo Kuwahara

Graphic Designer
Hideyuki Matsumoto

Effect Designer
Takayuki Odachi

Chocobo Race Section

Keitaro Adachi

Graphic Designer
Ryotaro Takahashi

Hiroki Chiba

Condor War Section

Ryo Muto

Graphic Designer
Hiroyuki Yotsuji

Kazuhiko Yoshioka

Submarine Chase Section

Shin-ichi Tanaka

Graphic Designer
Hiroyuki Yotsuji
Takeshi Sanda

Motomu Toriyama

Highway & Roller Coaster Section

Tatsuya Yoshinari

Graphic Designer
Takeshi Sanda

Keisuke Mastuhara

Snowboard Section

Tadamichi Obinata

Graphic Designer
Daiki Komatsu

Jun Akiyama

CG Movie Section

Field CG & Movie Designers
Hiroyuki Honda
Yoshinori Moriizumi
Kanako Aoki
Yuko Akiyama
Ayako Kuroda

Movie Engineers
Motohisa Adachi
Ryusuke Sasaki

Banprest Co, Ltd.
Tadao Odaka
Koji Tanaka
Koji Kobayashi
Keiko Imamura
Takeshi Yamazoe
Kazutoshi Sakai
Daisuke Shigeta

Battle CG Support

Monster Animators
Masateru Suzuki
Kouichirou Soeda
Junnichi Murata
Reina Ikeda
Mari Miyamoto
Yusuke Tanaka
Manabu Inokuchi
Kyouko Muramatu
Kenji Kadonishi
Yousuke Asahara
Hiroyuki Hamada
Ikuyo Yoshida
Nobuhiko Imai
Yukimasa Nakauchi
Makoto Yagishita

Monster Modeling
Yuki Kawaguchi
Rie Masuda
Kumi Kanai
Nokazu Sato
Kazuhiko Torishima
Toshimasa Takahashi
Yoshihiro Takeshita
Yoshiyuki Oku
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Takuya Tsunakawa
Hideo Yoshikura
Yuu Kondoh

Sound Effect
Yoshitaka Hirota
Yuichiro Mori
Mitsuhiro Iwadate
Yoshikuni Nakamura

Sephiroth Choir

Matsue Fukushima
Minae Fujisaki

Kazuko Nakano
Saki Uno

Toru Tabei
Daisuki Hara

Toshizumi Sakai
Masashi Hamauzu

Excerpts From "The Creation"
Composed by Joseph Haydn

Matsue Fukushima

Daisuki Hara

Masashi Hamauzu


Tool Programmers-LA
Paul Ashdown (V.P.)
Yun-Po Paul Fan
Shiro Kawai

CG Designers-LA
Ron Sabatino (V.P.)
Sharon Packer
Joseph Black
Nicholas Hoppe
Suzanne Berger
Doug Smith

LA Unit Coordinators
Junichi Yanagihara (S.V.P.)
Shinichiro Kajitani(V.P.)
Ryota Toyama

CG Outside Contractors

Field & Movie Section

Links Coporation
Hiroyuki Seshita
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DAAC Corporation

TOSE C.G. Section

Monster Model Support

NHK Enterprise 21
Masayoshi Obata

Field Design Support

Atelier Musa
Shigemi Ikeda

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Hiromi Kariya

Umigame Jimusho Corporation
Hiroyuki Hayashi

Shunichi Baba
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2D Animation Support

Studio Gazelle, Inc.
Ikuo Sato
Shuji Miyata
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Sound Engineer
For Additional Movie

Tak Ogawa

Recording Engineer
For Additional Movie

Masayoshi Okawa

Special Thanks
Izumi Kawanishi
Masayoshi Yanaka
Teiji Yutaka
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Yasuyuki Noda
Makoto Tanaka
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Quality Assurance
Hiromi Masuda
Yoshia Shibano
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Product Development Coordinator
Michael Baskett

QA Manager
Jon Williams

Customer Service Manager
Rick Thompson

Executive VP, Strategic Planning
Yoshihiro Maruyama

Vice President Of Marketing
Jun Iwasaki

Assistant Marketing Associate
Kenji Mimura

Sony Computer Entertainment America, Inc.

Associate Producer
Seth Luisi

Assistant Producer
Jeffrey Ng

Senior Producer
Perry Rodgers

QA Manager
Mark Pentek

Lead Tester
Mike Benton

Assistant Lead Tester
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Executive Producers
Tetsuo Mizuno
Tomoyuki Takechi
Kiyotaka Sousui


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